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Down the Rabbit Hole (pt. 7)

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Choco leads Host and Amy to a supply shed tucked away in one corner of the palace’s courtyard where extra servant uniforms are stored. The two of them quickly change out of their bloodied clothes and into the black and red uniforms of a maid and a footman. Once they’re in disguise, Choco takes them to a servants’ entrance where they can slip inside undetected. “The holding cells for prisoners are on the very bottom floor,” the dog tells them, sitting down and panting at them.

“Thank you, Choco,” Amy says, giving the dog one last scratch behind her giant, floppy ears. “With luck, we’ll be back at this entrance by dawn.”

She and Host slip through the door, closing it quietly behind them.

They find themselves within the store room of the palace kitchen. Tons of food on great, wooden shelves stretch up to the ceiling, and Amy has to resist the urge to grab an apple or something to quiet her grumbling stomach. The Host presses forward. He had to leave his cane behind, so instead, he uses his hands to navigate, sweeping them out before him.

Amy takes one of the hands and tucks his arm under hers. “Stay close behind, and don’t make a peep. If we run into anybody, let me explain.” Together they duck through the kitchens. No one is up yet, but dawn is fast approaching. Amy knows that the servants will be up soon, and she’d hate to come so close only to fail.

“Here’s a staircase leading down. Put your hand on the rail and don’t let go of me.” Amy puts one of Host’s hands on the railing and another on her shoulder as she leads him down into the darkness. Fortunately, it seems the kitchens are just above the dungeon. Unfortunately, there is a Google guard posted at the entrance.

There’s not enough time to turn back. He’s already seen them, so Amy strides forward as if she’s perfectly well meant to be here. “We’ve been sent to prep the prisoner.”

The Google raises an eyebrow and studies the two of them carefully. “Oh, really?”

Amy opens her mouth to respond, but realizes that she has absolutely no idea what to say. The Host jumps in quickly, however, with, “The King wants this to be a special occasion. This is his rebellious brother, after all, Enemy Number One in all of Underland. It only makes sense that the King would like there to be a bit more pomp and circumstance around this execution.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right,” the red Google says, leaning in to glare directly into Amy’s eyes. “But someone has already come to take the prisoner. I’m afraid your little rescue party is too late.”


The drum roll echoes like thunder in Wilford’s head as he’s led through the dark tunnel into the breaking light of dawn in the castle’s execution yard. A crowd has gathered, or rather one has been gathered, probably from the nearby towns to watch the gruesome display. Dark is seated on a balcony, overlooking the yard, with Anti on his right and Google Blue on his left, but Wilford does not spare the trio a glance as he walks over to the block.

The executioner stands a few feet away, sharpening his cruel blade as Wilford draws near. He stands before the block, looking down the hole just beyond to where the river of blood flows slowly beneath. Warfstache turns his face upwards to where Dark is looking down at him with grim impatience. The drum roll stops, and Dark stands regally.

“Citizens of Underland, we have gathered on this day to witness the death of an enemy of our great kingdom, a man who has instigated chaos and rebellion wherever he goes. Let it be known from this day forward that no citizen, not even a brother of the King, may stand in opposition to our laws.” Dark smiles brutally down at his brother. “Does the prisoner have any last words?”

Wilford grins, wiggles his pink mustache up at Dark, and with a shrug says, in his silly drawl, “It was an accident, I swear!”

Dark turns up his nose at Warfstache and seats himself once more. “Executioner?” The man in the black hood nods to the King, raising the ax onto his shoulder. He grabs Wilford and forces him into a kneeling position, setting his neck on the block, hat still perched atop his pink hair. “Off with his head!”

The executioner hefts the ax above his head, and swings down with a mighty, echoing, “Poof!” And everything goes pink.

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Newt Scamander x Reader

Warnings: swearing

Requested by Anon

He meets her by accident.

One sunny September Thursday, Newt Scamander devours himself in a book about thunderbirds, sat comfortably in a lemon-colored armchair. The autumn sun shines onto the faded pages of the book perched on his lap, one of his hands resting in his disheveled chestnut hair.

The Hufflepuff common room surrounds him as he reads - full of plants and shades of yellow. Newt quite enjoys the comfort of the place, the stillness of it. It puts him at ease.

After he goes to fetch a glass of water, he returns to find a girl in his seat.

Her hair frames her face as she peers down at the book Newt had been reading, now folded in between her fingers. He tilts his head, stares at her - unsure of what to do. When she seems to completely zone out her surroundings and continue to read, Newt lightly clears his throat, tugging on his yellow-striped tie.

She finally glances up, hesitates. Her lips part before she asks, “Were you sitting here?”

He nods, clutching the glass of water in his hand and rocking onto his heels. “Yeah,” he breathes.

“I’m so sorry,” she says, standing up and placing the book back on the table, exactly where Newt had left it. “I thought someone just left the book here and forgot about it.”

“It’s okay,” he replies, not moving from where he stands, feet feeling pasted to the hardwood floors. His chest tightens as he comes to the realization that she had been interested in the same book as him. 

He immediately wants to know everything about her - devour her thoughts and memorize her intuitions. Newt could instantly see being close friends with her, maybe more if -

She walks away before he could mutter another word.

But not before offering him a friendly grin.

He learns her name a week later. 

As Newt readies his cauldron in Potions class, he hears the unmistakable screech of the door’s hinges. He glances up, swears his heart skips a beat as she saunters in, blowing a strand of hair out of her face and clutching her books to her chest.

Newt can’t seem to tear his eyes away. Not when there’s a lump in his throat and the girl that had been living in the back of his mind for the past week is now standing in front of him.

The professor welcomes her, explains how she switched classes and Newt tries to hide the tug of a smile on his lips as he hears her name. Y/N. He decides that it suits her.

He’s not prepared when the professor tells her to sit next to him.

“Hi,” she says, setting her books down and getting settled on the wobbly stool.

He swallows the anxiety in his throat, wipes a sweaty palm on his pants as she finally turns to him, searches his face with her wide eyes.

He doesn’t expect her to recognize him. He’s good at blending into the background, and she doesn’t seem like she would -

“You’re the thunderbird guy,” she states - doesn’t ask. Newt grins.

“Yeah,” he says. “I’m Newt.”

A smile curves onto her pink lips. “Y/N,” she repeats, but the name had already been circling his head since he had first heard it.

He inhales and hopes that this could be the start of something.

Autumn flies by like a murder of crows and Newt is forced to face the fact that he’s too fucking timid to admit how she makes him feel.

Because he gets a knot in his stomach every time her eyes meet his. Because his name sounds like a melody when it rolls off her tongue. Because her smile is infectious, and Newt can’t look at it without mirroring a grin.

Because she’s too good for him, and he knows it.

In his eyes, she’s that moment right before the sun goes down, when the sky is tinted pink and everything seems to be at ease. Y/N’s all the colors of a painting all at once, vibrant and beautiful.

And what is he? The bland, black sky of the night. The beige wall next to a work of art.

At least, that’s how he sees it.

When winter arrives, the hopelessness sets up camp in Newt’s chest. 

As the snowflakes hit the windowsill, he curses himself for being so damn shy. If he were more outgoing, Merlin knows what the two of them could have been.

Well, if she returned his feelings.

It’s the night before Christmas Eve when he decides to do it. The party, the following night, in the common room - he was going to do it.

He was finally going to kiss her.

He figures that a mistletoe would be the perfect excuse, push, to do it. Because if he doesn’t do it now, he never will - and he’s not willing to take that chance.

Newt clutches onto the cup of spiked pumpkin juice so tightly, that his fingers turn pale. His lips haven’t touched the drink, because he wants - no, needs - to be sober when it happens; if it happens.

The Hufflepuff common room walls are strung with lights, the smell of peppermint in the air. Newt watches Y/N from across the room, her lips caught in a laugh as she talks among her friends, hair tucked behind one ear and creases bordering her soft eyes.

When her friends dispatch, he takes his chance. 

Newt tentatively glances at the mistletoe, perched over the punch bowl, as he walks over to her, quickly running a hand through his light brown hair.

“Y/N,” he says, more of a plea than anything else.

“Newt,” she replies, smiling up at the lanky boy. “Hi.”

“Hi,” he repeats, heart rate skyrocketing. “I’m a little thirsty. Do you want to get some punch?”

The corners of her lips tug upwards even more, and she raises an eyebrow. “What about that pumpkin juice?” she asks, glancing down at the cup in his hand before meeting his eyes again.

“Oh,” he said, chuckling to cover up the shakiness in his voice. “I - uh, actually, it tastes like rubbish.”

Y/N laughs. Newt wishes he could trap that sound in a jar and keep it forever.

“Yeah, I’ll have some punch,” she says, the laughter still lingering in her eyes, smile still plastered on her lips. 

Newt nods excessively. “Okay,” he breathes, before they walk over to the punch bowl, the mistletoe looming over him like a dark cloud. His chest aches as he pours her a cup of the beverage, the redness of the liquid only reminding him of the pinkness of her lips and oh, how he wants to feel them move against his.

“Thanks,” she whispers, pretending not to notice the trembling of Newt’s fingers as he cautiously slips the cup into her hand.

He pours a cup for himself, sipping it as he attempts (and fails) to suavely lean on the table with his left hand.

She stifles a laugh by taking a sip, feeling the tart juice on her tastebuds. 

“You know,” he says, running his tongue over his lips. “This plant here, mistletoe - in muggle tradition, people kiss underneath it.”

“Hmm,” Y/N says, glancing up at the plant, well aware of its significance. “Are you sure that’s not oregano?” she teases, a smirk splattered across her mouth. 

She places her cup down on the table as Newt stutters, “W-What-”

And then she’s kissing him.

Newt Scamander is flustered as hell, because he wasn’t prepared, no, nothing could have prepared him for that.

His body freezes, and he struggles to put down his punch so he can touch her, because, Merlin, all he had wanted to do was touch her.

It’s not what he had expected; it’s better.

Because she tastes like fruit punch and opportunity. Pounding hearts and new beginnings. His hands travel from her face to her waist and back again, as if he wanted to memorize every bend in her body.

But he can’t deny that his hands are shaking as he kisses her back - and it’s what he imagines clouds would taste like. He’s up in the air, traveling higher with each intake of breath and he doesn’t ever want to come down.

He has a feeling she doesn’t, either.


Request: Can you do a Bucky X reader with knife play?

Word Count: 3318

Warnings: smut, knifeplay, bloodplay, Bucky choking you and slight daddy kink

A/N: I went a little crazy with this request but oh well!

Originally posted by joseph-castellanos

Bucky eyes were dark, his pupils dilated with lust as he stared long and hard at you. He had you laid flat on the bed on the bed, your legs spread wide open so that he had a good view of your soaking wet pussy. Your nipples were erect pointing up towards the ceiling as Bucky palmed himself through his trousers. He was clad in his Winter Soldier uniform because you couldn’t deny just how incredibly sexy he looked in it. His metal fingers brushed up and down your thigh teasingly as his metal arm stayed glued to his side. You wanted nothing more than him to touch you with it, your skin was on fire arousal taking over and you sought after the cold touch of his metal arm. He knew it but god did he love to watch you squirm as your hungry eyes travelled over his body. Bucky never looked sexier, his long hair hung low over his face as his sculpted chest was brought out by his uniform and his metal arm shone brightly in the low lighting of your bedroom.

“You look so beautiful like this babygirl.” Bucky admired as you let out a soft moan at his comment. He gave you that smirk that made your limbs turn to jelly, and your chest heaved upwards making your stiff nipples more prominent than ever. Bucky’s eyes, of course, settled on your perky nipples and without even thinking about his hand left your thigh and he moved so that he was situated by the upper half of your body. Both of his hand immediately went to your nipples pinching and plucking them eliciting all types of moans and groans from you. Listening to you moan made Bucky even harder than he already was, he had no doubt his cock was red, straining and leaking with precum.

His lips dropped to your ear biting the flesh and the skin being pulled in between his teeth as gave your nipples their much-needed attention. He was so close to you he could hear your sharp intakes and shallow breaths and fuck it turned him on just how of an effect he had on you and the hold he had over you. “Bucky please.” You whined hopelessly as sucked harshly on your earlobe. You could almost feel him smirking against your neck as you said this, it made his cock twitch in arousal as you begged for his touch, begged for him. He knew you could beg so much prettier but he knew that would come later when his cock was buried deep inside of your slick cunt.

“What do you want babygirl” Bucky asked as you teeth raked over your bottom lip tugging at the now swollen flesh in efforts to stifle a moan of Bucky’s name. You looked at him your face flush and your lips were swollen and wrecked, Bucky was to blame not that either of you cared.

You said nothing looking down at the holster on his thigh where his knives and daggers lay waiting to be dragged harshly across your skin. Bucky’s lips twitched into a devious smirk as he watched your gaze trail down to his the knives that lay hidden in the holster. Bucky had no qualms about what you desired because he fucking loved it when you let him mark you with the blade. You looked so beautifully wrecked as he did so and he certainly wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.

You whined as he said nothing and did nothing because you wanted him so badly. “Shh… babygirl daddy’s gonna take care of you.” Bucky cooed running his hand through your wild hair. You nodded turning your head to the side slightly and licking the curve of his hand, you were desperate and Bucky could tell the way your slick pooled on the bed sheets. You wanted it badly just as much as he did.

“First let me have a look baby. Let me see how wet you are.” Bucky said and you nodded eagerly for his hot mouth on you because up to now his touch had been few and far between. Before Bucky settled himself in between your legs he leaned down and pressed a scorching kiss to your lips. You kissed him with hunger and passion, you bit down on his bottom lip as you felt the blade of his knife trail down your chest and then down your stomach. You hadn’t even seen or felt him get it out but yet there it was, the cold steel raking over your naked body as you moaned into the kiss. You deepened the kiss and the next thing you knew your lips were parted and Bucky’s writhing tongue slid past them using the same moves with his tongues that he would use seconds later on your pussy that was aching for him. Bucky had to pull back before he lost track of himself, he gathered his composure before making his way further down the bed. The knife left your skin making you whimper, Bucky shushed you reassuring you that you both were going to get what you wanted.

His eyes locked with your soaking wet pussy and fuck were you wet, your slick was trickling down your thighs and onto the sheets below you. “Somedays I wonder how you get so fucking wet baby because you are soaked.” Bucky exclaimed making you moan his name, he smirked against your thighs letting the tip of the blade touch your skin.

“Open your legs wider baby let me see you.” Bucky said and you complied spreading your legs further apart so that he could get a better view. Bucky didn’t even think twice as lapped up your juices on his tongue, he started on you thigh consuming all drops of you that cascaded down to your leg.

“You taste like candy babygirl. So fucking sweet.” Bucky said as he gripped your thighs delving right in. His mouth his was pressed harshly against your clit, his hot breath making you arch your back involuntarily. His tongue instantly made a move swiping across your wet folds gathering all your slick on his tongue as possible. He used all of that wetness as he pressed his tongue to your swollen clit making you whimper uncontrollably. He worked your sensitive nub with his tongue that just ravaged you as you trembled and quaked, your knuckles going white as you balled fists in the sheets of your bed. He was relentless and he devoured you with all his might because God does Bucky love to eat you out and he always does it in a primal way as soon as he hears you started to moan. You couldn’t resist the urge to buck your hips forwards into his face, he didn’t flinch at all because Bucky was expecting this and fuck does he love it when you do that.

You were on edge and Bucky could tell but that didn’t stop him as he continued to lick away at your pussy. Your mouth spewed his name over and over like a mantra because the only thing on your mind was Bucky and what he was doing to you. He lapped at your clit so expertly and you felt your whole body going limp as he the knife pierced the flesh of your thigh as he continued to eat you out. You let out a loud shrill scream as the pain mixed with the pleasure kicked in and you know you’re fucked as the Bucky drags the blade in a straight line on the inside of your thigh. His spare hand, the metal hand came up to your breasts taking it in turns to knead them softly. You couldn’t form any words so the only sounds that passed your pink and immensely wrecked lips were moans and screams. Everything went white as Bucky continued to devoured you through your orgasm. Once you were calm Bucky pulled his mouth away from your cunt and then in an instant his mouth was on your thighs lapping up your blood. He had the knife gripped in his hand as he tongued swiped at your blood laced thighs that not long ago were covered in your wetness. Bucky could still taste some of the remnants of your slick and mixed with your blood, you tasted fucking divine he could do it all day and he would.

The blade dug into your flesh again this time harsher making you moan as the pleasure of your orgasm that still hadn’t washed away kicked in. “Baby you gotta be still for me okay babygirl.” Bucky said as you whimpered and squirmed under him. You nodded and he pinched your nipple in appreciation.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard don’t worry babygirl I’ve got you.” Bucky said and you nodded frantically making him chuckle. He brought his flesh finger to the open wound he had just created, he coated a finger in your blood bringing it his lips and sucking it harshly so that a ‘pop’ noise could be heard. It made you even wetter than you were to watch him do this and you could feel some slick dripping down your thigh. Bucky watched it with interest, he watched it mix with your slick and then he delved in licking your thighs clean as he dragged the knife over your calves.

“Babygirl do you wanna taste?” Bucky asked and you nodded knowing exactly what he was talking about. He raked the blade over his wrist, he brought his metal finger to the cut soaking it in blood before bringing it to your lips. You took it with ease as his finger hit the back of your throat making you stifle a gag. Bucky slowly finger fucked you as he simultaneously undid his trousers with his flesh hand. He wanted to fuck you so hard you would collapse as he watched you slurp down every inch of his blood coated finger like you did last night with his hard cock. When Bucky finally was free from his trousers he almost lets out a cry of victory because his cock had been straining against them painfully as he watched you writhe under him.

He was not wearing any underwear because he knew he was going to fuck you that night and he didn’t want to waste any time because he couldn’t wait not with you sucking his finger like you would to his cock that slapped against his lower torso as his trousers fell around his ankles. He retracted his finger from your mouth regretting as he does so but then he looks at your lips smeared with his blood and his cock goes instantly hard as he sees this. “Daddy please.” You breathed out, your breaths were ragged and heavy.

“Be a goodgirl and lie back babygirl.” Bucky said stroking his cock, your eyes settled on his huge length and you licked your wrecked lips as you lied back for Bucky like the good girl he knew you were. Bucky removed his top and you watched with eager eyes as he did so, once he was fully naked you moaned softly at the thought of what was to come.

Bucky grabbed the knife before he climbed up your body, he positioned himself so that he was aligned with your entrance. You looked at him with pleading eyes and that was all it took for Bucky to push in with ease at your soaked entrance. He stretched you and fuck did he want to wait to give you time to adjust but then you grabbed the knife out of your hand cutting your collar bone and making the blood trickle down onto your breasts. Bucky watched letting out a deep grunt as you did this and then he couldn’t hold back from moving and fucking you senseless. Bucky’s mouth went straight to your blood laced breasts licking way the blood-red path it had left, the taste was familiar and boy did Bucky love the taste of you - all of you. You moaned arching your back giving better access he rewarded you by slamming into you with so much force you were convinced you wouldn’t be able to walk for a week.

“You’re so fucking tight babygirl. You feel so good wrapped around my cock.” Bucky exclaimed against your chest as his tongue swiped away any excess blood on your chest.

The knife was abandoned when his metal hand came around your neck, he wrapped it tightly around your neck choking you. You moaned as he did this because Bucky choking you was one of the hottest things ever combined by the way he was mercilessly pounding into as if your life depended on it (which in the heat of the moment it did.) With each forceful thrust Bucky couldn’t help but grunt as he fucked you hard and fast the way he preferred because the way moans spewed from your lips ever two seconds made arousal consume him. He fucked you as fast as he could to hear those moans because he could listen to you all day. Your breasts bounced up and down each time that he slammed into you, it was a glorious sight to behold and Bucky was glad he was the only person that got to see it (that and the blood that was scattered across your chest as if it was a crime scene.)

“Babygirl fuck!” Bucky groaned pushing into you with force making your head lull back and your hand come up to Bucky’s hand on your neck pushing it further down on your throat. Bucky growled at this, it was primal and animalistic but like he fucking cared because you sure as hell didn’t. You continued to moan as he choked you and fucked you until the point you were your bed would collapse under you.

Bucky watched you intently as he fucked you, his eyes never left yours because fuck did you look beautiful, beautifully wrecked. As much as he loved to look at you he also wanted to fuck you from behind because he loved the way he could hold your ass in his hands and tug on your hair. Bucky didn’t think twice about it as he pulled out of you making you whimper in loss. “On your back babygirl ass up.” Bucky commanded as he gave his weeping cock a few pumps. Your eyes lingered on him for a moment until Bucky’s hand came down on your ass spanking you. You shrieked in response to the unexpected blow.

“On you back ass up I won’t ask again babygirl.” Bucky said his voice dark, you did quickly what he said. When you did his hand were immediately on your ass kneading the flesh with his large hands. He pushed between the wet lips of your pussy before moving again, pulling you down onto his thrust by grabbing a handful of your ass. He loved it when he fucked you like this because your ass just looked exquisite waiting for him and his calloused hands. One of his hands went into your hair pulling into a makeshift ponytail so that it was easier for him to tug on. He pounded into your harder and faster than ever and he did he couldn’t refrain himself from tugging hard on your hair making your head lean back and you could see through the hoods of your eyes.

“I love fucking you like this, you know that?” Bucky asked and you couldn’t function let alone think of an answer so instead you moaned and whimpered. Bucky chuckled at your response as he slammed into you so hard your whole body jerked upwards. “Fuck babygirl!” Bucky exclaimed through a growl as he tugged harder on your hair making you let out a high-pitched moan bordering on a scream. He brought your hips down onto his effortlessly matching his thrusts that were rough and hard to be described as just mere 'thrusts’ because what he was doing to you was so much better than that. Making love could never compare to what Bucky was giving you in this moment in time.

Bucky continued to tug harder on your hair and grabbed your ass bringing you down on to his harsh thrusts that were more him slamming into you than anything. You knew your second orgasm was near it didn’t take a genius to work that one out. You were trembling, struggling to hold yourself up as Bucky pounded you with all of his super soldier strength. Bucky could tell you were close and it only spurred him on because fuck how he loved to hear your soft moans as you calmed down from your orgasm and plus you looked fucking beautiful as you came hard and fast. Bucky sped up his pace giving you everything he had and more, “You close babygirl?” Bucky asked and you had to take a minute for your brain to register what he was saying. Before you could even speak Bucky reprimanded you for not answering with a swift smack to both of your ass cheeks. You moaned distinctively at the burning sensation, you had no doubt that you had bright red handprints adorned across your cheeks because of his hard and harsh blows.

“Yes.” You somehow managed to breathe out, Bucky nibbled your hip in appreciation for you answering his question. You moaned profusely as Bucky continued to fuck you from behind, tugging harder and harder on your hair with each thrust. You loved it when he did that and it felt so good as he slammed into from behind with such might you would surely collapse as you reached your climax. You were on the cusp of your orgasm and you were so close, painstakingly close to it. Bucky was relentless in his mission to get you there he wouldn’t dare stop until he felt your walls clench around his cock and you came so hard your breath was taken away.

You felt that familiar knot in your stomach coil itself and you knew you were close, so close. Bucky kept fucking you so harshly you were sure it would only be a matter of seconds till you were panting mess collapsed on the floor. “You gonna come babygirl?” Bucky asked you as your whole body shook as Bucky pounded into you. You sobbed into the sheets shaking your head frantically.

“Babygirl you gotta calm down daddy’s got you baby. Daddy’s got you.” Bucky reassured and reiterated. You nodded trying your hardest but you were so close it hurt, Bucky stroked your hair as he got you closer to the edge to the point you were teetering off of it.

“Babygirl go ahead and come for daddy.” Bucky said as he heard you attempt to speak to ask for permission to come. You thanked him through sobs as Bucky slammed into you the thrust that made your body go weak, no strength at all left in you. Bucky continued to fuck you as you tried your hardest to calm down from your orgasm. He watched you envious of the state you were in and god did he want to get there. He was studying you like those who study nature, intently and with no distraction. Watching you orgasm was one of his many favourite things because you looked so beautiful and he loved all the little soft moans and whimpers that fell from your plump pink lips as he continued to give you waves of pleasure as he fucked you. Bucky came with a loud grunt, his hot seed filling you up to the brim. He gave himself time to calm down and when he did he pulled out of you making you whimper slightly but it was muffled by his mouth on your’s giving you a soaring kiss.

starguardian-jiae  asked:

5. Favourite colour?

blue , but also red

and i like green too and purple 

sometimes orange

and pink

yellow is nice 

and grey

black goes with everything 



well honestly i cant tell you what my fav colour is but i can tell you i don’t really like beige 

With recent episodes, this line makes so much more sense. Rose has done a lot of things she isn’t proud of. She regrets what she did to Pink Diamond. Shattering a gem goes against everything she wanted, but she had to do it. It was all she could do, right..? Earth could never be free as long as Pink Diamond was around, right? Then Bismuth happens. She had to bubble away one of her friends, and she couldn’t tell anyone. Not even Bismuth’s friends. She didn’t want to do it, but bismuth left her no choice, right…? Things would go wrong if they followed through with Bismuth’s plan, right? Rose isn’t evil. She’s confused, she had to do things that she always thought was wrong. She questions if it was the right thing to do. She wonders if she really is the good guy. Rose is such a fascinating character, and it’s so cool that we’re starting to go into the grays of morality in this show, and I’m glad that they’re going in this direction with Rose.

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yasminoymak  asked:

What would you consider to be Macs best products of all time?

Oooh tough question!

I’d say

  • Pro Long Wear Concealer (last all day, great coverage, not heavy)
  • Dainty or Warm Soul Mineralized Blushes (most universal flattering shades in my opinion)
  • Mineralized Skinfinish Natural 
  • Plushglass in Ample Pink (mauve shade, goes with everything)
  • Mineralized Skinfish in Lightscapade 
  • Pro Long Wear Lip Pencils
  • Pro Long Wear Waterproof Brow Set/Gel
  • 217 Blending Brush (most universal eyeshadow brush)
  • Any Lipstick (shade really depends on your skin tone and preferences)
  • Eyeshadows in Mulch, Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Charcoal Brown, Swiss Chocolate, Soft Brown, Nylon or Pigments in Melon and Tan

I’d say if you’re thinking about buying some MAC makeup get an eyeshadow, a lipstick, a blush and one or two skin products like a concealer or highlighter to start out with! Most MAC products won’t let you down, they are all pretty reliable!