pink gecko

The cats have delivered three more lizards, all from different species.

I have a question. How much do these goddamn things bang that there are so many stable populations in our backyard? I swear, every day the backyard loses one to six lizards, and yet there is an infinite supply. Some of them are babies, and some are fully grown!

We regularly encounter (read: pry out of cat mouths) the little brown anoles with the dewlaps, the curlytails, the stripey slinky racerunners, and the greenbutt giant ameivas. The big dinosaur knight anoles and small iguanas come by occasionally, and the pink and brindled night geckos are usually fine because the cats don’t go out at night.

How are these things getting into our yard? Why are they getting into our yard? Why is the lizard population not shrinking?

pink-geckos replied to your photo “pink-geckos: So, @killapunk blog inspired me to draw Biker!! The way…”

Hhh I’m so glad that you like this and all!! Like oh m a n, all of your art is lovely and I wish that one day I will maybe learn how to draw as good as you do. Smh your Biker and Jacket heavily influenced my portrayal of these characters ;u; And seeing your art of The Son is something new too - usually I see him drawn as some angry/flirty super masculine dude, but you draw him as an actually wicked and drugged character (in a good way!). Just good lORD

Oh my god well I’m really glad you find me so good! I still have a lot of room to improve, and I think you’re plenty good already! Still, thank you <3

Hahah really!? That’s awesome! I honestly try to give them some sort of depth where I can, to make them seem more like people and less like poster pieces (despite the absurd amount of headshots and waist-ups I draw). The same goes for the Son- I’m not sure if I draw him in a particularly wicked way, but I do enjoy giving him big, deranged smiles just because… Well, because it’s fun! I also try to portray him as having more than one characteristic, like, we already all know he’s got this personality, so why don’t we try and root around a little deeper? 

I like to portray him as someone who, despite being a ruthless and efficient leader, is still a bit of a teenager inside. 

Honestly the best way I can explain my portrayals is by showing you these ;; 


Yay I can hold her! I didn’t want to stress her out, so here are some poorly lit evening photos.

Sakura has the most adorable petite face ever. And she is soooo fat. Her face and nose rubs are almost healed (it’s just her bottom lip now and it’s all fresh and new skin) so she can start dieting. In the meantime, look at that adorable pudge. 

She’s super calm and gentle.