pink pearl nails


Pale seafoam!

Started off with a base of fairy dust (1 coat) and then sponged on the pink and purple on the lower half of the nail. If you look closely at the photos you can see the lunula. The polishes themselves are really sheer (they need like 3 coats for opacity) so when they’re sponged-on like this it looks really sheer and subtle. Thankfully my free edges are not naturally super white and opaque so it covered easily.

Then i drew on the seafoam with white gouache and stuck the little things on. Since I’ve accumulated quite a variety of things I thought it’d be timely to try something like this. (My friend insists I count gold and silver as 2 separate items but to save myself the guilt I count them as one because SAME DESIGN. Such self-delusion.)

Now every time I glance down at my hand I laugh ironically. This is so uncharacteristically feminine haha.

On a side note, I looked really dumb walking around with only one arm in the knit haha. Backstage truths.

Colours used:
Catrice Ultimate Nudes 02 Don’t Tell Mademoiselle
essence 173 over the rainbow
China Glaze 551 Fairy dust

Throwin’ shade and wearin’ shades 😎

NAHH, jkjk 💕💕 I don’t play that hater game ‘cuz it’s too dirty for me 👋😘