pink flag

sorry this should be my last post about my lesbian flag proposal!

i edited the last one based on input from people with color deficiencies, people who said it strained their eyes with its brightness, and from input about its similarities to the rainbow flag

here is my explanation for why i made this and what the colors mean:

the reason i designed this is because the pink lesbian flag many use was actually intended as a femme lesbian flag, and the purple labrys flag i have heard criticisms about the use of the black triangle by jewish lesbians.

all colors except the middle green are mixtures between two of the 8 colors of the original gilbert baker flag, retaining the symbolism of the original colors. in addition, the yellow and teal are opposite on the color wheel from blue and pink, representing how butch and femme lesbians, despite superficial appearances are not simply “replicating heterosexuality”, but are forming their own womanhood outside of it. the green represents lesbians who do not ascribe to the femme/butch dichotomy but who nonetheless have their womanhood shaped by their lesbianism.

if you like this please feel free to spread it around!

so its a little way more than late but here’s my pride art mixed with Steven universe 

p.s. this is also the fusion of the yellow, blue and pink sapphires i did