pink rose bush

Arizona always used to shout at Callie for leaving a spare key under the flower pot on the porch. She’d warn her continuously when they were married that anyone could find it and really, couldn’t they just leave a spare key at work or with a friend in case of emergencies?

These days Alex has her spare but there’s always one under the pink rose bush outside her front door. Just in case Callie wants to come home.

Just in case.

Piece by Piece

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Request: Juice imagine based on ‘Piece by Piece’ by Kelly Clarkson


You sat on the pavement of your street, tears streaming down your face as you watched your father drive away.
He had finally left, after another fight with your mother. You had begged him to stay, begged him to love you, but he had pushed you aside and thrown his suitcase into the backseat and drove off, without a second glance.
Sobs took over your body and you sat, your little white dress getting dirty on the ground but you didn’t care.
Juan Carlos Ortiz looked out his window and saw the girl from his class, crying on the street.
He bit his lip before walking into his garden. He looked amongst his mothers flowers before plucking a pink rose from the bush. His small fingers ran over the delicate petals and he smiled to himself before running around the side of the house.
He approached you slowly, suddenly unsure of himself.
You didn’t notice your neighbour approach, it was only when he cleared his throat that you looked up through blurry eyes.
You wiped the tears away clearly and looked at the boy from school, a perfect pink rose held out in front of him.
You took it gently and smiled warmly at him before holding it in your small hands.
You studied the petals and Juan sat on the pavement next to you.
You both sat in silence, both of you looking at the perfect rose as tears dried on your cheeks.


“Juan!” You called out as you placed the bowl of chips into the centre of the table.
Balloons hung from each corner of the room and you smiled to your self as you looked at your work.
Juan ran into the room, a wide smile on his face.
“Did you do it?” You asked.
Juice nodded eagerly and you both grinned at each other before running to the window and peering out into the street, where Juan had tied a bunch of balloons to your letterbox.
And you both waited.
You waited for hours, and still, he didn’t show.
After three hours you sat on the floor, your hands in your lap and your heart defeated.
“Its okay, (y/n), we can still celebrate your birthday.” Juan said.
You looked up at him as tears filled your eyes.
“He promised.” You said quietly as a tear rolled down your cheek.
Juan nodded slowly and slid down the wall next to you.
And once again, you sat in silence as you sobbed. Juan put his arm over your shoulder lightly as you cried. Once again, let down by your father.


Cheers filled the room and you tossed your cap into the air.
Hundreds of graduation caps rained down on you but you laughed joyfully.
Your eyes scanned the room and you met your mothers eye, and couldn’t help the disappointment that filled your heart when you saw the empty seat next to her.
But Juan nudged you and you grinned at your best friend and threw your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.
Half an hour later you both walked out of the school hallway for the last time, huge grins on both your faces as you walked down the front steps.
“Are you gonna come to the grad party tonight?” Juan asked you.
You nodded.
“Yeah, i think Deans gonna pick me up at seven, mom wants to have a ‘special dinner’.” You said and rolled your eyes.
Juan laughed and nudged you playfully.
“Do you want a ride? I could ask Dean?” You asked.
Juan scoffed and shook his head.
“No way, I’ll find my own ride.” He said and you nodded sadly.
Juan had never gotten on well with your boyfriend Dean. You weren’t sure why, but Juan tried to be as happy for you as he could. He really was the best friend you could ask for.
“I’ll see you there, kiddo.” Juan said and ruffled your hair.
You punched him softly in the gut and you both laughed.
You smoothed down your hair and waved goodbye to him as you walked towards Dean, who leant against his car waiting for you with a scowl on his face.
Juan glanced around the party, his eyes scanning for you as music pumped through the speakers.
It wasn’t like you to be late for a party and he hadn’t seen you turn up. The party had been in full swing for more than an hour now and he checked his phone. No new messages.
Juan frowned and took a sip from his cup before moving through the crowd of drunken teenagers.
He walked outside to get some fresh air when he spotted Dean leaning against a wall and talking to his friends, plastic red cups in all their hands.
Juan frowned and walked closer.
“Wheres (y/n)?” He asked loudly.
The guys stopped talking and looked at Juan. Dean shrugged his shoulders.
“Fuck knows.” He said and his friends laughed.
“We broke up, Juan. She’s all yours.” Dean said and his friends sniggered.
Juan glared at them and walked away, tossing his cup to the ground as he moved.
“Is she home?” Juan asked your mother as he stood at your front door.
Your mom nodded and stepped aside, letting him into the house and closing the door behind him.
Juan practically ran to your bedroom and threw the door open.
You sat on your bed, hugging your pillow and tears down your cheeks.
You looked up as Juan stormed into the room and you met his eye before breaking down into sobs again.
He walked across the room and sunk onto the bed next to you, his arms wrapping around you and you sobbed into his chest.
His hands stroked your hair and he rocked you gently as you cried.
After a while you sat up and wiped your cheeks, and laughed awkwardly.
“Sorry, Juan.” You said quietly.
“Hey, don’t apologise.” He said and stood.
“Come on, theres a movie on and i have just enough cash for a bucket of popcorn.” He said and reached out is hand.
You looked at your best friend and smiled warmly before taking his hand and standing, tossing your pillow to the bed.


“What the fuck, Juan!” You screamed as you followed him around his room.
He ignored you and continued shoving clothes into his bag.
“You cant just leave!” You yelled and tugged at his arm.
Finally he turned to you and met your eyes.
His big brown eyes were full of sadness and you felt the anger left your body.
“I have to, (y/n). I cant explain but I.. I have to leave. Today.” He said quietly.
You stared at him and swallowed deeply.
He looked so lost and you felt your heart begin to break as you looked at him.
“Okay.” You whispered quietly.
He raised his eyebrows and looked at you questioningly.
“Okay?” He repeated.
You nodded slowly and ran your hand through your hair.
“Okay.” You said again. “But Im coming with you.”
Juan shook his head immediately.
“No way.” He said firmly but you ignored him.
“You cant leave me, Juan. I love you.” You said.
Juan sighed and rubbed his eyes.
“(Y/n), its too dangerous. I cant let you get hurt.” He said quietly.
You stepped closer and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Ill be hurt if you leave me, Juan.” You whispered.
He met your eyes and his hands held your waist gently.
Finally, he nodded.
“Okay. We’ll go. Together.” He said.
You grinned and reached up on your tip toes before planting a kiss on his lips.
He held you tightly and kissed you back deeply.


Laughter filled your house as Juice tickled your sides and you squealed.
He hovered over you while you lay on the sofa, his hands tickling your waist and both of you laughed loudly.
“Juice, stop!” You yelled and he did, standing straight while both of you laughed.
Juice lifted your legs off the sofa and sank down next to you, letting your legs drop into his lap.
He looked at you, his wide smile reaching across his cheeks, and his eyes filled with love.
You sat up and ruffled his dorky mohawk.
He chuckled lightly.
“What time do we have to be at Gems?” You asked.
“Around six.” Juice said and you nodded before swinging your legs off the couch and standing straight.
Juice pouted and you laughed.
“C’mon, Juicy boy, you can help me make salad.” You said and he leapt up with fake enthusiasm, making you laugh again.
A knock on the door caught your attention and Juice left the kitchen to answer it.
You continued to slice the potatoes in half and hummed along to the radio as you worked.
You heard the door open and thought nothing of it, until you heard Juice speak.
“What are you doing here?”
You frowned and put down the knife, and reached for the tea towel.
You wiped your hands as you walked to the front door, and once you looked up you were frozen in your place.
The towel fell to the ground as you looked at the man that had left you crying on the sidewalk 19 years ago.
“Hey princess.” He said, a small smile on his face.
Juice glared at him and you gulped.
“Wh-what are you doing here?” You asked and you moved forward to stand next to Juice.
He wrapped his arm around your waist protectively.
“I wanted to see my little girl.” Your father said and smiled warmly at you.
“Look at you, you’ve grown up so fast.”
You opened your mouth but no words came, all you could do was stare at your father, the man who had left you so many years ago. He had never made an effort before. He had missed every birthday, every performance, every game, your graduation.
“You know, nows not a good time.” Juice said and pulled you back so he could close the door.
“Please, I..Im sorry.” Your dad called out before the door closed and you looked at Juice.
“Its okay.” You whispered and kissed his cheek softly before opening the door and stepping outside, closing the door behind you.
You sat on the front step next to your father, unsure of what to say.
He asked you questions, what you were doing, how your mother was.
You answered robotically.
“Look, princess, Im sorry. I know I haven’t always been there for you. But Im here now, and Id love to get to know you.” Your father said.
You sat in disbelief as rage began to run through your body.
“You think thats enough?” You said angrily and leapt to your feet.
“You think you can just turn up like nothing happened?!” You yelled now, your hands trembling.
Your father stood and smoothed down his suit.
“Look, princess, I-“
“Dont fucking call me that!” You yelled.
His eyes widened and he backed away slowly.
“Yeah thats right, dad, run away!” You screamed and tears began to fill your eyes.
You watched as your father turned and walked down your driveway and out of your life once more.
You sunk to your knees and sobs took over your body and you didn’t notice that Juice had come outside until his arms wrapped around you and he rocked you gently.


You smiled as you watched Juice chase your daughter around the park and you leant against the park bench.
She was three years old and you had both fallen in love with her. She was as sassy as you and as cheeky as Juice and neither of you could say no to her puppy dog eyes that were so close to her fathers.
Isabella had been a blessing to the both of you and you smiled as you watched your family playing, your hand absentmindedly rubbing across your baby bump.
Soon, you would have another addition to your family, a little boy, and you were both ecstatic.
You couldn’t be prouder of Juice. He was an amazing father, and you wouldn’t have been able to get through both pregnancies with out him,
Juice waved out to you and you waved back and laughed loudly as he chased Isabella across the park and towards the ice cream stand.
You didn’t notice the man move behind you and it was only when he sat down next to you that you looked up.
“Hey, princess.”
Your breath caught in your throat and you stared at your father.
“What are you doing here?” You asked him angrily.
“Please, give me a chance. I just want to get to know my grandkids.”
You scoffed and crossed your arms over your chest.
“Why, so you can walk out on them?” You snapped and he sighed.
“Look, i just want them to have a good life. I can give you money, whatever you need, whatever they need.” He said.
You turned to him, your left eyebrow raised.
“You think i want your money?” You asked angrily.
Your father shrugged and straightened his suit jacket.
“Well I’m sure your biker boy doesn’t earn much.” He said.
You stood angrily and glared at him.
“Dont you dare.” You snarled.
Your father looked at you and shook his head.
“You really think this is the best life for you and these kids? Hanging out with some outlaw? You think these kids deserve a criminal for a father?” Your father scoffed and you suddenly smelt the alcohol on his breath.
You scoffed and shifted your bag onto your shoulder.
“Fuck you. Don’t you dare tell me Juan isn’t a good father.Especially coming out of your mouth.”
Your father stood and faced you angrily.
“He is an outlaw, (y/n).”
You stepped closer to your father, your body shaking with rage.
“Yeah, well atlas he’s not a drunk!” You spat angrily.
“Hes not going to leave me the way you did, and he’s not going to break that little girls heart. Cause he’s not like you! He loves her.” You yelled, your finger pushing into your fathers chest.
“Dont you dare, tell me how to raise my kids, when you walked out on yours.”
You said and turned, walking away form the man that broke your heart, and towards the man that fixed it.