• Amnesia
  • In case of

Hi guys Lazy Lucid here. Here is another song I have been working on for a while. It is produced and written by me. The name of the song is Amnesia. I want to thank Michael McCauley - for his contribution, a beautifully layed bass line. Thanks to my friend Anyelo Valencia who mixed the song so it is a bit rough and gritty. Hope you guys enjoy it. Lucid.


RANDOM HEADERS ☽. You can find more headers here. Requests and messages in askbox. Arts aren’t mine, click on pictures to see the credits Please, like or reblog if u save, be honest. Enjoy.


Just felt like sharing my daughter’s awesome hair (again)…her stylist entered the national Kenra neon competition with Guy Tang & Rebecca Taylor…my daughter was her model. She did a “dark side of the rainbow”/Pink Floyd-inspired look. The neon side glows under blacklights! Y'all may hate it, but we think it’s AMAZING and she is so talented. I hope she gets chosen to compete in LA!