pink necked green pigeon


Pink-necked Green Pigeons eat mainly fruits. Their colourful attire allows them to blend perfectly in the foliage of fruiting trees. It is found in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

sit down children because i am going to tell you a tale of GODDAMN TRAGEDY AND NOT DOING YOUR RESEARCH:

so i was totally all set to like, draw these pigeon jrpg characters based off species of pigeons, and i was like, WOW!! THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PIGEON. IT HAS SUCH NICE COLOURS. IT TOTALLY HAS TO BE A PRINCESS

…. then i realized that the violet-headed pigeons of this species are actually the males. 

i’ve spent like, two hours perfecting this sketch, and i’m lost. do i just remove the boobs and continue to lineart it????? i… i kind of… want to… yeah i’m gonna do that

pink-necked green pigeon doesn’t give a fuck about your gender roles