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Requested by Anon: Ballerina Lily meets Street Dancer James. read on FF

In other news, this is my 30th jily fanfiction. Congrats to me having no life! 

In ballet, an adagio (uh da zhe-o) is a succession of slow, soft, lyrical and continuous movements.

It was while at his brother’s class at the Potter Contemporary Dance Studio that James first saw the lovely red haired ballerina. She was dressed warmly in thick tights, a woolen company jacket embroidered with pink ballet slippers, and furry boots. Red hair stuck out of a purple knit hat, the red strands matching the blush from the cold wind on her cheeks. James was in the back of the class (Sirius refused to let him at the front claiming it was nepotism) and kept getting flashes of her as she posted the flyer at the front of the classroom. If Sirius spotted her, he made no motion to say hello. She turned to face the group of dancers as quickly as the swooping feeling in his stomach when he saw her smile at the other girl she’d come in with.

The ballerina’s green eyes glanced once more around the classroom and landed on James for a few seconds. She offered him a smile before she and her brunette friend left the dance room. James tripped slightly, catching himself and fixing his movements from unyielding to flowing. Sirius shouted at James not to miss his steps and James allowed himself to focus on his ending rotation so as to keep Sirius off his arse.

As soon as the music was off and Sirius’ class was dismissed, James quietly walked over to where the girl had stood taping a poster to Sirius’ wall of motivation. It was covered in various flyers, posters from Broadway musicals, and pictures of past students. James found the flyer right next to the picture of Sirius and James in their mum’s production of The Sound of Music when they were eight years old. It was a bright orange flyer with a swan at the top, promoting Levinstown Ballet’s tryouts for Swan Lake.

“What were the pointes doing in here?”

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theasylum-ler  asked:

twas a cold evening, the snow fluttered outside in the streets, the light from posts glowed off the snow, making a sort of twilight like light. Sylum sat on his doorstep, coat on to keep him warm, taking in the winter air after bring cooped up for so long.

*walks to her door, a bag in hand and wearing her green sweater with the fur line trim and pink furry snow boots. She jumbled with her keys, dropping them at her feet. Usually she would have no problem but the paper bag she was holding was a large full bag*
*bell bleated from the other side of the door*
Yeah yeah girl hold on….