pink nachos

vangilst  asked:

Pretty please. Writing prompt: Judy is escaping an ex boyfriend and nick comes in to save the day!

This was also done by funniesandboxes, who wrote a wonderful story! I was asked the same prompt! Check out theirs as well!

Not sure if you had platonic in mind. But… well… i always do. So.

Extra Whip:

Or, When Best Friends save you From Awful Exes

There were days where Judy needed to take a breath and do her very best to be reminded of all the good things on earth. Vegan nachos. Pink rubber bands. The occasional puddle of sunshine on her yoga mat. Some list of Things-That-Make-Judy’s-Day in order to remember that hands were meant for stretching out and not for curling tight and throwing at whatever animal was in closest proximity.

Especially if that animal was her ex.

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