pink nail colour


I’ve been searching for sunglasses like this since I was seventeen and finally, this morning I found some!

Also, I realize I haven’t really posted many photos of myself on tumblr or even properly introduced myself, so I guess this is me saying hi? Hello? Thanks for following me. If you’re not following me and have stumbled across this - I’m Drew, and I write fanfics, make art and reblog trash. Nothin’ cool.


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Candy nails. Apply one coat of light pink polish and then, with a very thin brush, some lines of yellow, green, white, blue, pink and orange polishes.

Even though Max is so not into having her hair done, she lets El practice braiding it all the time. And even though she’s so not into wearing nail polish, she paints El’s nails bright pink colours, borrowed from Nancy. Because that’s what best friends do. 

And one day, Max surprises El by asking her to paint her nails. Max laughs at El’s confused face when she pulls a bottle of dark blue nail polish from her backpack, but it quickly becomes a colour that El is enamoured with. Both girls go around wearing that matching shade of blue on their nails for weeks.