pink eyelids

Cheeky Azriel ft inner circle headcannon

-One thing Azriel would do when he really let go and wanted to have some fun was use his abilities on his brothers.

-Cassian would be hitting on a girl and Azriel would subtlety blend into the shadows and move his drink an inch closer to the edge of the counter so Cassian would ‘accidentally’ knock it all over himself and not end up bedding the girl.

-When Rhys would get particularly hammered and pass out. Him and Cassian would tag team. The boys had stripped him down to his boxers and were planning on leaving him out in the cold for all of Velaris to see the next morning but Mor had found them and had a better plan.

-The next morning Rhys woke up in his bed and found himself in the most tacky, over the top fuchsia coloured dress. Cut outs at the waist, a slit down the side, his legs adorned in fishnet stockings and sky high heels. He hadn’t even realised that wasn’t the worst of it. He had somehow gotten make up on his face. His lips a neon pink. Eyelids primed and smudge with colour. He groaned and wondered what kind of shit he’d gotten into last night or let alone done.

-The inner circle still howled with laughter at the memory till this day because Rhys still hadn’t known it was them and thought he’d done some fucked up role play.

-Azriel would sometimes like to creep up on Cassian when he wasn’t aware that he was in the room. He’d watch him talk to his reflection for a while, internally laughing at his brother before stepping out of the shadow and whispering 'boo’ in his ear. The whole of Velaris probably heard him scream like a little girl, flinching before he accidentally knocked Azriel out as a reflex reaction.

-Azriel swore that was the last time he’d creep on Cassian like that as he held an ice pack to his face.

-He couldn’t count the amount of times he’d been in the shadows without anyone realising and the things he’d witnessed.

-Rhys and Feyre in particular would just be sitting in the lounge one minute before Rhys asked Feyre to do the 'thing’. Azriel had panicked for a moment before he heard Feyre sigh with a small smile on her face and start baby talking to him. “Who’s the littlest most precious Illyrian baby?” At which Rhys would softly reply with a pleased smile on his face. “I am.” Azriel had to cover his mouth to stifle his laughter.

-Azriel in particular loved to take Amren’s favourite piece of jewellery and incriminate Cassian with it. He loved seeing his face drain of all colour and gape like a fish with a confused look on his face while Amren chewed his ass.
-The spymaster did know how to have some fun at the expense of his family.

date replacement || stefan salvatore

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stefan x reader
word count: 1,390

authors note: i literally wrote this in twenty minutes and yes, i know it’s crappy, but here you go!   

summary: y/n gets stood up from a date with the guy she likes and stefan comforts her. 

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Tied Up - Park Jimin

Summary: You and Jimin aren’t exactly strangers to using rope in the bedroom, but you decide to switch it up a little bit. Just for fun.

Genre: Smut (sub/dom, fem!dom, ropebunny!Jimin, a tiny bit of babyboy!Jimin)

Length: 1.8k+

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Feast of Love [M]

BTS Supernatural AU
Pairings: Hoseok x Reader / BTS x Reader / Namjin / Taegi / Jikook 
Word Count: 7,200
Warnings: Blood, Pain, Biting, All THE GOOD SHIT

Inspired by the Blood Sweat & Tears MV as well as Penny Dreadful. A sexy, supernatural orgy of pleasure, pain, and drugs ensues. Enjoy.


One heeled foot peaked around the corner of the dark brick building I called home, into the dusky evening that precariously tipped on the edge of night. A breeze filtered through the loose, fluttery bottom of my dress, a breeze that held the whispers of an autumn and winter chill that came with early October, yet the nature around me still clung to its summer colors. Pink and purple flowers dotted the manicured city sidewalk, reflecting the colors of the setting sun and sky, soon to die as the leaves turned fiery shades of orange and red.

I wrapped my long coat closer to my body, shivering as a chill teased against the baby hairs currently resting upon the nape of my neck, my hair tucked into an elaborated up-do. The sensation stirred a churning deep within me and I sucked in a breath through my teeth before breathing out and blinking away the fuzz in my mind. Each step I took clipped against the stone sidewalk as I weaved and danced among the bustling Friday night crowd. I was looking for something, someone, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. A peculiar sensation indeed, one that heightened my senses and left me alert among passive faces with unassuming features. There! A glance of bright blue eyes, too bright to be natural, a flash of violet crushed velvet that quickly disappeared among drab colors of grey, black, and brown. Fairy floss hair stole my attention and I made a beeline for him, at least I think it was a him. Suddenly, a wave of vertigo overcame me and I stumbled, eyes fluttering as I swayed from side to side, disrupting the flow of bodies. I tried to regain my balance, squeezing my eyes shut hard as I gulped in breaths of air, but each attempt only intensified the feeling.

“Careful now, (Y/N).” whispered a deep, soulful voice next to my ear, one that I somehow recognized.

Hands gently caught me and I followed their lead, trusting their intentions as if I knew them well.

 “You found us again. You’re such a good girl.”

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Wrapped Around Her Finger

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Warning(s): None, slight AU

Word Count: 934

Prompt: 47. “Are your nails painted?’

A/N: This one is so fluffy, I love imagining the boys as fathers, I think they’d make the best dads. 

“I’m home!” You yell, closing the door tiredly behind you. You’d been called into the office unexpectedly this afternoon, so what was supposed to be a day spent at home with your family turned into a hectic day of trying to help out your co-workers before they all drowned under the amount of work they had to do.

“MUMMY!” Your 4 year old daughter ran to the door to greet you, leaping into your arms. “Hey Olive, what are you still doing up?” You question your daughter. It was 10 o’clock, and she was normally in bed well before this. You look at her face and see that she must have been giving herself a makeover, as she had baby blue eyeshadow poorly smeared onto her eyelids and pink on her lips and the surrounding area. She nods her head in response, looking slightly guilty as she rests her head on your shoulder. “Me and daddy were having so much fun though.”

At this, your very sheepish looking husband walks around the corner. Dean was dressed in sweats and a plain grey shirt, and you were in wonder how he always looked good, even when he wasn’t trying. “Hey babe,” he gives you a quick peck on the lips, to which Olive makes her disgust well known before you head into the lounge. There were toys strewn all over the floor, looking like she had gotten out every single plaything she owned and thrown it around the room.

“Wow, you and daddy really were having fun huh?” You give Dean a pointed yet amused look, to which he shrugs and grins at you. “Well first we were playing hungry hippos, then the princesses at the castle needed our help, and then we were doing makeovers, you know how it is. So much to do so little time.” You laugh at his exaggeration and look to see that Olive’s breathing was getting heavier and her eyes were shut. “Get her to bed and I’ll clean up in here,” he states. You raise your eyebrows in questions, to which he nods affirmatively.

You get a facecloth and wipe Olive’s makeup off of her face, much to her displeasure and get her into pyjamas. You tuck her into bed and Dean comes in to say goodnight. “Can I have a bedtime story mummy?” She asks you, even though she’s fighting to keep her eyelids open. “I think it’s probably for the best if you just go to sleep baby,” which causes an instance pout to form on her face.

“Oh c’mon, one story couldn’t hurt,” Dean says. You can’t help but smile as you turn to look at him. “You cannot say no to that girl, can you?” You whisper to him, making him smile in response. “Babe… How could you say no to that face?” You laugh and turn to kiss your daughter on the head. “Daddy’s gonna read you a story, I’ll see you in the morning.” You exchange ‘I love you’s’, and as you exit the room you hear Dean begin to read her favourite, Thumbelina.

You get ready for bed, and once you’re done you walk to stand at the entrance of Olive’s room. She was fast asleep, and you assumed she fell asleep as soon as Dean had started to read to her. Dean remained by her sleeping form, humming something softly to himself as he gently stroked your daughter’s forehead. You stood there watching him for several minutes, your heart swelling at the sight before your eyes.

Eventually Dean stands to leave, smiling when he sees you at the door, walking towards you and shutting her door behind him. You smile up at him and he wraps his arms around you, engulfing your body in his own in a much needed embrace. “Busy day?” He enquires, causing you to laugh. “No busier than the day you’ve had,” you say in comment of the state of the house. He chuckles at your statement and pulls away from you slightly so that he place a tender kiss on your lips.

He reaches up to stroke the side of your face, but a flash of colour makes you grab it before he can. “Are your nails painted?” You ask incredulously, grabbing his other hand to examine them. In fact, they were painted. Dean had blue, yellow and pink nail polish smeared on his nails and a lot of the surrounding skin as well. You laugh and look up at him, him laughing along with you, looking slightly embarrassed. Your husband was always so masculine, you never could have imagined him letting anyone do anything like this to him.

“Well, she’d already done hers and she wanted to keep painting nails,” he states matter-of-factly, only causing you to giggle more. “You really don’t know how to say no to that girl do you?” You say with a shake of your head. He shakes his head in agreeance with you.

“I never thought I’d see the day a woman would get the best of me, but she has me wrapped around her finger.” Your laughter dies off and you look at the kind face of your husband, the one who had given you a family and made your life feel complete. “Well… her and one other.” He finishes, to which you lightly slap his arm for being so cheek.

“I love you,” he says, his green orbs making your stomach flutter just like the day you’d first met. “I love you too.” Your lips meet again, but you can’t hold back a smile for this one.

Moulin Rouge! // Min Yoongi


the prompt: do you think you could write a yoongi x reader fic? Something with a situation/plot like Moulin Rouge?

words: 6636

category: moulin rouge au

disclaimer: all references and rights of moulin rouge go to it’s original creators.

author note: right so I watch the whole movie and there are like 7 different angsty plot twists. i skipped only a few. anyway this is a lot like the movie since it was fresh on my mind so i hope you don’t mind that. I also took a few things that I wasn’t comfortable with writing out. I hope you guys enjoy this because it’s my longest scenario yet at 6k+ words.

- destinee

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Lorde - Green Light


In the “Green Light” video, Lorde is a girl alone in an empty city. This is not an uncommon motif in the pop music video, girl alone in the city at night. Alone in the club bathroom, alone in the street. The details of this solitude: the pink dress, her glossy eyelids, her arm reaching out the open car window. I hear a sound in my mind, a brand new sound in my mind. Next shot: dancing on top of a car, the light red. I whisper things, the city sings them back to you. Girl in the city alone at night is also girl surrounded by song. Later in the video we see Ella put her headphones in.

“Your Type” - Carly Rae Jepsen (also a girl alone at night)

I remember the interviews before Melodrama came out, where she talked about riding the subways listening to her demos on cheap earphones to see how her songs would sound curling up inside of someone else’s life. 

This song is so good to sing along to, really it is. I listen to it on my car while driving down the highway too fast. I listen to it on my headphones while cooking breakfast. It makes me happy. Even so, though - it always feels like the words might get stuck in my throat. Like I might choke on it. Honey I’ll be seeing you wherever I go. Honey I’ll be seeing you down every road. A pause, here. The first ecstatic shriek: I’M WAITING FOR IT / THAT GREEN LIGHT / I WANT IT and then, again, Honey I’ll come get my things but I can’t let go. The near-apocalyptic glee of the chorus pushed right up against the yearning. I can’t stop thinking about how the word “honey” sometimes drops down into the very lowest part of her register, more like a swallow.

It is important, I think, that “Green Light” is not really a catharsis. It dwells. In “Green Light” we sit with a kind of grief that makes no promises of cleanliness, of sterility. Grief that’s sticky-sweet (honey, honey, honey). It rots. This single phrase repeated over and over: Honey I’ll come get my things. You go back. You pick your stuff up. Maybe it’s already in a box. Maybe you go inside and put the things you remember are yours in a bag, do the work of slowly, finally disentangling your life from somebody else’s. That’s awful! It’s awful. Even in the act of tearing yourself away you have to go back at least once, and in this song she repeats that return so many times, over and over. I’ll come get my things. I wish I could get my things. It’s horrific, we’re delirious with it. Still, this song is so happy. Enormous and ecstatic and solitary and happy. Pure Heroine was always filled with other people - friends, a team, a “we”, a “them”. The “you” in “Green Light” is really only there to remind us how solitary this song really is. Girl alone in a pretty dress and lip gloss in the middle of the night, not getting over it, a joyous shriek into the void I’M WAITING FOR IT THAT GREEN LIGHT I WANT IT. 

Green Light”, at least, introduces us to the soft ugly yearning that seeps through the rest of the album. Even the awkward metaphor about great whites and their teeth seems to be in service of this bruised wanting. She should talk about teeth all the time. Neon bright in a chorus of a thousand ecstatic Lorde voices: You thought that you would always be in love / but you’re not in love no more!!!! Everything ugly also glimmers in the light.

rugrats all grown up! sentence starters.
  • ‘ they should label that stuff. ‘
  • ‘ how do you expect to pull an all-nighter when you can’t even stay awake during the least boring school activity ?  ‘
  • ‘ actually, _____, you chickened out at the first minute. but hey, be tight with that. ‘
  • ‘ how about we go to the tuxedo store and swap heads on the mannequins ?
  • ‘ i’ve seen worse….. ‘
  • ‘ i think we’re looking at this the wrong way. maybe grandpas are like chickens ! some prefer the comfort and security of the hen-house, while others want to roam on the free range. 
  • ‘ i… don’t… CARE !
  • ‘ be the first ones on your block to dress your pens and pencils !  
  • ‘ sorry, guys, cheerleader just accidentally hugged a chess clubber, it’s all over. ‘
  • ‘ i was sleepwalking, you seriously think i’d go out in public like this ?! ‘  
  • ‘ we’re catching up fast. ‘
  • ‘ and that’s the worst part, liking someone so much and knowing they’ll never feel the same way about you. ‘
  • ‘ he’s been staying late at school for science club. ‘
  • ‘ what do you mean what do i mean ?  i mean you’re mean ! ‘
  • ‘ i happen to be very nice. ‘
  • ‘ right now i’d be happy having my mom gently chuck me under the chin and tell me everything’s okay. ‘
  • ‘ actually, i was hanging out in the nurse’s office. ‘
  • ‘ why are we partners on every project? ‘
  • ‘ jeez !  this is awful. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve always said the key to happiness is lowered expectations. ‘
  • ‘ friends are like holidays: you can never have enough of them. ‘
  • ‘ the grass is blue. ‘
  • ‘ the pillows are hungry. ‘
  • ‘ human suffering is the same in any language. ‘
  • ‘ let me tell you a story about a man named van gogh. ‘
  • ‘ huh.  sounds like you just need my mom. ‘
  • ‘ just be honest !  nothing wins people over like a warm smile. ‘
  • ‘ i’m different, you know, like how i think. ‘
  • ‘ if inside of the eyelid is pink, why do we see black when we close our eyes
  • ‘ i made a statement by refusing to show up. ‘
  • ‘ maybe we are the normal ones, and you’re the freak
  • ‘ what’s up, fool ? ‘
  • ‘ this is a big country, and i’m sure somewhere out there, there’s a girl that won’t find you freakishly repulsive. ‘
  • ‘ a human sacrifice ! ‘
  • ‘ what do i care ?  i’m not invited. ‘
  • ‘ just once, i’d like to know what it feels like to be genuinely popular. ‘
  • ‘ why couldn’t i have a phobia closer to the ground ? like spiders… or zippers !
  • ‘  ah, you know lawyers. always so worried about losing limbs. ‘
  • ‘ he has a wicked gag reflex. ‘
  • ‘  no, it’s called eye crust.  don’t you wash your face in the morning ?

anonymous asked:

I want a more simple makeup routine for school. Mine right now takes about 25 minutes, but now I'm more confident (mostly thanks to you) and I want to show my natural skin more and cover less of it with makeup. What do you think a good routine/ basic products I could use to still look cute but have it take less time. (Sorry if this didn't make sense I'm tired lol)

I’m so happy that I helped you with your confidence! So these are just a few makeup routines, I’m skipping out on all the concealers..etc. because imo you’re great the way you are but hey! If you don’t feel comfortable with that, just incorporate it into this. 

So I have a bunch of look ideas for this. I’m going to seperate them all for you so you can choose one you’re more into! 

Sweet but mature:

This is going to make everyone think you’re mature, or at least, those who are older anyways. You will look mature and sweet all at once! 

  • Skip the big wings and go for tightlining your top line 
  • Then take the bottom  and instead of drawing an all-around line go from the very outer corner in. Make it small but there. 
  • This is optional but a nude liner the rest of the way lightly done will look good on the rest of the bottom line
  • Dark brown or black mascara. Apply it lightly but try to use most of it on the outer corner of your lashes
  • Lip balm (coconut  works so good with this look??)
  • A nude lipstick. BUT! Apply it only to the center of your lips and then dab/rub it out with your finger so it looks more natural
  • You can add on a very light amount of gloss if you want, too
  • Highlighter should be done to a minimum on the inner corners of your eyes and also the inner corner of your eyelids
  • Add some on your nose too
  • Natural looking brows
  • That’s literally it? This won’t take long at all!
  • The eyes take around 5 minutes, depending on how you are with tightlining
  • The lips around 2 minutes at most and the highlight is like a 30 second thing
  • Estimated time: 8 minutes at most

Baby face:

  • I personally love this look??
  • Wings are okay with this, but try not to make them too big if you do them
  • If not, tight lining the outer corner of your top lid will look great
  • White or nude eyeliner on the bottom bit
  • You can take a natural colored (think tan, cream or brown) eyeshadow and add it under your eyes lightly but this is optional and if it’s done, i suggest sticking to the outer bit and fade to your natural
  • Mascara on the top lashes, outer corner of the bottom lashes
  • Highlight in the inner corners
  • Highlight, highlight, highlight you know that spot that’s like… yoru cheeks but not? It’s like your upper cheeks, Not by the ear but by your eyes and nose, add some highlight there and you can add a little light blush by that too
  • Put on your cupids bow and nose 
  • For your lips, stick to nude with a lip balm but if you want you can dab some matte on. Just do it lightly and rub it in very well
  • This shouldn’t take long, depending on the eyeliner
  • Estimated time: 10 minutes

Pink and sweet:

  • Light pink eyeshadow on your eyelids, but smooth it out really well with the crease and have it kind of fade?
  • Think like, the outer bit being darker and then kind of fading into the crease
  • Mascara is fine with this
  • Light blush
  • A dab of highlighter on the tip of your nose, but spread it out a bit and do it lightly
  • lip balm
  • all done QuQ
  • Estimated time: 5 minutes

I know these are all pretty natural and stuff but I hope you’ll like them?? There are other things but most of them require covering your face a lot. I hope you like this, though!!! I know you’ll look absolutely beautiful either way! I love you boo, update me on how you feel about them and stuff!

25 Kisses

Pairing: Neymar Jr x Reader

Synopsis: It’s Neymar’s 25th birthday, and you decide to continue your parents’ birthday tradition with him.

P.O.V: Second-Person

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: T

Word Count: 2,438

Warnings: None?

A/N: It’s my baby boy’s birthday! 🎉🎈🎂🎁 Oh my god I can’t believe he’s already 25, I swear he’s growing up too fast! 😭😩 But I still love you baby! 😊💝 xoxo — jas

     You press a soft, fleeting kiss to the nape of his neck, lips ghosting down the column of his neck, as you pressed a second kiss to the sensitive spot on his neck, teeth grazing the tender skin. A delicious shiver of anticipation slithers down the length of his spine, as his plump lips twitch into a blissful smile. He shifts around in the mattress, rolling onto his back before snaking his arms around your slender waist, eliciting a squeal of surprise from your lips, as he tugged you flush against the defined contours of his bare chest. 

Bom dia, birthday boy,” you murmur, resting your head against his shoulder, and nestling your face in the crook of his neck, hot breath fanning the sensitive skin, as goosebumps erupt along the surface of his skin. “Did you sleep well, last night?” You press a teasing kiss to his pulse point, teeth nipping at the sensitive flesh as the action draws a sharp gasp from his supple, pink lips. 

“I did,” he breathes, his heart thrumming in his ribcage, breath hitching in his throat as he feels your soft fingertips traced the artistic designs of the tattoos inked into the warm, soft texture of his bare skin.

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The Ring

Pairing: Barry x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1458

A/N: I’m not very familiar with Green Lantern and his Power Ring, so I tried my best with this story by Googling things. If I get anything wrong, I apologize.

Request #2

You watched from a distance as Caitlin monitored Barry’s suit and Cisco talked Barry through solutions he couldn’t think of on the fly. It was amazing to watch the team work, but as you were leaning against the doorway, you started to imagine yourself in the shoes of a superhero. Saving people, seeing the smiles on their faces and becoming a hero. Flying through the air and saving the day just as Barry does. You never realized how jealous you were of Barry until it came to moments like this, where you let your thoughts get away from you. Even though you loved Barry to death, it was hard to date a superhero.

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Setting Sun - Chapter 17 Excerpt

I’ve had a ridiculously shitty week and I can’t stop feeling sad and worn down today. I’ve gotten basically nothing done, work-wise, that I really really needed to do this week, and I feel awful about it. Little tiny things have gone wrong all day, I haven’t exercised since Monday, and overall this is the closest I’ve been to depression in a good while, though it’s mostly due to bad sleep and some health issues that I know will clear up.

I’m not done this chapter yet. I’m close, but the delay in my schoolwork means I have to put it before fanfic, and I know y’all understand that. But I want to share a fluffy scene with you anyway because I like it and I think you’ll like it and I want to make people happy. If you like it, please let me know. <3

Victor holds out his hand to Yuuri, and in the low light from the lamps he looks like something ethereal. “Yuuri Katsuki, may I have this dance?”
Yuuri looks down at Victor’s fingers, downs the rest of his wine, and bursts out laughing. Victor pouts.
“Okay, or not.”
“I’m s-sorry,” Yuuri giggles, wiping at one eye. “It’s just…I used to fantasize about you saying literally those exact words to me when I was thirteen.” In an instant he realizes what he’s said, and covers his mouth with both hands, feeling his face get hot.
Now Victor cracks up. “That’s…fucking adorable, honestly.”
“It’s creepy,” Yuuri mumbles from behind his hands.
Victor kneels on one knee (on one fucking knee) in front of the couch, and gently lifts Yuuri’s hands from his mouth. “It’s adorable,” he says again, more firmly this time. “Now would you dance with me already?”
Yuuri lets himself feel mortified for another twelve seconds before he nods, and it all melts away at the sight of Victor’s delighted face. He stands.
“Excellent. Be right back.” He crosses the room and picks out a vinyl record from the shelf, carrying it to the turntable that sits beneath the TV. Yuuri watches Victor go through the delicate motions—placing the record on the platter, running a wide brush across the vinyl to clean it of dust, placing the needle just so—and his heart does so many flips and flops that it could probably medal in Olympic diving. Finally Victor stands and crosses back to pull Yuuri to his feet, and the song begins with an incredibly familiar guitar line—
Yuuri furrows his brow. “…Is this Kishi Bashi?”
Victor doesn’t answer; he just smiles, so brilliantly he could outshine the sun, and begins to dance—nothing complicated, just rocking from foot to foot, one hand curved just beneath Yuuri’s  shoulder blade, and the other holding Yuuri’s left hand.
“You are the answer to my question / you are my accomplice in a crime / you are my wing woman and did I mention / we were together in another life? / In that dreaming, you probably were my wife…”
Yuuri nearly melts into a puddle. Victor has a Kishi Bashi album on vinyl. That means—
“Yes, in case you’re wondering,” Victor cuts in, as if reading Yuuri’s mind. “I’ve known about Kishi Bashi since before the Cup of China.”
If the heat in his cheeks is any indication Yuuri’s face might burst into flames at any moment. “…Oh. I…”
“I knew I wanted to kiss you at the Sochi banquet,” Victor grins, leaning in to let his lips graze Yuuri’s cheek. “Getting a Kishi Bashi lyric from you in China made me realize that as soon as I did, I’d never be able to stop.”
Yuuri has no earthly idea how to respond to that, so instead he rests his head against Victor’s shoulder and mumble-sings along with the chorus: “Hotaru Hotaru / Futari no yume wo mireru hotaru no… / Hotaru Hotaru / Tsuneru to yume ga / Sameru hotaruyoru…”
“I’ve actually been meaning to ask you,” comes Victor’s voice, breath tickling his ear. “What does that mean?”
Yuuri smiles, lifting his head to meet Victor’s gaze.
“Firefly, firefly, two dreams we saw of fireflies; with a pinch, we’ll be awoken, from the night of fireflies,” he recites. “Fireflies, are, um, supposed to be the souls of soldiers who have died in war, in Japanese mythology. Which is great inspiration for my free skate, I suppose.”
Victor’s face falls just a little bit for a fraction of a second, or maybe it’s just a trick of the light. “Oh. I—”
“—they’realsoametaphorforpassionatelove,” Yuuri yelps, and if there is a god Victor will not have heard him properly—
Victor dips Yuuri like a ballroom dancer and kisses him. There is no god, and Yuuri’s kind of okay with that.
Alright, he’s more than okay with that.
“You are the answer to my question / you are my accomplice in a crime / you are my wing woman and did I mention / we were together in another life?“
Yuuri closes his eyes, letting the lights shine softly pink through his eyelids. The wine has relaxed him, spreading sleepy tendrils from his heart out through his limbs; Victor’s arms around him feel so natural that it’s insane to realize they haven’t done this every single day for years.

to be human is to love, even when it gets too much (im not ready to give up)

They are sitting on a high stone wall, made of uneven brick stacked together. Dan can almost feel the urgency inside the mortar and stone, the desperation that was felt as it was made. It’d been there before him, and it would probably be there far after him. He doesn’t like the feeling of resignation that goes through him.

He presses closer to Phil, a line of warmth against his side. Phil’s looking to the west, holding a pistol with an easy grip that both reassures Dan and makes him wonder what the hell’s happened. He glances up at the sound of an engine, feels Phil tense. But it’s only a large pickup truck filled with people, wrapped in rags. Among them are crates of food and supplies. Dan grins, sagging with relief. The truck had left on their only boat over a week ago.

The Isle of Man was an unexpected safe haven. In the early days it was ideal for the remaining European governments to build their labs. Now it’s an unexpected safe haven, surrounded by water, a high wall protecting their tiny city. Phil squeezes his fingers, a comforting gesture that’s been needed more in the last few months than ever before. He thinks back to Before, when they’d been about to sign a mortgage and get that Shibe, or corgi, or whatever the fuck they were thinking of.

“‘Least we won’t be eating the hedgehogs,” Phil jokes, turning around on the wall to reach the ladder.

“You’d starve before eating an innocent hedgehog,” Dan says, wondering if Phil actually would. He turns around, waiting until Phil is a few feet below before climbing down after him.

They reach the bottom as the gate swings open, letting in the truck. People swarm it, leaving the makeshift garden and animal pens that surround the main structure; a huge concrete thing that houses nearly four-hundred people. Kids, babies, old people who teach the youngers how to farm and raise pigs or sew.

Dan and Phil don’t have many friends, yet. They’re as antisocial in the zombie apocalypse as they were before it. They keep to the edges, watching the tearful greetings, the unloading of desperately needed food and supplies. And they are overjoyed to see Martyn climb down from the truck, a green bundle in his arms. He walks to them quickly, a strange smile on his face.

“This group is from Switzerland, believe it or not,” he says, excitement filling his voice. “They met some people there, who’ve created another virus.”

Dan’s heart jumps. He turns to Phil, eyes wide. What could it be now? He swallows roughly, waiting, gripping Phil tightly.

“They gave us some, too. It’s being spread quickly,” Martyn laughs at their terrified expressions, “you idiots. It kills them! It kills them! And look at this!” He pushes the green bundle into Dan’s arms. Dan fumbles, nearly dropping it. A cure. He can’t believe it. But if Martin said they had some-maybe. Maybe.

The bundle makes a gurgling sound. Dan carefully pulls a corner away, revealing the eyes of a tiny baby, eyelids still pink and a few tufts of hair growing on it’s tiny, tiny head. A little hand reaches out, gripping his finger. He barely registers Phil’s cooing, focused on what Martyn says next, “we found her in a parking lot. The parents must’ve abandoned her. She needs someone.”

Dan smiles wetly. “Why the fuck not.”

“Dan!” Phil says indignantly, “we have a baby now!”

“Yeah, we do.”

Hii! This is my first fanfic ever. I’m very nervous but I’ve wanted to write deppy for a long time now. If you have any construction criticism please give it! Or a prompt maybe? But I have about two followers. I’m not expecting much lol. Also I have an idea for another fic in this world if you want it? Watch this get 0 notes…

EDIT: there’s a prequel type thingy!
Formality Pt 2

Season 1 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,589

Warnings: None

   I turned and riffled through the dresses on the racks around me. They were all very… Well, they were more Lydia’s style. She liked being showered with attention, so her clothing was always very modern and ‘in’. I mean, she dressed like a goddess, but it just wasn’t me. I liked simple. I found three dresses that I wanted to try on, then looked up to find Allison.

   My stomach dropped when I saw her standing with Peter. Alone. I listened in, and he was talking about her skin and how beautiful it was. Buffalo Bill, or what? I quickly walked to her.

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