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Birthday selfie, ayee!!

Yes, Hinata got him the crow plushie. And got cake all over himself. And there were supposed to be colours but its 3 flipping am.

Bubble baths

you’ve had a hard day, Newt distracts you.


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You trudged your way down the road to the cosy cottage that you shared with your fiancé, a slight chill in the air as the sun sunk into the horizon, colouring the sky with pinks and oranges. Rolling your aching shoulders before you groped around your bag for the keys to the oak front door. Pushing the door shut behind you, ‘I’m home sweetheart’ you called through the house, but no answer reached you. Wandering into the living room, you found Newt’s case in the middle of the floor. Knowing that he would more than likely be a while in there, you decided to run yourself a bath.

Turning the taps on the large claw foot bath, you stripped down to your underwear, waiting for the bath to fill, deciding to spoil yourself, you added a few drops of lavender, before testing the water.

It was perfect, sinking below the warm sweet smelling water was pure bliss, soothing your aching muscles and easing your troubled mind.

You allowed your mind to wander as the water worked it’s magic, in some far corner of your brain you could hear light footsteps, reluctantly you fluttered your eyes open, to find Newt leaning on the door frame, a slight smirk on his face.

“enjoying the view are we?’ you asked a little cheekily, ‘oh definitely, you look much to inviting’ his voice was a little deeper than usual as he made his way towards you, sitting himself down by the bath, combing his fingers through your damp hair.

“hard day, love?’ you only sighed and nodded in response, leaning into his gentle touch. “would you join me?’ You took baths together quite often, it wasn’t necessarily a sexual act, it was more about being close and offering comfort to one another.  

Placing a soft kiss to your temple, Newt began unbuttoning his shirt, his waistcoat probably long forgotten somewhere in the case, one of the creatures using it as a nest.

He stepped into the delightful water, settling himself down,  his long legs on either side of you own. He began massaging your aching feet, that sat between his legs. You tilted your head back, as newt took you to heaven, all your worries melting away with his gentle touch, ‘you do spoil me Mr Scamander’ you murmured, he chuckled as he continued ‘it’s all you deserve love’ he brought his knees up to chest, moving your legs so that he could shuffle his way between them.

You rested your hands on his knees, as he leant in for a tender kiss, you brought your hand up to his jaw, the stubble there was longer than Newt usually allowed it. You furrowed your brow as you pulled away slightly, catching your breath, you kept your fingers on his cheek, ‘you need a shave, you’re getting furry, mister’. You reached over to the cabinet by the sink next to the bath, grabbing Newt’s shaving cream and his shaving brush.

Sending Newt a cheeky smile you squirted the foam into your palm, scooping some up onto the brush, and painting it onto his handsome face, he let out a chuckle as you did, ‘what are you’ you cut him off by brushing the foam over his mouth, ‘you deserve to be spoiled too’ you murmured, placing your hand on his bare shoulder as you leant over to gather his razor.

Placing a kiss on his nose, you tilted his head, so you had better access to his jaw. You would pepper kisses on each new patch of skin exposed to you.

“much better, you look like my Newt again’ you murmured against his cheek, your breath tickling at his skin.

He placed a gentle finger under your chin and brought you to him before giving you an affectionate kiss, pulling away slightly, resting his forehead against yours, ‘I don’t deserve you love’ his voice barely above a whisper.


Have a great day and be safe

#381 - The First Time He Sees You In Lingerie

Harry: You ruffled your hair up in the bathroom and adjusted your breasts in the transparent material. Standing back, you looked at yourself from every angle and smiled to yourself. You had no regrets after buying the piece you had, the baby pink colour contrasting perfectly against your skin. The way the straps and ribbon weaved around you complimented everything you wanted it to and gave you a look that in your eyes was sexy as hell. You turned the bathroom light off and opened the door, walking down the hallway to your bedroom. Harry was on his phone but as soon as you made your entrance, his eyes were fully on you. You stood there confidently, holding your head high. His eyes were wide and his jaw dropped at the sight of you. He scrambled to sit on the edge of the bed, pursing his lips together. You giggled softly and did a little spin as you walked towards him, shaking your hips back and forth slightly. “Whatta ya think?” you asked happily, putting your hands on your hips as you stood right in front of him. “I uh…” he bit his lip, his eyes falling down your body. “You look so fucking sexy…” he finally breathed out. “God, I’m such a lucky man…” he murmured, more to himself but you still managed to get an earful. Smirking to yourself, you straddled his waist and sat on his lap. “So you like it?” you cooed, running your fingers through his hair as his hands struggled to find a resting place. “More than just like it,” he glanced up at you for a moment. “Gorgeous…:

Liam: He was in the kitchen while you were upstairs getting ready, sitting in the kitchen chair. “Okay!” you called out from upstairs, hooking the stocking up to your lacy black panties and adjusting them once more before coming to stand at the top of the stairs. “You ready?” he called back. “Yes! Are your eyes closed?” Liam chuckled to himself and clasped his hands on his lap, closing his eyes. “Yeah!” “Promise?” you chuckled. “Yes babe, I promise,” he snickered and waited anxiously to see what the big surprise was. You started coming down the stairs, music playing in the background for you. Liam had a smirk on his face as he sat with his eyes closed. You bit your lip and grabbed onto his hands once you got close enough. As soon as he felt your hands in his, he opened his eyes and for a moment he was frozen. You swung your hips and moved your body to the music, tossing your hair over one shoulder. “Surprise,” you cooed, leaning down next to his ear and nipping at his earlobe. Liam shivered instinctively under your touch and licked his lips. “When did you get this little number hey?” he smirked, his hands resting on your hips as you continued to move them. “A couple weeks ago… I hid it… because I wanted it to be a surprise,” you said, kissing across his jaw before pulling your head back to look at him. “Pretty sexy right?” “You can say that again.” He nodded surely, pulling you down onto his lap. “Do I get to take it off too?” he asked with a look in his eye. “If you’re lucky.”

Niall: The minute he pulled the delicate two piece from the box, he furrowed his eyebrows. “Before you say anything, I know it’s not your typical present but…” you smiled softly and took it from him. “I thought the birthday boy would want a little show tonight…” “You mean…” he raised his eyebrow slightly and you nodded your head. “There’s a first for everything,” you giggled softly. “Can you go put it on right now?” he asked and you could tell he was trying to hide the eagerness from his voice. You laughed out softly and got up off of the couch. “Okay, but only because it’s your birthday,” you winked and headed to the bedroom to get changed. It took you a couple of tries to actually remember how to put it on, all the lace and whatnot making it difficult to figure out which body part went where. When you finally got it on, you looked in the full length mirror and remembered why you bought it in the first place. It fit perfectly and wrapped around your body like it was made exactly for you. When you were pulling the stockings up, the bedroom door opened and you looked up to see Niall standing there, his eyes changing from curious to lust and desire. “I didn’t want to wait…” he murmured, rubbing his chin. “I’m not done yet,” you pouted and Niall shook his head. “Why wait baby? It’s just gonna come off right away anyways,” he shrugged. “And you’re so sure about that?” you said in a teasing voice. “You interrupted my surprise sweet boy…” you stood up once you got the other stocking on. “Don’t think I’m gonna rush now…” “You gonna punish me?” he smirked and you rolled your eyes. “If you’re lucky… now go back downstairs, I’ll be down in a minute.”

Louis: It was scratchy as hell and you were honestly regretting buying it in the first place. With so much ribbon wrapped around it, it looked nothing like it had in the store. The ribbons bunched up in some places and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t seem to place them in a way that looked flattering. You groaned out and put your hands flat on the bathroom counter, giving up on even trying. Louis locked on the door and you told him to come in, the surprise already ruined for you. “Babe are you… oh,” he raised his eyebrows and you looked over at him, shaking your head. “It’s awful I know, you don’t have to tell me,” you huffed out. “It’s not awful…” he started. “Louis, it doesn’t fit and it’s itchy and I wanted to surprise you cause I know we’ve never done anything like this but it’s ruined and it looks stupid. Louis grabbed onto your waist and turned you to face him, away from the mirror. You looked at him, slightly embarrassed but he helped take that away when he lifted your chin up and held it with his thumb. “First off, it’s not you, it’s the garment,” he said softly, untying one of the loose bows that was just above your hip. “And second of all, if it’s so itchy and uncomfortable, how about I help you take it off yeah?” he licked his lips before trapping the bottom one between his teeth. You suddenly felt a little better and stood up a little straighter. “You don’t think I’m like… not sexy?” you asked and he shook his head surely, letting his hands roam to rest right under your breasts, undoing the front clasp of the bra. “The lingerie isn’t sexy, but you my dear… now that’s a different story.”

Zayn: You didn’t know what to expect when you tried on the lingerie that Zayn had gotten you for your birthday. When you pulled it from the box, it had looked beautiful, the scantily placed lace and the transparent material around your private areas giving it an extremely sexy vibe. When you put it on, your expectations were lowered. It fit in some areas, but you could feel the underwire bra digging into your sides. The panties were nice and fit well, but everything above your waist was painful and unfit. Your chest was spilling out of the two small cups and even though you could tell Zayn had tried, the cup size of your actual bras were different than this. Different designs, different ideas. You felt sexy from the waist down, the garter adding a special little touch to the whole thing. The turquoise material, you did admit, looked amazing on you, but the fit in the chest was all wrong. You couldn’t understand why something so beautiful had to be so complicated and uncomfortable. When you walked out to Zayn in the bedroom, his smile lit up and he looked you up and down. “What do you think?” he asked softly, standing up and coming to stand in front of you. “Zayn it is beautiful…” you started, grabbing his hands before he could actually touch you. “But…” he lost his smile slightly. “It’s a little tight up here… I love it, please don’t get me wrong, I do, but it’s just… the bra is uncomfy… everything else is really nice! It’s just… my boobs are struggling,” you chuckled slightly and a smile spread across his face. “We can get it replaced no problem babe…” he offered, wrapping his arms around you. “But for tonight, you won’t be needing the bra…”

Human Garnet AU where she is Afroindian. She’s got little pink stars on her dupatta. What a way to break out of an art hiatus.