pink pinstripes

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Ryan looking in the mirror:</b> does purple eyeshadow suit my complexion? Am I too skinny? Does the ryhawk look good with the rosevest? Are green pinstripes and pink paisley a good combo? Permed hair is cool right? Maybe I should go crazy with the highlights? Am I muscular enough? Ok I think I should grow my hair out. Stubble..?<p/><b>Brendon looking in the mirror:</b> so hawt ahh i am cUMMING<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Took a break from commissions and drew some mystic messenger fanart :^)

This drawing is based off of facts from @mysticmessengerfacts on instagram! <333

“Yoosung usually reads shojo manga”

“Seven owns a cat costume”

“Zen thought about dying his hair pink”

“Jumin prefers pinstriped suits, and says that diagonals make him uncomfortable”

“Jaehee thinks that caffeine makes up 80% of her blood”

im so sorry zen looks like trash ;_;

instagram: @toasterstrude1

[ image: lemongrab sitting down with an elbow on a picnic basket, staring at a blue butterfly that landed upside down on the tip of his nose. he’s wearing a lot of pink and cream, with his shirt mostly cream with light pink pinstripes, puffy sleeves, and a scallopped bottom hem. the shirt has a large, shawl style collar with a deep pink ribbon underneath. he’s wearing a tall, pointed, spiraled pink and cream hat with a lemon decoration on top and a long, long deep pink scarf that comes off the top part and wraps around his neck. the hat is held onto the top of his head with a deep pink ribbon and bow. over his shirt he’s wearing a deep pink belt with a lemon buckle, and also cream gloves. his pants are pink and his shoes are cream with deep pink toes and heels. the picnic basket has a green blanket with deep green and light green alternating pinstripes. ]

CS Group Prompt - When You Give a Pirate Some Sugar

(edit courtesy of @duathadun)

Here’s my submission for the CS Group Prompt!  As much as I adore writing Scar Tissue, it was fun to take a break this week and work on this instead.  Hope you enjoy, and go check out the other submissions (below)!

Find it on AO3.

Summary: David walks in on his daughter sharing a little sugar (and spice) with her favorite pirate.  

(Captain Swan one-shot, rated M, word count - 2937)

Autumn sun streams through the gauzy white bedroom curtains, the warm light spilling across the wood floor and encroaching onto the plush rug beneath the king-sized four-poster bed. Killian rolls over beneath the cotton sheets, one arm flung over the empty space next to him as he blinks awake and groggily looks around.  It’s not often that he sleeps so late, being accustomed to rising at or before the dawn, but, to be fair, there were extenuating circumstances this time, namely the post-midnight hours he and Emma spent awake last night – in bed, but very much not-sleeping.  A grin curves his lips at the memory.  She’s a marvel, his Swan – fiery and passionate and, some days, downright insatiable.  And gods, does he love it.

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Fic: Development

Inspired by this post and much encouragement from anderson-hastings. All canonical dialogue sourced from gleetranscripts. ~2700 words, PG, probably obscenely sappy.

In Kurt’s mind, McKinley High School had exactly one thing going for it: the wifi was unblocked, thanks to Figgins’ total technological ineptitude.

(And, okay, glee club was also decent sometimes, when everyone wasn’t infighting over solos and relationships. It still gave Kurt more stress headaches than he really wanted to have, though.)

This complete access to the Internet allowed Kurt to scroll through his Tumblr pretty much whenever he felt like it, so his queue could always be stocked and he could be in near constant contact with his small collection of Internet friends. Sure, his blog wasn’t massively popular, but he got enough messages swooning over its aesthetics that he wanted to devote as much time to it as possible to keep it looking good.

He had only one rule: everything he posted had to be black and white, with the occasional text post thrown in for fun or as a life update. If Kurt was being honest with himself, the black and white reflected how muted and somber he felt outside of the Internet, like his world was just dreary, interchangeable shades of gray.

Kurt shook himself and focused back on his phone, where a new post had shown up in the “black and white” tag he tracked.

bowtiebirdie: hey guys, what’s up? I’m new here and hoping to find some good b+w blogs to follow as inspiration - like this post if you think I should give you a look!

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Tennessee Teacakes: Nineteen

I’m very sorry about the wait! Writing these days is not an easy task for me, but I’m hoping the excitment I have for the next few chapters will be a driving force in getting these out more quickly! As always, I hope you enjoy this chapter! It’s a very important one! Can’t wait to hear what you think! <3

Sugar on the Asphalt & Previous chapters


another coconut joy cupcake in the south; may 12, 2019

I woke up with so many aches and pains that I considered not getting out of bed at all, but there was a stream of light flooding through my curtains that made falling back to sleep impossible. I groaned and yawned and stretched out, expecting to bump into Harry. When my elbow collided with the metal frame of my bed, I let out a quiet whine and realized I was alone. I wasn’t sure how long he’d been gone or what time it was or if he slept in here at all, but I did know that last night was real and not a nightmare like I’d hoped.

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Cherry Pink Wedding [Dean/Cas, T, 4.4k]

on AO3

The place was a cherry tree haven. Pink blossom adorned the grounds like a pastel carpet over the grass, and as the breeze swept by, flurries of colour danced like nymphs between the car park and the church. It was almost ungodly, and Dean would have remarked as much to his mother, Mary, as they trouped from the hired 1926 Bentley down the dusty path towards the chapel – but there was serenity here, it stilled his tongue. He hadn’t expected it to be this beautiful.

Today, Dean’s little brother Sam was marrying Jess, the girl of his dreams. And it was perfect.

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