pink floyd wish you were here

List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to + tag 10 people.

@katajanokka tagged me to do this. Yay! Thank youuuu.

  1. Studio Killers - Jenny
  2. CVRCHES - Follow You
  3. The Birthday Massacre - Superstition
  4. Kerli - Walking On Air
  5. Jonathan Young - Hellfire (hunchback of notre dame cover)
  6. Icon For Hire - Now You Know
  7. Pvris - Heaven
  8. Ninja Sex Party - Wish You Were Here (pink floyd cover)
  9. Paramore - 26
  10. We Are The In Crowd - Long Live The Kids

As you can see I have kind of a fixation on female led bands…I tag @garrus-vakarus, @cactuarkitty, @noonvraith, @dartheames, @bittermercymain, @shakariantrash annnd whoever else wants to! Just pretend I tagged you ;P

what your favourite golden age pink floyd album says about you

the dark side of the moon: always orders the same thing at restaurants, likes drugs (probably acid), seems chill but is actually not

wish you were here: music snob, has minimalist fashion sense, sneers at corporations, romanticises loneliness

animals: a fan of dystopian stories, angry all the time, writes angsty poetry with too many metaphors

the wall: dramatic bitch, composes elaborate fictions that they want to tell other people about, most likely to offend in the name of art