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The Past and Present

“Uncle Wilford! Uncle Wilfo~ord!” A little dyed red head and a pretend crown bobbed around a table corner to meet a lounging pink mustachioed fellow of considerable silliness looking at a very sharp knife. The two children looked quite excited and the man’s interest was piqued. He smiled, mustache lifting slightly, and waggled his eyebrows.

“Well then, Yan and King, whatcha need, hm?” Wilford put away his knife, sitting himself up and over to get down to the pair’s level. Yandere presented an old Polaroid picture, looking quite excited. Wilford recognized it immediately furrowing his brows and lightly taking it from the child’s grasp. “Where’d you two find this?” His dark brown eyes never left the photo.

“Yan and I found it in the attic when we were looking for Rufus!” King answered with enthusiasm. The peanut butter on his face dripped down onto the carpet, and normally Wilford would ‘punish’ him by giving him the tickle fight of his life. But the man was currently lost in memory with a small half smile on his lips. He suddenly looked up, eyebrow raised.

“Who’s Rufus?” Wilford looked between the two, a little bewildered.

“He’s a squirrel,” Yan answered. Wilford nodded, looking around the room like something was watching him. He lifted the picture, smiling at them both.

“Well this certainly was a find. I thought it had been lost,” Wilford clicked his tongue, lifting the photo for further examination. “I wonder if Dark still remembers this…” King suddenly snorted. Wilford looked down at him. “Got somethin’ up your nose, your majesty?”

“No!” King giggled into his hand, getting peanut butter all over it. “Why did uncle Dark look like that?” Wilford looked at the photo.

“You mean his sense of style has changed?” This remark got an outburst of laughter from the two. Wilford chuckled, himself. “Well, I would think it was because he wanted to keep up with the ‘aesthetic’ of being,” Wilford rolled his eyes and lifted his hands to form quotation marks, “'Darkness’. Really it was just him brooding,” Wilford shook his head. “He was certainly odd, still is. You know he still wears those band tee-shirts?” The kids looked shocked. Wilford was practically bubbling with laughter.

“How come we’ve never seen them!!” Yan shouted, King nodding in vigorous agreement.

“It’s because he thinks he can keep it a secret. But ol’ Wilford Warfstache has known him much longer than anyone else here! And no secret of his is safe with me. Here, I’ll prove it. Follow me.” The pink mustachioed man stood up, beckoning the children to follow him out of the room and into the large halls of the building they all shared. Wilford brought his knife back out, smiling like Yan and King after being slipped some candy.

“Oh Darkie~

“Wilford how many times–”

“Yeah, yeah! Just come over here! I think I’ve finally figured out a solution to taking over the channel,”

Oh really? Why do I not believe you?”

Just come here!

A flash of metal and a small pop of buttons had the entire hall in pause and silence. A soft ringing began to sound itself off, but it was long forgotten when the sounds of laughter filled the halls. Dark’s teeth were grit and he looked very angry. His hands were gripping his dress shirt to try and hide what was underneath, but it was too late.

“I told you he still wore em!” Wilford grinned, laughing along with the two children. They were practically rolling on the floor. Dark’s eyes flashed to Wilford.

“Is this the game we’re going to play?” Dark suddenly smiled, folding his hands behind his back to reveal even more of the shirt. His eyes were narrowed. “Then I suppose the children would like to know that your mustache has literally taken years to grow?” Wilford’s eyes widened and suddenly the two were grasping the other’s clothing, glaring daggers at each other.

“That’s not true!”

“Oh really? Then what would happen, say by some accident, it was suddenly shaved off tomorrow? You could easily grow it back, right Wilford?

“You better not, emo boy!

I am not an emo!






“You two are dorks” Yan said. He and King both grinned.

“But you’re our dorks!” They both ran forwards, hugging the two men that were still grappling each other.

“Don’t touch me”

“Maybe a little love is what Brood needs, kids” Wilford grinned. Dark snarled.


Inspired by a post I saw about Dark still wearing band tees

a concept: keith, in a light pink soft sweater. he’s lounging after a tough battle all soft n smol n a little bruised in the face. lance sees him there and stops dead because when has keith ever looked so vulnerable?? and why does he feel his face get all warm and mushy looking at him? and he cant get fired up about their “rivalry” bc he is honestly so Shook. without thinking he finds himself saying “hey buddy you okay? can I get you a cup of tea?” soft pink keith is like “um. if… youre having some?” and then they sit close and keith is cozy in his sweater with steaming mugs of tea in their hands. they congratulate each other on a good battle and good moves they made. they discuss different tactics and strategies that worked and that didnt, and plan new ones together. 

May 25, 2017
  1. Virgo
     Italian cuisine

  2. Capricorn
     Mail magazine

  3. Taurus
     Japanese flavours

  4. Scorpio
     Change purse

  5. Cancer

  6. Pisces
     Lip balm

  7. Sagittarius
     Japanese sweets

  8. Leo

  9. Aries

  10. Aquarius

  11. Gemini

  12. Libra

I am so sorry for the lateness of the horoscopes today, I was hit with a violent bout of sickness last night and am just starting to recover from it now. Thank you for your patience!

Cursed Blessing II

As requested, the second instalment of Cursed Blessing. The first part is here, which featured @justwritingscibbles ‘s Lightiplier and explains what’s going on. 

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“So, uh,” you said nervously, not really wanting to approach the topic, “My friends were asking yesterday about how we met.”
“Oh?” Dark replied. “You lied, obviously.”
“Of course I lied,” you assured him quickly. “But, uh, I thought maybe we should both know what the lie is if anyone asks?”
“I see.” He chuckled with amusement. “And what dastardly fabrication did you tell them, pet?”


Patience was perhaps the only virtue that Darkiplier possessed.

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anonymous asked:

Blue Diamond is in love with Yellow but can't figure out how to tell her. Pleaseeee

It’s not as good as I wanted but here ya go anon :D

“I’ve tried everything Pink!” Blue ranted as she paced back and forth in front of her friend. “She just doesn’t seem to get the hint! Nothing works!” She ran her hands down her face dramatically, “I don’t know how else to tell her!”

Pink lounged in her throne lazily, watching as Blue nearly suffered an existential crisis over the issue, “Send her a letter? Make it all lovey and stuff, worked pretty well with White when I tried it.”

“Yellow doesn’t read any ‘fan-mail,’ unless I say it’s a priority message from my court she’d never look at it,” Blue tugged on her hair. “And then it’d be pretty obvious who it’s from!”

“Isn’t that the point?” Pink asked, a deadpan expression upon her face. Her eyes shifted to the entrance to her throne room, where the second guest of the day silently entered.

“Well yes,” Blue quickly shook her head- to absorbed in her crisis of the heart to realize anything was off. “But it’d be so embarrassing, I’d never be able to face her if she rejected me.”

“Well you’ll never know unless you ask her,” a familiar voice piped up from behind her, causing Blue to nearly poof from fright.

Which only grew worse when she spun around to see the new visitor, “Yellow!? Uhhh… what are you doing here!?”

Yellow crossed her arms across her chest. A tiny smirk blessed her lips, “Pink told me someone had something to tell me.”

“I would never!” Pink faked innocence, before covering her mouth as she laughed diabolically.

Well, at least to Blue it sounded diabolical.

“Umm,” The leader of the Blue court looked at the ground nervously, anxiously clasping her hands together. “I just wanted to… tell you… something.”

Yellow raised an eyebrow, gazing at her fellow ruler with obvious affection in her eyes, “And just what would that be?”

Blue Diamond stared long and hard at Yellow Diamond, before grabbing her by the collar of her shirt and tugging her close.

Their lips pressed together in a careful kiss, before melting into each other as Yellow wrapped her arms around Blue.

As they broke apart, their attention was dragged to Pink Diamond, “WELL IT’S ABOUT TIME.”