pink gwen is my favorite gwen

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Hey u watch camp camp right What do u think of a headcanon where Gwen is a closeted lesbian :0c (my headcanon lol, closeted lesbian Gwen is my favorite) (Also it's cool if you don't headcanon this I'm not trying to get you to headcanon it or anything, I was just curious about your opinions on it lol)

oooooooh. it’s a nice headcannon. I like it! ok but what if she had a small crush on bonquisha (and was internally just like “HOW could you let someone like HER get away?!” when she heard david and her broke up.)

oh! what if max ended up finding out about it and once she finds he now knows she’s like “*sigh* okay. so what do I gotta do to let you keep this a secret?” and max is like “what? oh, no, you don’t have to do anything. this shits kinda personal. mr. honeynuts was a different circumstances. besides, I’m not a monster, someone who’d keep this shit over your head. though…your tastes in these playboy magazines is kinda-” gwen takes the magazine away from him and is like “I didn’t ask for your opinion on my tastes now get out!”

oh but what if david found out and wants to throw a coming out party! but once she tells (threatens) him to keep it quiet he decides not to. but it’s kinda hard for him to keep a secret so something probably happens that causes him to confess it to the kids. none of them are surprised and ered just gives her a thumbs up saying “nice.”

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The only female singer/song writer I'd put before Gwen would probably be Linda Perry. She's wrote and arranged hits from Pink to Xtina. I love Gwen but being fair to all I would go Linda Perry. Kim Deal is really good, Gwen is better than her but she deserved a nod. She's in the Pixies and she started the band called the Breeders. They are known for the song Cannonball.

I am very familiar with Linda Perry and Kim Deal. Gwen Stefani still tops them both for me because she managed to write huge hits for herself as part of No Doubt and as a solo artist, in two different genres. We haven’t even really seen Gwen move into the songwriting for others role like Linda has.

Linda’s work with Pink is some of my favorite stuff and her work with Christina are really the only Christina songs I like, besides Just a Fool, which she cut with Blake and was actually suppose to go to Pink.

I would also add Stevie Nicks to your list. Her Fleetwood Mac songs are amazing and then her solo songs (the whole Bella Donna album for starters) are equally amazing. Joni Mitchell should get a nod for brutal honesty. And since you got me started Melissa Auf de Maur, Emily Saliers, Louise Post, and Amy Ray would make my list. I’m a music geek.

Gwennie Gwen Gwen still earns the top spot for me.

- B

For the love of God I forgot Dolly! I love Dolly’s songwriting! - B

Don’t forget Regina Spektor and Jenny Lewis! -L

Awesome additions! - B