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i know this is super random but top 5 timothee looks?

damn. I love him so much that I could only narrow it down to 6. and instead of making this a read more, i’m subjecting you all to timmy’s beauty whether you like it or not.

in ascending order:

in 6th, we have timmy in his element, dressed in clothes two sizes too big (despite the fact that he’s 6 feet tall). I call this: messy chic.

next, we have timmy lying in bed looking cute and cozy yet somehow serving face. i’d literally dissolve into thin air if he looked at me like that in person.

then we have this truly Iconique™ look. like. im fucking speechless. i really cannot think of someone who can pull of a pink fucking raincoat like that. only timmy y’all, only timmy.

in 3rd, we have timmy looking like the guy she told you not to worry about. that purple jacket is the definition of a pièce de résistance. the hair covering one eye? dead. that power stance??? DEAD.

i’m literally tearing up just looking at this photo wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the star of david alone makes me emo but the pink and blue striped shirt??!? how dare they. I feel bad for whoever’s sitting next to me in that theater cause im gon be one hot ass mess!!!!!

and finally, we have the most noteworthy, most Iconique™ look of them all. the look to end all looks. Timothée Chalamet in a pink, ruffled Gucci shirt. michael what? armie who? i’ve literally had timmy in that damn pink shirt as my background for WEEKS and im still not over it, nor will I ever be.

“When You Love Someone”

Summary: (based on the song written by James TW.) Divorced parents imagine…

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You bent down to your knees and straightened out your ten-year-old son’s clothing. You tucked his white shirt inside his khakis and zipped up his sweater. You took his shoe laces and double knotted each of them. You looked at your boy; his eyes were just like yours but his facial features a younger replica of his father. “You be good in school today, alright?” you sounded hopeful. The effects of divorced parents were definitely taking a toll on him.

He nodded, “Yes, mum.”

You put the straps of his Spider-Man backpack over his shoulders. “You’re going to your dad’s house tonight, are you excited?”

He just shrugged. His eyes were avoidant. Your son was tapping his feet, his hands fidgeting. He was getting antsy as you got him ready for school. “Is your sleeping bag packed?” you asked him. He nodded. “Good,” you smiled, “Daddy will pick you up after school. Have you memorized Mummy’s number?” He nodded again. “I want you to ring me if you need anything, okay?” You son nodded. “Take care your sister, okay?” Another nod. “Say ‘yes, Mummy,’” you instructed.

“Yes, Mummy,” he said forcibly.

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I really love harry and fionn together! And it was so great seeing them up front right next to Nolan during that live stream, they both looked so polished and professional and the others in the back looked so out of it lol, probably a tiring weekend. I'm really enjoying all of this content, harry is so fantastic and I think he's gonna be such a massive success as an actor


Soft Whisper

Yuri walked the streets dressed in leggings, a ruffled pink shirt, and a purple corset. It was his style and he liked girly things. He had on fuchsia sneakers to match. A lot of people thought he was strange for his more feminine attire but he didn’t care. He was on his way to go shopping again when he thought he heard something.

Joanna’s pink ruffle shirt (size 18 months) has gone the distance. Earliest photographic evidence is from Jan 2013 (top left), when Joanna was 6 months old. Looking adorable one year ago (lower left). And today, at almost 20 months.

You know what I haven’t really thought about until now? Kurt is able to get a passport and ID (underground and probably counterfeit) in his natural form. He goes to the movies with Scott, Jubilee and Jean in his natural form, and most of the other moviegoers as they walk out don’t give him a second glance. There’s one guy who does a double-take, and glances back a couple of times, but he might well be looking at his companions catching up from behind. IIRC, in the comics, Kurt had a little hologram generator to make him look ‘normal’ for public outings. So, despite the cage match, which is visibly exploitative, we have this other unmarked instance of no one giving a visible fuck about a pointy-eared blue boy with a tail and clawed hands walking around.

Also, they waited long enough for Kurt to change clothes before heading out, from the ruffled pink shirt/reddish jacket to a Beat It bright-red jacket over a black/red t-shirt.