pink furry pants

Hi my name is Cecil Gershwin Palmer and I have a deep soothing voice (that’s how I got my job) and I’m not short or tall or thin or fat and a lot of people tell me I look like Kevin from Desert Bluffs (AN: if u don’t know who he is ur better off not knowing!). I’m not related to Carlos the Scientist but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m also a radio host, and I work at Night Vale Community Radio where I’ve been the host for decades (I don’t know how old I am). I’m hip with the kids (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear whatever I want. For example today I was wearing a purple tunic with matching fanny pack and green furry pants, pink cat ears and orange galoshes. I was walking outside the station. It was snowing and raining so there was no moon, which I was very happy about. A lot of hooded figures stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Pharos was beautiful as fuck

Every time I go to write about my experience at Pharos I stop because honestly, it’s like how do I even put it into words. The visuals were crazy, the people were great met a lot of dope people. Shout outs to you Nicole and the whole line squad I lost y'all in the end. My feet were so fucking sore from all the standing and so once I finally got inside the dome there were projectors all around the room and the universe was being projected onto the walls around the dome. Before we went in they locked out phones in these bags but a couple people had cut there’s out once inside and were passing the ripped bag around. Some guy snuck his Tascam in so there’s audio from the first show. I heard them saying he performed three different versions but I listened to the midnight a show in the tent and it was def the same songs but maybe they changed by the day. If you were expecting rapping Bino you would have been highly disappointed because he sang the entire time and that boy’s falsetto was on point the entire night. The music was very funk, jazz, and blues inspired I was def getting D'Angelo and Prince vibes. He wore braids and had individuals braided onto the end of his hair. His outfit was these pink and yellow furry pants and he had tribal paint all over his face that glowed under the lights. He was def in full character he def build a city more like a galaxy inside the globe the visuals danced and changed with the songs there were skeletons and these long-legged monsters. He moaned at us, screamed & growled at us, it was just a great experience and I honestly wasn’t even tripping off my phone I was just enjoying & consuming the music. It is different from anything he’s ever done and how it was presented makes it that much more beautiful. At one point the visuals began falling towards our heads and they were dressed in red and near the end, this giant blue planet grew and grew before bursting over our heads which I assumed to be Pharos. I’m jumping everywhere and this honestly these words ain’t shit compared to the experience but I had to finally write something out. There was also 4 screening of the show Atlanta which was sick, they had food trucks which were hella taxing us and the liquor booth had all we fucked up with them weak ass expensive drinks but real niggas got their liquor in creatively. Them carne asada fries hit though that chipotle Sriracha was fire….“I want you to hit it, hit it and quit it” had the craziest funk sounds and Ludwig on the guitar were killing it that guitar solo was lit and homegirl with the beautiful ass afro on the keys killed as well, like blessing y'all! The harmonies from the background singers on the second song were hella catchy as well. He closed the show with a song about being yourself and following your dreams… “Keep all your dreams keep standing tall, if you’re strong you cannot fall, there is a voice inside us all so smile” …Overall it was dope and I fuck with singing Bino so if you’re a fan of his singing then you’ll love this project ….