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The Hulk’s Daughter

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Peter Parker x Reader

The Hulk’s Daughter

Warnings: None?

Author: Morgan

Prompt: What about you being like a new avenger (and working in the lab wit father figure Bruce) and you “meet” the others for the first time at the party

Note: I took some creative liberties here…hope you don’t mind. I’ve been in a super Peter Parker mood lately, so, here ya go. Also, I’m not dead, and I think this will serve as the first of like seven-ish fics in what I call: The Morgan Reniassance.

Being a high school student was tough. Being a high school student and a student intern at the Avengers’ Tower? Tougher yet. And being a superhero on top of it all…you didn’t know how the hell you fit in time for homework, but somehow you managed. Luckily for you, it was spring break now, so you kind of had time to chill and catch up on everything you were falling behind on.

“Hey (Y/N), would you mind passing me the file over there?” Bruce Banner, your kind of sort of father figure asked, motioning across your station to a file detailing the new pieces of tech Tony had whipped up in his free time.

“Yep, no prob.” You slid it down to him. He pushed up his glasses and nodded appreciatively. You took a long sip from your mug of coffee. You hadn’t even liked it that much, but it was kind of a necessity in the lab.

“So…” Bruce smirked a little bit. “Tony’s throwing a party tonight.”

“I don’t know if I can go…you know, I have like three packets of Algebra homework to catch up on.”

“He’s not going to take that as an excuse and you know it.”

“Ughhhh, I know.”

“I think he wants you to finally meet Spiderman.”

“Wait.” This changed everything. “Spiderman is going to be there?”

“Little crush, huh?”

“W-what? Pfft, no.” Yes. “There is no way I have a crush on Spiderman.” Yes you did. “That’s ridiculous.” No. It really wasn’t.

“Don’t worry. He’s a nice kid.” Bruce removed a gear from the little bot in his hand with a pair of tweezers and then replaced it. “And I heard he has a little bit of a crush on Galactic Girl, if my sources are right.”

“OhmyGodreally?!” Your eyes glowed pink for the shortest second and you nearly fell off of your stool. “I mean, cool. That’s cool. I guess. Maybe I could meet him. Or something.”

“Okay, but if he breaks your heart, I’ll break him.”

“Okay Dad,” you smirked. He smiled. Dad. A title he never thought he would hold. And yet, here he was with this teenager who had latched onto him. And he couldn’t have been happier.


You walked into the party wearing a pink shirt and galaxy leggings. You had put on more makeup than usual, and you were accompanied by Tony and Bruce, one on each arm.

“And this is Wanda and Pietro and you already know Nat.” Tony introduced. “Ladies and Speedy, meet the newbie.”

“Nice to meet you,” Wanda offered her hand. Pietro smirked, Natasha smiled. You were in awe. You had heard so much about these people, and here they were, dressed in street clothes and making small talk.

“And this is Capsicle and his USO girls.” Tony motioned to Captain America himself, who was standing beside Sam and Bucky.

“Ha. Very funny.” Sam chuckled and shook his head.

“Welcome to the team, (Y/N).” Steve saluted.

“T-thank you.”

“Don’t pass out.” Bruce muttered.

“I’m trying.” You replied through an awestruck smile. And yet, the more people you were introduced to, the more it became obvious that the reason you were here…wasn’t here yet.

“Spider Boy is on his way.” Tony read a message on his phone, and not even thirty seconds later, the red-clad young super hero was clinging to the window. He peered inside for a few seconds before waving awkwardly. Unlike everyone else, he was wearing his uniform.

He climbed into the penthouse, landing on his feet right in front of Tony.

“Sorry I’m late, Mr. Stark. There was a robbery and-”

“Relax, kid. You’re fine.” He motioned to his face. “But uh-”

“Oh. Oh! Right. Sorry.” He tugged off the red mask, releasing a head of tousled brown hair and kind brown eyes. God, he was cute. Waaaaay cuter than you had expected him to be. “You uh, must be the new girl.” He thrust his hand forward. “I’m Peter Man. I mean- Spider Parker. I uh,”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You shook his hand with a grin. “Nice to meet you, Peter.”

“You break her heart, I’ll break you,” Bruce warned with a well-meaning chuckle as he and Tony removed themselves from the conversation.

“So uh, your dad is the Hulk, huh?”

“My adoptive dad, yeah.” You laughed. “He’s awesome. Took me in after I got involved with all of this alien shit. I really don’t know what I’d do without him.” You looked over to Bruce, who was standing at the bar with Tony. “And you’re Tony’s…nephew-ish thing, right?”

“You could say that, yeah.” Peter smiled and chuckled. “I’m um, going to get changed. I swear I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll hold you to that, bug boy.” You smiled. Peter ran off as Nat walked up to you.

“So, you and Parker, huh?”

“What? I just met him.”

“Remember: I know everything.” She winked.

“Right. Of course. How could I forget?”

“Don’t smart mouth me, young lady.” She gave you a playful shove.

“Yes, ma’am.” You playfully shoved her back as Peter walked back into the room, this time wearing a Bill Nye t-shirt with a flannel and some jeans. Somehow, he was even cuter this way. “Here comes your boyfriend.” She walked away before you could retort.

“Much better.” He grinned. You nodded. There was a patch of silence, and then Tony turned on some very loud, very danceable music. Bruce met your eyes and then tilted his head towards the slowly-assembling makeshift dance floor. Peter seemed to get the hint. “Do uh, do you want to dance?”

“S-sure!” You replied. He held out his hand. You stared at it for a second before slipping yours into it.


“So, looks like Parker’s gonna be your son-in-law, huh Brucie?” Nat smirked as she watched you and Peter dance like the dorks you were. It was cute.

“Yeah. He’s a good kid. I’m glad things worked out.”

“Me too. But if he breaks her heart, I’ll break him in half.” Nat smirked.

“You’ll have to get in line.”

I have an aesthetics problem. Here are some casual flight fashions!

Earth: Think practical. Think khaki. Tough things for scrambling around in rocky areas. Good solid boots, tough cargo pants (for carrying all your rock samples and interesting specimens), tough jackets. All in light colours, usually beiges and light browns, to avoid overheating in the beating sun. Hair tied back if longer, usually in a simple and sometimes messy ponytail.

Fire: Tough clothing for working at the forge. Inflammable materials, like tough woollen overalls with a close weave. Hair tied back. Safety goggles at all time! When not at the forge, aesthetic choices can include metal jewellery (handmade, of course), and fabrics that catch the light and glimmer like fire - metal accents, sequins, and organza are all liked by Fire flight because of the way they can imitate a flickering flame. For Fire formalwear, think Katniss Everdeen.

Wind: Breezy and bohemian and fun. Floaty fabrics in bright colours, eccentric combinations of colours, patterns, and materials. Silk scarves as a fashion statement. Hair either loose and tangled, or tied back in braids and buns precisely to avoid it turning into a knotted mess. Light layers to feel the wind. Pastels very much enjoyed, particularly blues, greens, and yellows. Sometimes covered in a fine layer of corgi fur…

Water: Beach babes! Swimming gear, obviously. Sea motif jewellery and accents - shark teeth, shell necklaces. For warm-climate Water flighters, light layers - sundresses, white shirts only partially buttoned up, light cotton shorts. Slip-on canvas shoes, sandals, and flip-flops. For cool-climate Water flighters, waterproof and warm materials - parkas, boots. Wrap up well against cold coastal winds. CROCS.


Lightning: Uniforms. If you’re thinking about what to wear, you’re not working. Nerdy science shirts worn under jumpsuits. Practical hair cuts, especially short wash-and-wear ones.

Ice: Bundled up against the cold. Thick, warm fabrics. Lots of knits and furs. Fur-lined boots and coats. Either very dark (black, dark brown, maroon, navy) or very light (white, cream, light blue) colours, depending on whether you want to stand out against the snow or blend in. Lots of elaborate patterns, especially knitwear and embroidery - lots of time inside during snowstorms means more time to perfect crafts. Hair up in wrapped braids.

Light: Pale colours, especially pale yellows, oranges, and golds, sparkly jewellery that catches and refracts the light, and subtle, ‘classy’ patterns. Clothing is either very simple and elegant - think crisp white button-up shirts and a cream skirt or slacks with a simple gold chain - or elaborate, silky, beautifully-decorated creations. Are you working to find knowledge? Go simple. Are you honouring light? Go elaborate - or go with semi-transparent silk scarves, whatever you want. Either neat, sleek hair styles, or all loose (but only if in good condition!).

Shadow: Goth with a sense of humour. Dark purples, dark reds, blacks, and startling pops of luminescent blue. Stripes and zig-zags. Quirky t-shirts with captions like, “Come to the dark side, we have cookies” and “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour”. Dyed hair is very popular, along with styles like thick straight-cut bangs, undercuts, and mohawks.

Nature: Flower children. Generally practical, natural fabrics like denim and other cottons, canvas, stuff like that. Will most often have a plant motif - floral prints, leaf prints, actual flower crowns. Generally simple, plain fabrics, with less of an emphasis on embroidery and pattern - tending to the plants doesn’t leave a lot of time for careful pattern-making, although it does crop up a lot more around winter. Either tough boots to protect the feet, or completely barefoot.

Plague: Grunge and survival. Ripped, stained, frequently repaired (you can’t just throw out perfectly good clothes just because they get a tear!). More ad-hoc decorations - less, “I’m going to make some earrings”, more “I’m gonna shove this piece of bone through my earlobe and call it good”. Hair cuts that are practical and work well for scavenging for food - generally short and sometimes choppy (who has the time to focus on making sure their hair is neat when you’re looking for your next non-poisonous meal?).

Arcane: Two types of Arcane flighters - the absent-minded professor will wear anything that’s within reach, throwing together patterns and colours without any attempt at co-ordination. When the Arcane flighter does put more care into it, star motifs are a MUST. Lots of pinks and purples. Galaxy-print leggings, pink t-shirts, and silver star jewellery would be a common outfit for Arcane flighters.