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Walking into 2016 all like:

No, but seriously, please, whether you promise yourself you’re going to lose a ton of weight, start living independently, learn a new language, whatever your new year’s resolution is, just promise that you can be the best -you- that you can be, whether you want to be it for yourself or for people you care about.

Have a safe celebration, and keep all of your animal buddies inside during the fireworks!


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.25.15

hand-marbled silk ribbon, 5-pattern variety pack by natalieasis

floating pigments create this marbled look on natalieasis’ silk dupioni ribbons, which are really remnants of larger fabric pieces — i love that the edges are upcycled into gift wrap or hair ribbons rather than being wasted or tossed. such fun colors!

Types Of Quartzes

Amethyst: Can be a reddish purple, a blueish purple, or in between. They very in shade. They are used for guarding public recreation areas.

Citrine: Closely related to Amethysts. They are used in certain areas of Homeworld areas that Amethysts are not used in. They vary from a orange to a bright yellow.

Chalcedony: Can be almost any color. They are used to watch over very high class Gems.

Agate: Used to watch over and correct other Quartz Gems. They vary in Color depending on what kind they are. Types are as follows:

               Condor Agate: Can be blue, red, or pink with stipes.

               Crazy Lace Agate: A reddish orange with dark squiggles.

               Fairburn Agate: A pinkish red with dark stripes.

               Lake Superior Agate: Maroon with white sqiuggles.

               Lime Agate: A lime colored Agate.

               Iris Agate: A mostly yellow rainbow Agate.

               Enhydro Agate: A greyish blue Agate with water in it’s interior.

               Polyhedroid Agate: A striped blue and yellow Agate.

               Moss Agate: A green and sometimes teal Agate that has moss-like structures in it.

               Sagenite Agate: An Agate with odd points in its interior; usually made up of other minerals.

               Fortification Agate: Agate with sharp-angled bands.

               Laguna Agate: A pink Agate with maroon squiggles.

               Blue Lace Agate: Agate with a blue lace-like squiggle.

               Botswana Agate: A brown Agate with black squiggles.

               Agua Neuva Agate: A brown and pink Agate with a cloudy surface.

               Eye Agate: Agate with eye-like shapes on it, usually orange in color.

               Grape Agate: Purple Agate that looks like grapes.

               Moctezuma Agate: A very pastel Agate.

               Apricot Agate: An Agate that in pink in coloration, resembling a Apricot fruit.

               Christmas Agate: Green and red Agate.

               Detroit Agate: A very colorful Agate usually made out of dried gasoline.

               Polka Dot Agate: Agate with polka dots.

               Shadow Agate: A grey and black Agate.

               Crab Agate: Agate that looks like crab meat.

Aventurine: A green Quartz varying in shade, usually used for guarding research facilities.

Ametrine: A mix of Amethyst and Citrine, usually a mix or mish mash of both colors.

Carnelian: A red or orange Quartz that sometimes resembles Jasper.

Chrysoprase: A green or teal Quartz, usually used for small missions, as the era twos are small.

Verimarine: A marine Quartz used for guarding the terraforming Gems.

Sard: A yellow to brownish Quartz, used to guard public places.

Onyx: A deep midnight black Quartz used to guard very high class Gems.

Sardonyx: A mix of Onyx and Sard, has a variety of jobs.

Jasper: A banded or striped Quartz, used in place of Amethysts or Onyxs. There are many varieties, as follows:

               Blood Jasper: Goes by many different names, but is primarily blood red to maroon.

               Dalmatian Jasper: A Jasper that is patterned similar to a Dalmatian.

               Mint Jasper: A teal or mint colored Jasper.

               Ocean Jasper: A blue and pink Jasper that looks like the ocean.

               Zebra Jasper: A Jasper with stripes similar to a Zebra.

               Biggs Jasper: A brown Jasper that appears to have layers.

               Deshutes Jasper: A yellowish layered Jasper.

               Frogskin Jasper: A green Jasper with smooth white lines.

               Leopard Jasper: A Jasper with Leopard spots.

               Morgan Hill Jasper: A red Jasper with yellow spots and stripes.

               Noreena Jasper: A red Jasper with orange or yellow triangular shapes.

               Poppy Jasper: A black Jasper with red and orange spots.

               Rainforest Jasper: A black Jasper with green and red spots.

               Ribbon Jasper: A Pink Jasper with magenta ribbon patterns.

               Mary Ellen Jasper: Red Jasper with black and grey stripes

Confetti Jasper: Black Jasper with pink and blue dots.

Kaleidoscope Jasper: Red and Teal Jasper.

Kambaba Jasper: Green and teal Jasper with black spots.

Eisenkiesel: A red to orange Quartz used for very big jobs.

Bloodstone/heliotrope: A dark green or teal Quartz with Red or maroon dots or splatters.

Hawk Eye Quartz: A blue, indigo, or purple Quartz with a line going down the middle.

Aura Quartzes: Varying in color depending on their name, these Quartzes usually replace Amethysts, Jaspers, or Onyxs.

               Lavender Aura Quartz: A lavender colored Quartz.

               Coral Aura Quartz: A Quartz that is colored similarly to red coral.

               Angel Aura Quartz: A white Quartz with a rainbow shine.

               Watermelon Aura Quartz: Quartz that looks like watermelon.

               Aqua Aura Quartz: An Aqua to teal colored Quartz.

               Tanzan Aura Quartz: An indigo to blue Quartz.

               Tangerine Aura Quartz: Tangerine colored Quartz.

               Raspberry Aura Quartz: Raspberry colored Quartz.

               Cherry Aura Quartz: Cherry colored Quartz.

               Harlequin Aura Quartz: Pink Quartz with reddish pink stripes.

               Kiwi Aura Quartz: A teal to lime colored Quartz.

               Pineapple Aura Quartz: A pineapple colored Quartz.

               Papaya Aura Quartz: A pale maroon colored Quartz.

               Candy Cane Aura Quartz: A white Quartz with red stripes.

Smoky Quartz: A cloudy or brown Quartz, usually used to quartz upper class Gems.

Dream Quartz: Clear or cloudy Quartz with hints of pink in it.

Thunder Egg: An era two Quartz, used for small jobs.

Lemurian Seed Crystals: Era two Quartzes, only found on Earth.

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