pink lovebirds

[160326] all black sehun and pink bambi junmyeon at the airport

being all smily

wrapping arms around each other

sehun looks so happy

and junmyeon too

the way they look in each other’s eyes while being all happy

i think i don’t have to say anything more ಥ_ಥ

No Regular Day

Characters - Bucky x Tesla

Word Count - 1153

Warnings - Fluff City

A/N - This is a simple one shot and it’s just my way of saying happy birthday to one of the most amazing friends that i have, @bovaria!

Bucky woke up early, despite the lack of sleep he’d gotten the night before. Between fighting against his excitement and giving his full attention to the beauty that slumbered soundly beside him, Bucky was lucky to have gotten the few hours in that he did.

He hesistated before waking her. Watching her shoulders rise and fall with each breath, he smiled as he scooted closer to her until his bare chest connected with the warmth of her back. The faint sound of her breathing intermingled with the songs of the birds that flew by, outside. Her long brown hair took on a lighter color and shine in the spots where rays of sunlight crept through the soft curtains covering the windows.

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