pink moto jacket


Day 294/365: October 21st 2017 | TOMS Warehouse Sale + McDonald’s 

Went to the TOMS Warehouse Sale with Charmy, Raymond, and Raymond’s sister today………. SO DISAPPOINTING OMG?????? All of the shoes were so ugly….. rip… and the pretty ones were are size 11/12………. I can’t fit…… rip……. I even found a pair of pastel pink ones size 8.5 but even that was too big for me :\ None of us bought anything (RIP) so we just got some free tomato juice LMFAO and went to McDonald’s to eat. I got the poutine mmmm so yum <3 better than NYF~~


Day 279/365: October 6th 2017 | Finally A REAL Background~

I went to sleep super late last night (oops)…. so I was extremely tired and distracted during my earth science lecture. My prof also showed us skeletons of corals….. aka so many little repeated circles EWWWW my trypophobia really did act up :/ !! After class, I went home and ate brunch before meeting up with Erica in the library. I finally started on my ergonomics paper LOL. Wrote ~¾ page in an hour…. not bad right~~ I went to my atmosphere lecture and my brain was completely asleep once again LOL RIP. After school, I went grocery shopping. Spent the rest of my night on the phone of Gaby~ ;3



Ah, the last “favourite outfits”. Sorry this one has taken me so long, I honestly was finding it difficult to figure out my favourite outfits. What were your 7B faves?

Emily: Topshop jacket/Topshop boots/Equipment blouse/Rebecca Minkoff bag

Emily was stuck in her swim coach uniform or just a boring jean & tee combo for pretty much all of 7B, so I went with her only outfit that I liked more than usual, from “Hold Your Piece”. It’s still typical Emily, but I like the edginess of the black with the burgundy (I love Emily in Burgundy) and a choker to top it all off. The boots were a nice change from her usual style and I love the zipper bag by Rebecca Minkoff she carried.  

Spencer: Elizabeth and James jacket/Kimchi Blue dress/Tory Burch shoes/Street Level bag

Choosing a favourite Spencer outfit this season was actually really difficult, because the pickings were slim. Most of her outfits were boring and we saw her be more casual this season. This outfit from “Power Play” isn’t one of my top Spencer outfits, but it’s honestly the best she had this season. I loved the adorable Kimchi Blue denim dress with the back detailing she wore.

Alison: Equipment top/Peggy Li necklace/Ted Baker bag

Alison was another person who bored me this season, but surprisingly less than she normally does. She had a few great fashion moments I can think of, but this outfit from “The Glove That Rocks The Cradle” was definitely my favourite. I love how youthful this is, with the pastel shades and that lovely pink moto jacket. Usually we see her in sandals, so the grey suede booties were appreciated. I would have loved to have seen more of these kinds of outfits from Alison.

Aria: Nasty Gal top/Topshop skirt/AllSaints jacket/Kate Spade shoes/The2Bandits earrings/The2Bandits bracelet/Rebecca Minkoff bag

Aria started off as someone who’s style was way too out there for me, then after the time jump, her style actually became my favourite. I could think of a few favourites from Aria this season, but in the end I chose this outfit from “Playtime”. I love powder blue, so any outfit with that colour pretty much alway gets a thumbs up from me. I really like the pairing of the twee skirt and bow-tied shirt with the edgier leather jacket and jewelry. To top it all off, her hair looks amazing with these kinds of looks.

Hanna: Topshop jacket/Topshop boots/Coach bag/Annais.Co necklace

Hanna’s bomber jacket obsession this season did start to bore me a little, but she has had some great outfits. I chose this outfit from “Driving Miss Crazy”. A powder blue suede biker jacket? You had me at “powder blue”. I love the funky fringed boots, her beachy hair and that she didn’t over accessorize because those boots and that jacket do enough talking. I also think the colour goes great with her features, it contrasts her blonde hair nicely and matches her eyes.

Mona: Topshop coat/Zara top

One word: Oui. I said before I saw it on-screen this outfit from “Till DeAth Do Us PArt” would probably end up being my favourite Mona outfit this season and I was right. Love the trench coat, and the cute monochrome lace blouse/mini skirt combo Aria also loves to wear. The beret while living in France is so Mona.

“I like this look.  It’s very Pink Ladies.” –my hallmate
(I then spent a good five seconds wondering why she was comparing me to a type of apple.)

[One image of a young woman (me) with purple hair that is pulled up in a clip.  I have a metallic, pink cane in my left hand.  I am wearing a floral print dress that has an off-white background with tiny red flowers on it.  The dress goes to just above my knees and has a bulky ruffle in the middle of the skirt.  It is belted at the waist with a wide, black belt.  Over the dress, I am wearing a bright pink (fake) leather moto jacket.  On my feet, I have white socks that are scrunched down around my ankles and my black, lace-up oxford shoes.  My eye makeup isn’t showing much, but my bright red lipstick is.  As always, I’m wearing my black rectangular glasses.]