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My Guess At The Weapons of the Homeworld Gems

As of Bubbled it is now confirmed that gems of the same kind do not necessarily have the same weapon. Given that most of the homeworld gems we know have been duplicates, this is some pretty interesting news.

Before I go, here are some of the rules gem weapons seem to follow

1: The term weapon is not necessarily literal: helmets, yo-yos and shields are all valid weapons
2: If a gem’s gemstone is too small or too awkwardly placed for them to reach into the weapon will simply appear in a flash of light. Since they don’t need to be drawn being removed from the stone, they are often much wider than other weapons
3: Weapons usually have a symbolic connection to their user, such as Ruby thinking with her fists, Steven wanting to protect, or wild amethyst having the weapon of a beast-tamer

Okay, let’s begin!

Yellow Diamond: Sword

This one shouldn’t be surprising. Swords are the oldest symbol we have of warfare. It also forms a sharp contrast against Steven’s shield. The sky arena even features a statue who some believe to be Yellow Diamond.

Interestingly enough, in the tarot suits and modern western mysticism, the swords are often a material symbol of elemental fire, and are used in place of an easily extinguished candle or as a ritual implement. Yellow Diamond herself seems to employ exclusively hot-head, and her mural in the Pyramid Temple shows her wreathed in a heraldic sun.

Blue Diamond: [Bottomless] Goblet of corruption

In The Arabian/1001 Nights, sorceresses were frequently depicted transfiguring hapless victims into beasts by splashing them with water from a chalice of crystal or silver. This is possibly an intentional reference on the part of the SU crew and would likely function in a similar manner.

Given her three motifs of water, fantasy and arabia, it seems natural that a goblet would be Blue Diamond’s weapon. Her supposed mural in the pyramid temple shows her bending water and ice in the same manner as Lapis, and a bottomless goblet would give her a limitless supply to work with

Just as swords are used as symbols of fire in tarot and mysticism, ornate goblets serve the same purpose for water, usually containing holy water, rose water, or wine

Pink Diamond: Pentacle Coin

Admittedly speaking, the evidence for Pink and White Diamond’s weapons is going to be a bit less concrete than the others seeing as we have yet to even see them in person, but we do have at least some evidence to go off of with PD.

Just as YD and BD were associated with Fire and Water, Pink Diamond is connected to elemental earth, both through her ownership of the earth and her servant Rose’s plant manipulation. In wicca and tarot, the element of earth is often represented with a pentacle, a five-pointed star, etched onto a coin or pendant made of metal.

Oddly enough, the crystal gems who were once part of PD’s court now use the pentacle as their insignia, which may be sort of a trophy.

How the coin would work however is anyones’s guess.

White Diamond: Wand

Given the fanon that White Diamond is connected to technology, it may seem weird to say that WD’s weapon is a wand, but once again I’m returning to the wicca and tarot motif which has seemed to align with the evidence and motifs for the other diamonds. As you may have guessed, the wand is often the symbol for air in these mystic practices, though it sometimes swaps elements with the sword and fire. 

While White diamond’s only connection to elemental air seems to be through the pigeon-hole principal, all suspected members of the white court, including Pearl and the Pyramid Gem have had a strong thematic connection to light, and as fellow homestuck fans know, light, wands and science really are compatible

That said, it’s not clear if anyone on the crew besides Lauren Zuke are homestuck fans.

Blue Pearl: Stiletto

Blue Pearl’s given her slavery to a monarch, her sheer outfit and arabian theme, I think it’s safe to say that Blue Pearl is meant to resemble a concubine (here comes the hate mail) despite the fact that gems don’t technically have sex.

History and fiction are littered with tales of concubines and sex slaves taking up a stiletto and using it to cut the throats of their abusive masters while they sleep. We know little of Blue Pearl’s personality, but if her expression is anything to go by, she is not happy being the toy of a vile queen.

Yellow Pearl: Letter Opener

Whereas Blue Pearl may wield a knife made for regicide, Yellow Pearl would be armed with something a bit more suitable for the life that’s been forced upon her. Introduced answering her master’s phone in a nasally 1950′s accent, I think it was the intention of the writers to depict Yellow Pearl as more of a secretary than a sex slave. While I doubt homeworld uses paper envelopes, they do still use melee weapons and a sharp letter opener is lethal in the wrong hands

Doc: Breastplate

When I first started writing this theory, I originally thought Doc would get a revolver, for no reason other than a dirty harry reference (Did I fire six shots or just five?). That said, the Ruby crew were sent as a group for a reason: Rubies are relatively weak soldier intended to be fused together in order to fight, hence why they are always deployed in groups. With that in mind it stands to reason given their large numbers that the five rubies would be deployed with compatible weapons in mind.

In this case. Doc would come armed with a chestplate, and her companion rubies would fill out the suit (except for Eyeball, who provides the actual weapon)

(Also, in retrospect Xiaolin Showdown was really goddamn racist)

Army and “Shouldy”: [Spiked] Pauldrons

Given her brutish personality, I originally thought that Army would wield a club. However, with the new armor model in mind, spiked pauldrons make more sense, and would allow her to bull-rush her enemies.

One of Ruby’s old teammates, “Shouldy” likely has the same weapon, although in her case, the pauldron would be on the opposite shoulder. Given that two rubies would need to be added to the Ruby squad in order for them to complete the 7 Dwarves motif, I don’t have an issue with adding “Shouldy” and “Handy” to the Ruby Squad Group

Leggy: Boots or Thigh Plates

Given her gem location and anxious depiction in Hit The Diamond I can’t imagine Leggey with anything other than a weapon that would let her run away. Given that Garnet and presumably Ruby’s gauntlets can fire off like rockets, I can imagine Leggy’s boot would allow her to fly around. Of course without a second boot it probably wouldn’t be possible for her to steer, but for the sake of our entertainment let’s hope she doesn’t realize that

Of the original ruby armor set I envisioned, Leggy having a boot is the only one I felt certain about. However, given her gem location it’s still very much possible that she would have a thigh plate, however, this is conditional on what weapon Navy comes armed with

Navy: Tasset or Shield

While shorts may be comfy and easy to wear, shorts made of plate steel are not. The tasset on the other hand was a more convenient protective garment. Roughly speaking it’s a skirt made of interlocking plates of metal. Given that Navy is the most feminine of the Ruby squad, I don’t think she’d have a problem wearing an armored skirt, one which would likely come up to her navel due to the given how small her torso is relative to her gemstone. In this case, Leggy would have the boots

Alternatively, Ruby could have a shield like Steven or Rose, with whom she shares her gem placement. Given her non-violent nature this is possible, but I personally like the skirt better

EDIT: I forgot to mention. The Navy above was not my own drawing. Oddly enough, a fellow fan had the same idea today, but they are a much better artist than me.

“Handy”: Gauntlet[s]

Like Ruby, he old teammate with gem on the back of her hand would likely have a gauntlet as her weapon, albeit with a gap on the back for her gemstone.

With the the seven rubies combined, the resulting septaruby would be armored shoulders to toe, with Eyeball providing the sole weapon. As an added bonus, on the off chance Jasper is uncorrupted and redeemed, she herself could easily end up leading the ruby squad given their respect for her, with her helmet topping the fusion off.

Interestingly enough, this fusion would also be compatible with our own Ruby, whose gauntlets would complete the set.


I have nothing for this cosplay right now but I couldn’t help doing a makeup test anyway, ,, oops