pink lounge


A/N: What is this filth? Gah, I’ve been writing too much NH, I needed a break. So, voila!  I couldn’t write normal Sasuke with justice, so there, wrote him drunk.

The room was awash with the darkness of the night. It was silent except for the sound of chewing and chomping, and the occasional bubbling laugh from the pink-haired woman lounging on the sofa. Uchiha Sakura was scrolling through her phone, thoroughly enjoying her alone time.

It has been a while since she was able to spend some time with herself. Before they got married, they had filed for a three-month leave. During the first month, they purchased a two-story house with three bedrooms at the first week. The next couple of weeks were spent hunting for furniture and preparing for the wedding. On the fourth week was the wedding itself. Sakura still couldn’t help but smile dreamily as she recalled that day.

The second month was for their honeymoon. They spent fifteen days of relaxation at a private onsen, courtesy of Rokudaime-sama. The rest of the month was spent just lounging around the house, getting used to each other’s presence as husband and wife. Of course, they had lots and lots of sex—really great sex.

Of course, they were individuals, as much as they needed each other; they had to spend some time apart, even for just a few hours.

Two days ago, Naruto came barging at their home and invited Sasuke to a boy’s night out. Of course, her darling husband refused, but after some cajoling from Naruto and some promises from her, the Uchiha agreed.

He left three hours ago, and has been sending Sakura texts asking her to kill him and such. But Sakura only laughed and reminded him of her promise. She was commenting on Ino’s new profile picture when Sasuke suddenly called. Rolling her eyes, she swiped on the screen to answer the call.

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