pink pacman


Its Halloween-month and i am the Grey Lady.
I originally planned on something colorful, harajuku-like, with long yellow plastic necklaces, a pacman ghost, pink quilt jacket and japanese dress (the one i wore yesterday), but then i woke up and my mood was all cozy, and comfy, and grey.

I managed to keep my hair down most of the day, which always annoys me like crazy, but this hairstyle just looks so CUTE and  I cant’ even handle how pretty my hair feels on my head when it’s down after i dyed it!

Arven morningstar necklace from ebay
Self made silver pendants
Thrifted MASAI blouse
Skirt thrifted on Mallorca for 50 cent (no not that 50 Cent haha im’ so funny)
Also thrifted boots…