pink gecko


A few months ago I got to babysit Mr Pink for my friend for a few days, he was super cute! He’s a pink hypo smooth knobtail gecko (nephrurus levi levi). Pink isn’t technically a morph in levis, it’s just a line bred trait so we can’t really predict what his hatchlings will be like when he’s paired with our red/orange crosses. Fingers are crossed for a high red female for my male Petrie though 🤞
The last one is Mr Pink next to Petrie, you can see how much brighter & generally fancier Mr Pink is :’)

Lin is pretty much the unofficial caretaker of baby dragons. Not because they need a mentor or parents but because no other dragon would try to eat any creature under her wing.

She’s fine with their company tho.



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The mystery of the barking vermin

So, the past few weeks, Zeppelin has been absolutely VEXED  by something behind the boot rack next to our front door. Sean and I assumed that maybe it was just one of the many small, pink house geckos who got too close to zeps food dish or something…. but the geckos never bothered her before and they have always been there in droves.

However…recently…there haven’t been many house geckos there at all…. just one or two, in contrast to the usual 5 to 10 of em. So…what was Zep getting so fixated about? There was SOMETHING behind that boot rack that she really did not like.

Then just a few minutes ago, while we were observing Zep fixating behind the boot rack again, sean mentioned that earlier, he heard something “bark” at him from behind the rack, like a weird kind of frog croak or something..and that the other geckos in the area all had their tails lifted at it in a threatened posture.

And thats when I figured it out: We have a young tokay gecko living behind our boot rack.

To confirm my suspicions, I poked around with an umbrella (wild tokays are defensive biters, and I didnt want to be poking my fingers around there if I happened to be correct) and–! Lo behold, a dark juvinile twice the size of an adult house gecko darted out from behind the rack and out of sight. Zeppelin zoomed her nose after it, but by the time she caught a glimpse, it was already tucked safely under a pipe, out of reach and out of sight. Now, she is all worked up about it. 

Zep has been up in arms over a juvenile tokay gecko…..

I have a meal worm enclosure (food for Jeffy the scorpion) on that boot rack and I am 500% positive this tokay is here because it has been lifting mealies off me. A criminal.

We will go and get more grubs for it to steal tomorrow…

The cats have delivered three more lizards, all from different species.

I have a question. How much do these goddamn things bang that there are so many stable populations in our backyard? I swear, every day the backyard loses one to six lizards, and yet there is an infinite supply. Some of them are babies, and some are fully grown!

We regularly encounter (read: pry out of cat mouths) the little brown anoles with the dewlaps, the curlytails, the stripey slinky racerunners, and the greenbutt giant ameivas. The big dinosaur knight anoles and small iguanas come by occasionally, and the pink and brindled night geckos are usually fine because the cats don’t go out at night.

How are these things getting into our yard? Why are they getting into our yard? Why is the lizard population not shrinking?