pink nickel

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name: Sharron

mbti: Yeah, no. They tried to make us do this at work and refused to tell us why they wanted us to do it, so I started explaining why that was was completely non-compliant with the privacy principles in the IP Act (a whole bunch of them) and why and, after their eyes started to glaze over, they changed it to make it voluntary and then no one did it and I was super satisfied, because it’s fine if you WANT to do this stuff for fun or whatever, but your employer trying to force you and not telling you why, when it IS totally in violation of the IP Act? Again, yeah no.

languages I can speak: English, lawyer, bureaucrat, weasel.

star/moon/rising signs: Scorpio-sagittarius/only if my pants rip/I don’t know what this means.

average hours of sleep: Around 5-6 during the week on good days, but sometimes I manage to nap on the weekend and it’s so nice.

favourite scents: oranges, eucalyptus trees/gum trees, clean dog, clean horse, frying bacon, garlic.

lucky number: 4

favourite fictional creature: Aeslin mice

favourite writers: Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant, Tanya Huff, Courtney Milan, Robin McKinley, Tom Holt, Christopher Moore, Bradley Denton, Laurie R King, David Prill, Terry Pratchett, Lois McMaster Bujold, Charles DeLint, Max Brooks, David Weber (Honor Harrington series), Christopher Fowler, Alexandre Dumas, Mercedes Lackey (look, her new stuff isn’t great, her old stuff has issues, but it got me through a hell of a lot of bad times, so I’m gonna own it, in both senses of the word). (And now I’m gonna stop.)

favourite models: It no longer exists, but I love the idea that something of it might have survived, which is used in one my secret favourite movies, Hudson Hawk. It’s the clay model made by da Vinci of the horse statue commissioned by the Sforzas, which became the biggest horse of the the Renaissance, with 70 tons of bronze earmarked for the cast. Leonardo sat on it for several years (not the clay horse–he sat on the making of it), which was apparently a thing he did, but when it was finally done it was, indeed, the biggest equestrian statue of the Renaissance (at the time, at least), becoming known as the Gran Cavallo (look, that sounds all majestic, but it literally means ‘great horse’, so).

Unfortunately, Michelangelo decided to be the biggest horse’s ass of the Renaissance and give da Vinci shit about actually being able to cast something so large, and so da Vinci eventually gave over the bronze to be made into canons to defend the city instead of casting a magnificent giant horse. (This might not entirely be Michelangelo’s fault; Charles VIII was attempting to invade.) Unfortunately a gigantic clay horse, a Gran Cavallo, kind of screams ‘shoot me’ to invading dick soldiers, and they used it for target practice. Clay being no match for ammo, it no longer exists.

Except in Hudson Hawke da Vinci had made a small bronze maquette of the Sforza horse, which is, you know, a pretty awesome thing to contemplate. Also the movie is pure ridiculousness, which is also a pretty awesome thing to contemplate.

(Also also: it occurs to me this might be referring to like a human who models, but whatever I don’t even have one of those.)

favourite music artists: Boiled in Lead, Wolfstone, Dropkick Murphys, Yellowcard, Fallout Boy, Linkin Park, Concrete Blonde, Pink, Sonata Arctica, Nickel Creek, Flobots, Cyndi Lauper, Nightwish, Dark Moor, and I really like soundtracks and scores, but I’ll kind of listen to whatever comes on.

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