pink gecko


Yay I can hold her! I didn’t want to stress her out, so here are some poorly lit evening photos.

Sakura has the most adorable petite face ever. And she is soooo fat. Her face and nose rubs are almost healed (it’s just her bottom lip now and it’s all fresh and new skin) so she can start dieting. In the meantime, look at that adorable pudge. 

She’s super calm and gentle.

Interviewed people!

These are the species I recruited!!

Rosy boa
South porter King snake
Pastel enchi ball python
Corn snake
Red tail boa
Blood Python
Tex mex King snake
African house snake
Rose hair tarantula
Pink toe tarantula
Leopard gecko
Cane Toad

If anyone has any facts/research on ANY of these please share with me @kaijutegu @witchyfishyfun @scalestails @themost-unsuitable-pet please tag anyone else that could help

Pink-tailed Worm-lizard (Aprasia parapulchella)

…a species of legless gecko (Pygopodidae) which is endemic to a restricted area in Australia. Where it occurs along the Molonglo River, Murrumbidgee River and Mount Taylor in the Australian Capital Territory and two hills near Tarcutta, Bathurst, New South Wales, Bendigo in Victoria. Like other pygopodids, A. parapulchella feeds mostly on insects, specifically ant eggs. Particuarly Iridomyrmex spp. and Rhytidoponera metallica


Animalia-Chordata-Reptilia-Squamata-Gekkota-Pygopodidae-Aprasia-A. parapulchella

Image: Matt