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Your TYL drawings are so good, I might just forget to breathe. TYL Ingenium!Tenya, please?

Thanks anon! Regarding your question, you know, the first thing I thought was, “Adult Tenya? Look at Tensei ROFLAMO” then I thought that’s a shitty answer, so I tried to draw it. Not in Hero costume though because it is very hard  (; ̄ー ̄川

Uhhh… it turned out to be like Tensei orz

Well… I mean, they are brothers. And Tenya, at age 15, already looks older than Tensei, who’s 30. So older Tenya… I think would still look older than Tensei. Not to mention his fashion style looks like he’s a dad… I mean look at this

It looks like he’s taking his kids out to the theme park

Anyway, I think getting older, due to The Events™, Tenya would turn out to be overprotective of Tensei giving a sense like he’s the older brother. That would be funny as they have a 15-age gap.

Here’s a Tenya with a hairstyle that wouldn’t suit him

And here’s classic Tenya with glasses.

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Daddy’s Girl - 11 (Steve McGarrett/Reader Daughter)

Imagine being Steve McGarrett’s daughter and showing up out of the blue in his office…Steve has a hard time adjusting…

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

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The next day was hard to get through. Every time he talked to you, you only gave him short precise comments. Steve went to bed early but couldn’t sleep. He didn’t sleep the night before either. 

He kept texting Danny for help, but he kept telling him to talk to you. It was a vicious circle of getting nowhere. He even sent Catherine a text. She tried to be helpful and offer some suggestions. Nothing she said seemed right, but he thanked her anyways.

He sighed looking at the clock seeing it read 6:00 AM. Pushing himself out of bed he decided that maybe he could get you to talk again if he made you some breakfast.

He walked down the stairs slowly glancing at the couch pausing when he saw it empty. The blankets were folded nicely with the pillow placed on top, “Y/N?”

He held his breath as he walked to the kitchen then to the porch where they would eat breakfast. He called for you, but you didn’t answer…

He grabbed his phone, “Danny…she’s gone.”

“Wh..what do you mean gone?” Steve listened to his half awake partner as he walked back inside.

“She’s gone. I came down to make breakfast and…the couch is made up and her stuff is gone…” Steve walked to the laundry grabbing some clean clothes. He put him on speaker, “…what do I do? Do I call HPD? Her mom?”

“Whoa whoa whoa slow down.” Danny told him, “I will contact HPD, but I have to ask…did you buy the ticket like you talked about last night?”

Steve put his hands on the washing machine hanging his head, “I…did.”

“…okay. Well she’s smart, she probably printed off the boarding pass and headed for the airport.” Danny sighed, “Steve, maybe…”

“Don’t…say it.” Steve looked at the phone crossly, “I was going to talk to her again this morning about staying.”

“It sounds like she doesn’t want to stay.” Danny snapped back, “Steve, she is more the capable of taking care of herself. You signed the paperwork, she’ll be fine.”

“I didn’t sign it.” Steve whispered.


“I didn’t sign it.” Steve repeated picking up the phone walking down the hall, “She left without me signing it, Danny.” 

“…wow…wow this…this is bad, Steve. She’s real hurt.” Danny suddenly sounded very worried.

“I know…and I did it.” Steve told him grabbing his keys, “I’m headed to the airport.”

“You said the flight didn’t take off until the evening.” 

“Y/N was set to buy a flight home, she’ll pay for an earlier flight.” Steve told him starting his truck, “Do me favor?”

“Yeah, anything.” Danny suddenly sounded more awake.

“Get me on the flight she’s on…whatever it takes, I’ll even up with you later.” Steve told him before hanging up.

You sat on the plane staring out the window at the palm trees. What a strange two weeks. You came with no expectations, and you were leaving feeling sick to your stomach. 

You shook your head blinking away the tears you’d been crying all morning. You were tired of crying. You were going to go home, file for extenuating circumstances as to why you couldn’t get your father’s signature, and move on with life.

You shut your eyes leaning your head back into the seat feeling more tears well up into your eyes. You kept seeing your damn cast and what Steve wrote on it.

Aloha au iā'oe … You had to look it up after you printed off your boarding pass. It had several translations…the main one being ‘I love you…’  

You didn’t know why he would write something like that. It just complicated things. He’d only known you for a couple of weeks. You couldn’t deny that there was this strong connection. He got you. He let you do what you needed to, but still made sure everything was okay.

You felt someone sit down next to you making you open your eyes. You looked to your right your heart jumping to your throat, “Wh…what are you doing here?”

“I’m flying to San Francisco to catch a a connecting flight to Washington.” Steve looked at you, “Figure we can use the time to talk.”

“…” You opened your mouth but nothing came out.

“You just left.” He frowned looking at you.

“You booked me a flight!” You finally spoke, “You didn’t want me here.”

“I never said that.” He shook his head as you started to speak, he held up a finger silencing you, “I never once said that.”

“Well your actions…”

“I know.” He interrupted you, “I know what buying the ticket meant for you and I am so sorry. It was dumb…really dumb. I just got overwhelmed and I just act when I’m in those situations. It’s a poor excuse…”

You looked away from him feeling his eyes stay on you, “…why are you here?”

“Because I don’t want you to go.” He watched you take a sharp breath, “I don’t want lose you. I know it’s only been two weeks and even if you stay it might not work out, but I…want you here.”

You looked at him as he went on, “You're​ my kid…you’re my daughter. At first I couldn’t fathom the idea of being a parent, but getting to know you…you’re perfect.”

“I’m not…” You looked down to your hands a tear falling on them.

“You are.” Steve told you, “I knew…the moment you went over that cliff that I could never, not have you in my life. It literally felt like my world just dropped out from under me. I was terrified that you were gone. That I would never be able to talk to you again…that I wouldn’t see you graduate college…kick the snot out of a couple ex-boyfriends.”

He smiled hear you laugh a little, “Gotta actually be in a relationship to have a boyfriend…”

“Still…” You looked at him again seeing his smile, “I want you to stay…Live with me here. Go to community college for a bit, I’ll put you through it. Figure out what you want to do…get to know your old man…”

“Are you sure? Wouldn’t it be easier to just let me go?” You asked him as you wiped away a tear.

“Of course it would be easier, but what good things in life are easy?” He put a hand on your cheek brushing another tear away with this thumb, “Y/N, I promise that no mater what, I will be there for everything. I will keep you safe, protect you and hold you up when you fall and carry you when you’re tired…Y/N, you’re my world shifted the day I met you and it’s for the better.”

You could feel everything inside of you breaking down when he spoke. You started to become a blubbering mess as you nodded, “I want to stay…”

“Yeah?” He smiled as you nodded again, “Let’s get off this plane.”

As he stood up the stewardess looked at him, “Sir, I’m gonna need you to take your seat.”

“Uh…” He looked at you before smirking a little pulling out his badge, “5-0, this young lady is not where she is supposed to be and I need to escort her off the plane immediately.”

“Uh..oh…” The stewardess watched as he took your hand helping you out, “I…”

“Police matter…don’t worry…” Steve winked at her as he walked out behind you.

You looked back at him, “You abuse you status often?”

“Only when it completely embarrasses somebody or if I really need to be someplace.” He smiled down at you as he reached the bottom of the stairs, “Y/N, I will never hurt you like you that again.”

You looked down at your shoes, “Were you ever considering…signing the papers?”

“Not one second.” He answered without hesitation getting you to look at him. He smiled at you, “Y/N, your my kid and there is no denying it. You’re stubborn…act without thinking, and definitely wears your heart on your sleeve.”

“And this?” You held up your cast pointing to what he wrote.

He looked at the words ‘Aloha au iā'oe…’ His chest swelled reading it, “I won’t say it out loud until you do…I know you’re not there yet. I’m just Steve…your dad, but I do mean it.”

“And…if one day I want to respond…how would you say that?” You asked shifting your back pack on your shoulder.

He reached over taking it from you, “Aloha wau iā ʻoe kekahi…”

“I’m gonna have to practice that.” You told him as you walked back toward the terminal.

“It’s not an easy language, but it is my favorite.” He smiled never feeling this happy before. He bumped into you accidentally, “Sorry…”

“It’s fine…we’ve had a rough couple of days.” You told him smiling a little. His arm instinctively went  to go around your shoulders but he stopped himself. You glanced at him flex his hand from the twitch. Taking a deep breath you grabbed his arm putting it around your shoulders like so many fathers would.

He looked at you surprised, “You sure?”

“Yeah…I think we’ve made it here…” Your eyes twinkled up at him.

He didn’t know if he could smile much bigger then he was. As they walked through the airport they decided that breakfast was the next step in the agenda. Steve looked up surprised seeing the entire 5-0 team standing at the curb holding up a colorful sign that read ‘Welcome Home!’

“What are you guys doing here?” Steve asked as the approached.

“Well…we kinda figured what was going to happen…” Danny smirked, “Soooo…”

Kono smiled at you putting a lei of pink flowers around your neck, “Welcome home, Y/N.”

“Uh…thanks?” You looked at Steve.

“This is not me…I was a mental wreck this morning.” Steve raised his hands up defensively.

“This is us…Steve is our brother.” Chin smiled at you holding a box of malasada out to you, “Which makes you our niece, welcome to the family.”

“You’re probably going to need this.” Danny pulled out a tactical vest getting an eye roll from Steve, “Haha, just kidding here.”

He handed you a large gift bag, “I don’t…I…thank you?”

“You’ll get used of this I promise.” You looked at Cathrine. You still weren’t so sure of her. Steve had introduced you briefly just so that you two knew of each other, “We all pitched in to get you a welcome to the family care package and…” 

She held out a key card to Steve. He took it, “What is this?”

“That is three days off at a hotel all expenses paid so that you and kid McGarrett can actually rest up and just chill.” Danny told him, “We know you well enough that if you spend your own money you’ll just end up at work, but if someone buys it for you, you’ll feel bad and tough it out.”

You put your hand to your mouth trying not to laugh. Steve looked down at you, “Oh yeah? Laugh it up chuckles, you’re stuck with me now.”

“Come on, we’re taking you guys to breakfast.” Chin smiled at the pair of you.

“Steve…” Danny stopped him for a moment, “So, uh this one is just for you.”

Steve took a business card from him, “Lawyer?”

“Yeah…a good one. Just in case. I don’t think you’ll have any problems, but…guy owes me a favor. He’ll make sure everything goes smooth.” Danny told him putting his hands in his pockets.

“Mahalo.” Steve looked at him grateful, “I don’t know how I would’ve done this without you, Danny.”

“Nah…” Danny waved him off with a smile, “You’re gonna be a good dad, Steve. You figured that out yourself.”

Steve smiled looking at you talking to Kono as she signed your cast. He couldn’t have asked for a better Ohana. 

He walked over to you, “You ready?”

“I am starving.” You looked at him.

“Let’s go to Petey’s!” Kono smiled, “They have the best banana pancakes.”

You made a face, “Uh…that’s cool…”

“They have more then that.” Steve nudge you with his elbow.

“What’s wrong with banana pancakes?” Kono looked at you.

“I’m a bit allergic to bananas. No big deal.” You shrugged it off.

“No big deal…that’s not what your mom said…we’re gonna have to get you an Epi Pen.” He opened the door for you.

“Dude that sucks, bananas are amazing.” Kono frowned.

“So I’ve heard, does this Petey’s have strawberry pancakes?” You asked hopping in the truck.

“They have a lot of pancakes, my cousin here just has a small obsession with Petey’s.” Chin smirked and Kono pushed him, “See you there?”

“See you there.” Steve shut your door and walked around his truck getting in. He looked at you before he started it, “Hey…”

“Yeah?” You looked at him curiously.

“Sorry about that, but…they are family.” He smiled apologetically.

You shrugged, “It was a better welcome then I would’ve gotten back in Washington.”

He felt a sting in his chest before he started the truck. He was going to have to dig a little. He knew you wanted independence and that you were angry with you mom for a lot, but he got the feeling there was more in Washington that you were running from.

But for now…he was just happy you chose to be here.

Little bit about OCs: Class President Ley (pink hair) has had the biggest embarrassing crush on Milo (blue hair) since fo~oorever, Milo the ever oblivious hasn’t really notice like The Whole Class. Avery, class clown/asshole, does everything to annoy Ley every chance he has. Tbh Avery likes to have the attention of his childhood bff all for himself (he only shares with his other bff Riley)

Haha a little long but I’m trying out this thing with mini comics before I jump in with a regular size comic! :D

where you are, i will be - rilaya

extreme soulmate au, who’s ready?

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“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.”

She feels as if everything has lead to right now. Absolutely everything. It’s times like this, with her dark hair splayed across a warm pillow and her eyes just barely forcing themselves open as she caresses her knuckles gently- it’s the tiny little moments like this, where she’s nestled into her larger frame, thriving off her touch and body heat, where Maya wonders if she’s loved Riley before.

Maybe it’s because they fit like puzzle pieces, yin and yang. Maybe it’s because everything she says is right. Maybe it’s because her touch is somehow simultaneously rough and gentle and beautiful. How else could she be so perfect, except if she’d done it before?

“Hey,” Riley says, putting her chin atop Maya’s crown of blonde hair. Her words are slurred with sleep and it warms Maya’s heart a small bit.

“Hey,” she responds into the crook of her neck. She can feel Riley’s hairs begin to raise and she smiles against her soft skin.

“I’m glad we’re here.”

Maya knows she’s not talking about the bed, or the position they’re lying in exactly, though that’s a nice extension. She’s talking about them as a whole, as a pair. Maya agrees with her. She’s glad that everything they went through lead them here. There’s something comforting about the fact that Riley is her beginning and her end, even if she wasn’t quite her’s somewhere in between.

“Yeah, Riles, me too.”

She burrows further into her warmth, her smell, her safety. Riley kisses her forehead once before her cheek rests on top of her head, fingers lightly brushing the small of her back. Then Maya drifts off into sleep with the comfort that when she awoke it’d be in the arms of someone she loved more than life itself.

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pride haul!!!!

-Tie-Dye transgender flag shirt
-Blue and pink lei’s 
-Trans pride pin
-Gay pride ribbon pin (I’m trans and pan, but if you bought one of those it’d be donated!)
-Gay ribbon stick (Intolerance Stick™ to beat the homophobes with)
-LGBT+ collar bracelet 
-You cant see it cuz the string broke, but in the jar is a transgender bead bracelet with A-L-E-X on it.
Pride was really fun! Video is coming soon!

te dizer que teu amor me roubou a fala,
a memória,
a castidade.
te dizer que teu amor me levou o sonho,
me levou a vida,
me levou à vida.
te dizer que teu amor me quebrou os ossos.
invariavelmente olho para o horizonte enquanto ouço Chopin pra ver se,
por algum milagre,
você volta.
o que é contraditório:
que não sou nada espiritualizada,
rezo para que Shiva me traga você em 3 dias.
te dizer que teu amor me roubou as certezas e as ideologias todas.
1000 dias no mesmo oceano e ainda não avistamos terra firme.
você ligou o sinalizador,
vieram te buscar.
e depois de subir, você esqueceu de jogar a corda para que eu subisse também.
1000 dias no mesmo oceano e eu, somente eu, sempre somente eu, ainda não avisei terra firme.
te dizer que teu amor me deixou em alto-mar com um tigre de bengala e eu nem pude pedir ajuda à Poseidon.
eu quis morrer. você não faz ideia do quanto eu quis morrer. do quanto eu tentei. 
eu entro no meu quarto e,
ao deitar na cama,
sinto como se uma faca riscasse um “eu te amo” nervoso no meu coração,
no meu cérebro,
nos meus pulsos e nos meus pulmões.
essa dor não me deixou sair de casa hoje.
essa dor me trouxe uma úlcera.
no banheiro do meu quarto tem uma caixa lacrada escrita “coisas ruins”.
coloquei o livro que você me deu.
coloquei o nosso disco do Pink Floyd.
coloquei as três leis de Newton que escrevemos juntos, para que eu memorizasse (memorizei você).
coloquei sua blusa e a roupa que saí no nosso primeiro encontro.
eu não abro a caixa, mas parece que ela está sempre aberta, gritando meu nome,
como um demônio que veio me buscar.
1000 dias no mesmo oceano, que há de se fazer?
acabou, chorare.
dizem que o fogo purifica tudo.
talvez eu queime a caixa.
espero que você queime junto.
“pôr fogo em tudo, inclusive à mim”. 


You Won the War, but I Win this Battle


Cleanup and repair of the panda village took much less time than Tigress would have expected. She had learned, within the past few days, not to underestimate the giant, gentle folk, who looked as though they were more capable of a feast-sized snack and day-long nap than fighting and heavy construction. Even with her years of training with Po, she had still been dubious of his peoples’ capabilities, but by the end of the day many of the buildings damaged by the fight with the jade zombies had been repaired almost to completion. It amused her to see the workers snack on the bamboo scaffolding once they had finished using it.

She and the warriors freed from Kai’s influence helped as much as they could, but the villagers were a bit wary of them; not only because they had been fighting them mere hours before, but out of sheer distrust of strangers. Mr. Ping had gotten along well through his connection to Po and his talent in cooking, but strangers such as Masters Croc and Bear were not as welcomed. Tigress, now that all the commotion was over, was getting a few more fearful looks herself. She quietly worked with Mei Mei and Crane to finish the roof of Mei Mei’s house. Not far away, Po and his fathers were sizing beams for another repair.

“I can fix that for you, if you like.”

Tigress looked up at the panda woman sitting on the scaffold a few feet in front of her. She pointed a mallet at Tigress’s robe.
“I do most of my own clothes, you know. And I sew for several of the villagers. I can fix that robe of yours.”
Tigress looked at the sleeves she had rolled up, taking in the holes, burns, and tears along her ensemble. She honestly hadn’t noticed.

“Thank you, er. I…”

“So…you and Po, huh?”
Tigress looked up from the joints she was connecting.

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