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When We Were Young - raendown - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
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@mouseymightymarvellous I hear your cries for more same age au and I deliver, with pleasure my dear. 

Pairing: KakashiSakura
Word count: 2744
Summary: Growing up together means changing together and Kakashi has always seen her from afar.

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Plastic and Porcelain

Arthur is a porcelain figurine who’s life is dedicated to sitting on a shelf, whether he likes it or not. Alfred is an action figure who gives him a hard time about being fragile. But, the opportunity for Arthur to prove himself useful might arrive sooner than expected. Usuk. Toy Story au, sort of. It doesn’t really follow the plot after the beginning. //

Being a figurine wasn’t so bad, but Arthur did hate being fragile. A shame he came with a body of milky white porcelain, with a hand painted face consisting of soft green eyes, rosy cheeks and red lips. His painter had messed up on the eyebrows, however, and had made them dreadfully thick.  There was a glued wig of feathery yellow hair on his head, and he was dressed in a dainty blue suit. Arthur had a white bow at his neck, and ruffles on his coattails and sleeves. His figurine came with a lacy parasol as well, which he held over his matching figure, an equally delicate lady in a cream colored dress.

They were part of the ‘timeless’ Arthur and Alice collection. Each set came with one Arthur, and one Alice. They were dressed and designed for various situations. How unfortunate, Arthur thought, that he should be part of the Gentleman set, instead of the Pirate or Wizard variation. At least then he could be in a striking red coat with an eyepatch and hat, or flowing black robes that went to his ankles.

Generally, the Arthur and Alice collection were adored mostly by older women. These women found them charming, and would put them in a glass case or on a shelf to be admired. Which is why both Arthur and Alice were surprised when their box was taken off the shelf by a young man.

Arthur heard the man who’d selected them ask about the pirate set. The storekeeper shook his head. Arthur knew the store had been out of both the pirates and the wizards for nearly a week now. The man sighed and shook his head, looking at the box for a moment.

Please, he begged to whatever spirit might watch over toys and figurines. Don’t let him notice the eyebrows. People usually put his box back once they noticed his little design flaw. But, perhaps there was someone listening, because the man set Arthur’s box down on the checkout counter. He got his wallet, purchasing Arthur and his pair.

Once they were placed inside the plastic bag, Arthur looked over at Alice, who smiled at him. She seemed ecstatic. He smiled back at her, and took his pose once more, excited to stand on a shelf and be admired.

That was not what happened. Arthur and Alice glanced at each other as the man picked them up again, and took them out of the car. They looked up at the charming, two story brick house. The trim and shutters were white, and there was a stone path leading up to the door, which was also white. The man crossed the threshold, carrying  the two figurines with him. There were decorations around the home. Things like streamers and balloons, and a banner which read “Happy Birthday, Peter!”

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