pink lava

*Goes away for a few days*
*Come back,has a few new followers*
Oh hey there,did not see you come by 8) 
I’m leaving this Lava Lamp pony~
They have been a huge success for awhile now.
This was inspired by a sunset image ^^ 

I am open for commissions and customs! Both furry,ferals and animations~


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me: (smilin to myself)

someone: thinkin about a boy? (;

me: (thinking about how princess allura, the last radiant starchild of altea, true goddess of love and kickassery, our lord and savior, told those ugly galra mfs that they will never destroy another innocent world again, lit up like a glittery pink lava lamp, slammed her hand on the ground, and destroyed the place with her magic)

me: huh oh, uh yeh

✿ More Art!  ✿

✿ Here is another Lava Lamp pony I did last Month! 

✿ It was a cute adopt and has already been adopted too! 

✿ I am open for customs and commissions as well! 

✿ Enjoy and don’t forget to follow for more cute art! 

Draw a normal setting, through the eyes of a child with a wild imagination. (E.g., the floor is lava, but green lava. Pink elephants the size of toasters walking on the counter. “Hey mum! There’s an octopus on your head!”)