pink leopard nail art


[opening image description: two lighter-skinned hands wearing pink leopard-print patterned nail art holding a translucent red jelly-like slime on the viewer’s left and a clear plastic cup with a painted kawaii-style face holding layers of lemon, aqua and lilac slime. Black and white text in between the two slimes reads “no glue slime” in a comic-book-style type.]

Video Tutorial - 4 No Glue Slimes, Nim C

This video goes through two slimes with which most stimmers are familiar–peel-off face-masks as a substitute for PVA glue, and standard cornstarch/cornflour-based stimming dough.

The first tutorial shows a very soft, very stretchy slime made from blending Crayola Model Magic and shaving cream.

The last tutorial shows a soft dough-like butter slime made from blending Play-Doh and body lotion. I don’t believe it is a true slime, as the presenter never shows it stretching, but it looks like a lovely stimming dough variation.

Both slimes only require blending of the two ingredients, easily done by hand in a bowl or over a plate.

The background music is reasonably soft. Auto-generated closed captions in English are available.

Leopard over a gradient.

I wished the colors would “pop” more, I should have used a white base but I like the results anyway.

I’ve used Roller Coaster by Essence, Sophie’s Pink by Models Own and Butler Please by Essie for the gradient and Alpine Snow by Opi and some black nailpolish for the leo print.

Soft pink leopard nail art tutorial by elleandish

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or Singles’ Awareness Day, I hope you at least have a great Saturday! <3

  • Lacey Lilac - Sally Hansen X-treme Wear (pastel purple)
  • Ballet Slippers - Essie (pale nude pink)
  • Muchi, Muchi - Essie (pale bubblegum pink)
  • Modernist Mauve - Finger Paints (shimmery pink)
  • RSVP - Ulta (microshimmer-y light gray)