pink fungi


There’s an Etsy shop called Forest Organics that specializes in mushroom spawn and kits for cultivating your own mushrooms. I want to buy one for myself but I can’t decide between the glow-in-the-dark species, or the pink oysters. They’re both so beautiful. *swoon

*disclaimer: photos are not my own


Stunning Fungi Photoset by Steve Axford. 1 of 6.
Stumbled across this stunning photographer called Steve Axford. Due to the image sizing and number of images I’ve split them into six, two image posts and will upload them over the next few days.

His work is truly gorgeous and so are the specimens he found. I unfortunately have to admit I have no idea what a lot of these are and so will be browsing through books to see what I can find.

These were so gorgeous I had to share them with you all and I hope you adore them as much as I did.

Please visit his website to see more of his work.


Rosa Rettichhelmling (Mycena rosea) by K. Günter Sturm


A Galaxy Far, Far Away[39/∞] Ithor (requested by @cosmicjourney1995)

A jungle planet in the Mid-Rim, homeworld of the Ithorian species (against whom the Imperial stormtroopers were particularly xenophobic, having labeled them with derogatory nicknames). The Ithorians considered the vast jungles of their planet to be sacred; distinctive flora included dense n'lor trees, predatory johinuu trees, and edible blue and pink fungi. Life on Ithor revolved around philosophy and gardening – but Ithorian bounty hunters were some of the most fearsome.