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Name: Maja
Nickname: Maychi (loving name from a few of my friends)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 170 cm
Ethnicity: White
Orientation: uh…pacifist? (i never labeled myslef)
Favorite Fruit(s): strawberies, melon, watermelon, lime, banana ^^ (all the sweet stuff)
Favorite Season: spring/summer (may/june) :P
Favorite Book(s): The guardians of childhood, The little prince, What do you know about love, Beatrix Potters collection of fairytales
Favorite Flower(s): pink/white rose
Favorite Animal(s): butterfly
Favorite Beverage: chocolate milkshake
Average Hours of Sleep: 8
Favorite Fictional Characters: Jack Forst, Rapunzel, Howl
Number of Blankets You Sleep with: 1 main one and 1 extra for chilly nights :)
Dream Trip: Ireland, France, India, Brazil, Netherlands (a lot actualy, just travel the world maybe ^^)
Number of Followers: 360 at the moment (at my art blog), the other blog has about 50

A- age: 19
B- birthplace: Ljubljana
C- current time: 12:15
D- drink you last drank: milk
E- easiest person to talk to: my sister ^^
F- favorite song: Hot air ballon- Owl city
G- grossest memory: i normaly keep away from gross things, but one time there was a movie in wich a farmer went with his truck across a what seemed a dead body and when he run over it, the skin came off!!! >.< I am one of the sensitive people, and i can’t watch gross things or horror movies, i end up with horible nightmares and can’t sleep for the whole night.
H- horror yes or no? Naaaaaaaa >.< 
I- in love? No, an itty bitty crush ^^
J- jealous of people? Nope, i don’t get jealous at anything, somehow it doesn’t come to me.
K- killed someone? Not a person…a dangerous bug maybe. The ones that are bad both for people and animals.
L- love at first sight or should i walk past again? I believe in it yes. :) But it didn’t happen to me yet. My parents have that kind of love. ^^
M- middle name: Ehh…um we don’t have middle names. Just first name and a surname.
N- number of siblings: 1 litttle sister, she’s 3 years younger than me ^^
O- one wish? To have the endless love like my parents ^^
P- person you last called? My friend from the prayer group. I had to know the location where we then played volleyball. :P
Q- question you’re always asked: How old are you? Answer: Um, 19. :P (i’m aksed this Quite often because i look about 4 years younger than i am)

R- reason to smile: I love my life and my family and friends: ^^
S- song you last sang: Fresh Eyes- Andy Grammer (listen to all sorts of songs all day and i sing a long most of the time) ^^
T- time you woke up: 9:00 (i don’t have annywhere to be, so i can wake up anytime i like) (this year only)
U- underwear color: white, beige, light pink
V- vacation: Italy- Assisi, Slovenia- all around, Grecce- Lefkas island ^^ Can’t wait
W- worst habit: nail biting when nervous
X- x-rays: um…no. I was never ever x-rayed or smthing. I never broke anything.
Y- your favourite food: ice cream :D

Ok, i finnished the whole thing exept i deleted the last question wich was aggain for the zodiac sign wich was already answered. :) I was tagged by @chai-chino.

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