pink friday roman reloaded the re up

Come on a Cone
  • Come on a Cone
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Pink Friday Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up

“Her performance on this song is something else entirely: demented. Chaotic. Gloriously unpredictable. Fearless. One of the most creatively unhinged vocal takes in pop-rap history – or at least an immediate contender for the top ten. Whatever cheap hyperbole you could fling at this performance, Nicki bats down with one of her palmetto-sized eyelashes: listen to her liquify the words "come on a cone” until they are just another sound pinging around in Hit Boy’s bouncy castle of a beat. There aren’t really suitable phrases for that yet…At one point, “Come On A Cone” was nothing but an instrumental on someone’s hard drive. Now it’s an exorcism.“

-Jayson Greene, Review of "Come on a Cone”

This song is why I still have faith in Nicki to be the amazing artist I know she can be.

Here we go with the Real fan/Fake fan bullshit.

I downloaded both leaks from the previous albums, and STILL bought them when they were released. When Nicki came to Philly I was out there for hours even though there was a possibility that I might not have met her (which I didn’t because FYE is some snakes). I’ve been defending EVERY song she’s put out, and paid attention to EVERY TV appearance/special/interview/feature that she has done since Beam Me Up Scotty. And once I get my hands on some money I will buy The Re-Up. Do NOT sit here and try to tell me that I’m not a real fan because I am eager for her new music.