pink powder puff


TMI Appreciation Week - Day 4 (April 27) : Favourite Platonic Relationship

Clary Fairchild x Isabelle Lightwood

There were no clocks in Isabelle’s black and hot-pink powder-puff bedroom, just piles of clothes, heaps of books, stacks of weapons, a vanity overflowing with sparkling makeup, used brushes, and open drawers spilling lacy slips, sheer tights, and feather boas. It had a certain backstage-at-La-Cage-aux-Folles design aesthetic, but over the past two weeks Clary had spent enough time among the glittering mess to have begun to find it comforting.


Throughout everything, in fact, Isabelle had been her staunchest defender.

Hey yall sorry i havent been posting lately, i’ve been going through Some Stuff ™ that i don’t really want to get into but GOOD NEWS: i got a cactus. 

“Pink Powder Puff Cactus: …a soft-bodied dark green freely clustering globular plant, with a few hooked centrals and lots of silky hair-like spines and lovely pink flowers. Native to Mexico, protect from frost, provide bright light, hardy to 32F; to 6″ tall. Water thoroughly when soil is dry.” –The description on the pot from Home Depot. 

I identify with this cactus. 

ANYWAYS what should I name him?