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Can you do a riverdale Hogwarts au when Jughead, Archie and Betty meet on the Hogwarts express and Jughead is completely little kid crush, heart eyes over Betty! And then fast track to like fifth year (cause they're sophomores) and they're already dating and Juggie confesses to Betty that that was when he first fell in love with her and FLUFF. Please omg I need this!! Thanks ily

Aww thank you ;) This is so sweet I hope you like it and hope it isn’t cheesy :)

She looked like how you would expect a fairy princess to look: wide, clear green eyes framed in long lashes, narrow face, small, pink mouth with a pretty, gap tooth smile. Her lemon yellow hair was done in two neat braids, tied with pink elastics, little flyaways held done by glittery clips. She stood tall, skinny the way eleven year olds were, dressed in a soft cardigan and jeans. The girl, despite her muggle-looking clothes, seemed right at home on the Hogwarts Express. There was a magic, a spark about her that withstood any outside influences. She was truly magical.  

Jughead Jones had never been a very good judge as to who was pretty and who was not, but even he could tell that the girl he had ran smack into was beautiful.

He took a step back, straightening his beanie, eyes wide. Jughead felt himself blushing over his stumble, his tongue suddenly stationary. Other young wizards and witches watched them from inside the compartments, only adding to his embarrassment.

The girl, on the other hand, didn’t seem so stunned.

“Oh,” she said, her voice light and merry, like Christmas bells. Her own eyes were even wider. “Oh, sorry. I should look where I’m going.”

Jughead tried to stammer out a response, but was met with the same uncooperative vocal cords.

Archie Andrews, his best friend, snorted unhelpfully behind him. Stepping around Jughead, he extended his hand to the girl, confident smile in place. Jughead felt even smaller than before.

“That’s okay,” Archie replied. “I’m Archie. Archie Andrews.”

“Elizabeth Cooper,” the girl said, unnecessarily smoothing her clothes. She peered over Archie’s shoulder, meeting Jughead’s eyes and smiling. It felt like a gift, that smile. “But you can call me Betty,” she continued, still looking at Jughead.

“Erm,” Jughead cleared his throat, regaining his normal brain functions. “I’m-I’m Jughead Jones. The third,” he added, before immediately regretting it.

“Cooper?” Archie asked curiously. “Like Alice and Hal Cooper? From the Daily Prophet?”

Betty nodded, suddenly seeming a little on edge at the mention of her parents.

“Yeah,” she said. “And Andrews like Mary Andrews? She’s defended my parents more than once in front of the Wizard Council. Some of their news stories…” She trailed off, shaking her head.

There was a tight, uncomfortable silence. Jughead knew they wouldn’t mention his family: his father, Forsythe, was an ex-death eater. He could feel Betty’s green eyes on his face. He could feel their pity. Why had he told her his last name? She probably didn’t even want to talk to him anymore.

Jughead waited for what seemed like eternity for her to get away as quickly as possible, but instead he felt only her hand gently starting to pull him along.

“Come on,” she said. “I barely know anyone else here. My mother, you see, believes in isolation. But she’s not here right now. So let’s sit together.” Betty cast a look at the two boys, eyes wide, looking suddenly afraid. “Unless you have other friends. I can sit with different people, it’s okay.”

Jughead squared his shoulders, finally feeling his usual confidence - some might even say swagger - return to him.

“No,” he said, grinning. “We like you.”

Betty’s eyes shone. Jughead may have compared them to emeralds, but the crystals, in his mind, were too cold, too lifeless. Her eyes were much more like the sea, constantly changing, constantly moving, alive and restless and beautiful.

He wrote a poem about her eyes during the ride to Hogwarts, his quill scratching the parchment in his messy, eleven year old script, as he sat curled up next to the window, glancing at Betty every now and then. It was bad, over dramatic and serious. But he kept it. In a secret compartment of his suitcase, he kept it.

Betty Cooper was a Hufflepuff. She had been for five proud years, wearing the Hufflepuff crest like a badge of honor. She practically bled yellow and black. But it was on days like Valentine’s Day that the Ravenclaw Table seemed so far away from the Hufflepuff’s.

So when she walked into the Great Hall that morning she wasn’t surprised to find herself walking past her friend Kevin Keller - who gave her an understanding wave and wink - and sitting down next to Jughead Jones.

“Hi,” she said, reaching across him to grab a jar of strawberry jam.

“Hey,” he replied, not even trying to hide his smile. “Not feeling particularly badgery today?”

“Of course I do,” Betty smirked. “It’s just the jam over here is way better. Obviously.”

“Obviously,” Jughead repeated, leaning in and kissing her cheek. “It’s not because of a certain Saint’s day that you’re over here?”

“Oh, is it Valentine’s day already?” Betty asked airily, licking strawberry off her fingers. “Huh.”

“Huh,” Jughead repeated again, draping his arm across her shoulders.

After breakfast the two wandered over to the Blue and Gold, waving goodbye to Veronica Lodge and Archie who had their own plans. Betty and Jughead had found their secret hideaway seemingly by accident a few months ago, a spacious room full of desks and filing cabinets, cork boards that moved pictures when asked, and stacks and stacks of parchment paper. They had nicknamed the place the first time they visited - thanks to the paint job - and found, on returning a second time, a giant banner hung on the far wall with the words BLUE AND GOLD printed in shimmering, color changing ink.

Betty had shrugged and grinned. “Must be magic,” she said. Almost everything was. Like the way Jughead’s hair curled under his beanie, or the way his eyes caught the light, twinkling like stars. Magic.

Jughead pushed the door open and Betty gasped, eyes wide. The entire room had changed; the walls were painted a tasteful light pink with paper hearts hanging from the ceiling on frayed string. Fresh vases full of roses sat on every desk, and the banner, their prized banner, now read HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, JUGGIE AND BETTS, with little hearts dotting every i. The parchment, desks, and cork boards had been whisked away, replaced by beanbags and cushions, all in the shapes of hearts. There was even an old radio, quietly playing love songs of days gone by.

Betty’s hands flew to her mouth. What had happened to all their work? Their research? Jason Blossom’s case files? But a small voice inside of her told that it would okay, everything would be returned. The room wanted them to take a break.

Jughead glanced at Betty. Her face had broken into one of her delighted smiles, full of surprise and amusement. She had grown up a lot from the time they first met; her braids had been swapped for a high ponytail, the pink elastics and glittery hair clips forgotten. She was no longer gap toothed, but she had never lost that endearing, sweet look about her, the look that spoke of a wilderness contained. Nor had she stopped looking like a fairy princess.

Jughead reached for her hand, leading her farther into the room.

“Must be magic,” he said softly.

Betty drew him close, resting her head on his shoulder. He was warm. He was home.

“It’s not too cheesy for you?” she asked.

“You know, I kind of like cheesy,” he said. “Kind of… love it.”

“Me too,” Betty murmured.

“Hey, Betts,” Jughead started after a pause. He swallowed and took her hands, beginning to sway along to the music. “Do you remember when we first met?”
Betty raised her eyes to meet his. “Of course. You almost ran me over.”

He chuckled, blushing. “Yeah. But do you remember…ah,” he sighed, shaking his head. “I’m doing this all wrong. I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean, Juggie?” Betty asked. “Doing what wrong?”

“Um, okay,” he said, starting over. “So that moment, when I saw you for the first time, I thought…well, I thought you looked like a fairy princess.”

Betty laughed, pleased.

“You thought that skinny eleven year old was a fairy princess?” she giggled.

“I still think that,” Jughead said, taking her hand and spinning her slowly. This was going to be harder to explain than he had thought. “What I’m trying to say is that, in that first moment of seeing you, I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to know you. You were… you were the most beautiful person I had ever seen.”

“Juggie…” Betty whispered, surprised.

“I was afraid that you were going to think that I wasn’t interesting enough, or good enough, or normal enough to be your friend. But then you smiled at me and everything was okay.” Jughead said this all in a rush, feeling his cheeks grow even redder.

“Good enough?” she said in a shocked little voice. “Jughead how could you think that? You’re the kindest, most loving, most caring person I have ever met. Sometimes I’m afraid I’m not good enough for you.”

Mystified, Jughead wrapped his arms around Betty’s waist. At almost the same time, Betty threw her arms around his neck.

“Well,” he said, “perhaps we’re the best people for each other. Perhaps neither of us need to worry about that again.”

Betty nodded. Looking into his blue, blue eyes, she felt a wave of emotion, a wave of complete happiness in that one moment that she just couldn’t keep her mouth closed.

“I love you,” she blurted.

Jughead froze, stunned into silence. His princess…loved him? This girl, the girl who belonged to the day and the light, whose smile could make an entire room melt, whose very glance stopped his heart, loved him?

Betty could feel her own heart pound as she waited for him to speak. The seconds felt like an eternity, ticking in time with her throbbing pulse. They filled her up and left her empty, stopping and starting her heart, destroying and remaking her. All in the stretch of a few breaths.

Finally, Jughead lent his forehead against her’s.

“Betty Cooper,” he whispered. “I think I have loved since the first moment I saw you, and every moment afterward I have loved you more and more. But I never thought that you-”

“Yes,” she said, pulling them closer together. “I do.”

Jughead’s lips found her’s, velvet and silk. Blue and gold. Day and night. Light and dark.

“Must be magic,” he breathed.

I really hoped you enjoyed this and I love getting your feedback or requests! Love you all xxx

Daddy & Peaches (SMUT)

Request by Anon: Soryu Oh x MC daddy kink smut. 

In hindsight I should have explained the nicknames but I wanted to find out if this is the kind of thing Anon wanted. The whole daddy kink thing is foreign to me. So I hope it turned out okay!  Again, please send me comments & critics as I would like to improve my writing! Enjoy. 

Soryu was sat in the penthouse with Eisuke, Baba, Ota & somewhere in the room was Mamoru, probably sleeping on one of the couches somewhere. ‘Useless detective’ Soryu thought. He’d been called up here by Eisuke to discuss some things about the upcoming auction while he tried to keep his focus he couldn’t help but think about his little Peaches back home, she was purring in his ears begging for release. She should still be purring by herself just like he instructed her to do but she was not allowed to make herself cum until he returned. He internally grinned at the thought of her writhing under her own touch, her fingers trailing her small body making cute little whimpers as she struggled to control the pleasure she felt…
“Soryu, I need you to go over the list of the guests tomorrow with Mamoru” Eisuke said bringing Soryu out of his thoughts & back to the conversation at hand. He gave a nod wanting this to be over so he could get back to her, not even arguing having to be paired up with that ridiculous man that calls himself a detective.
Soryu knew all to well who just text him but he was slightly surprised by the nice little picture his precious babygirl had just sent him. She had changed into an outfit he’d not seen before. Knee high white socks, with two baby pink stripes around the elastic accompanied by a baby pink skirt, barely long enough to cover her cute peach shaped ass. A plain white crop top & hair in loose plaits. She stood in a lewd pose two fingers in her mouth, clearly tasting herself. Soryu hadn’t even read the message but he knew she’d cum without his permission, this was her way of letting him know. The corners of his mouth turned up as he knew he’d get to punish her for being a naughty girl.
“Daddy, I may have done something naughty…”
“What did you do, peaches?”
“I..Um…Came without your permission, I’m sorry, Daddy!”
“You’re a bad girl, you know you have to be punished don’t you?”
“But Daddy!!!! You’re taking too long & I couldn’t stop myself”
“You know the rules, you do as Daddy tells you. Daddy is almost done, so I expect you to be on the bed with your cute little ass in the air for me when I get home.”
“Okay, Daddy”
“Good girl”
His grin had gotten wider at her submissiveness, he knew all to well that she loved the punishments he gave her but she always acted like she didn’t. This
turned him on to no end & he could feel the restraint in his trousers tighten as he recrossed his legs to try & suppress it for now.
“Looks like Sor is texting his woman, rude things with a grin like that.” Baba grinned sending a wink towards Soryu. He just glared back. 

Ota had tried sneaking up behind Soryu to peek over his shoulder but Soryu, being a mobster can sense danger just by a change in the air. He pulled his gun out aiming at Ota.
“If you want to keep your eyes, I suggest you sit back down.”
“Calm down, Soryu! It was just a joke.” Ota whined waving his arms at him to surrender.
“One of these days he’s going to get sick of you two & just pull the trigger” Eisuke sighed. Soryu raised from his seat, he’d had enough of this boring conversation & the imagine of his babygirl with her ass in the air waiting to be spanked plagued his mind.
“Aw, Sor! We were just messing around, you don’t have to leave!” Baba moaned with a hideous pout.
“I have things to do” Soryu said with his steel tone.
“More like you have _____ to do” Ota giggled. Soryu ignored him & left.


“Daddddddyyyyyyy” ____ cheered attempting to leave the position Soryu ordered her to stay in.
“Did I say you could move, Peaches?” Soryu flung his blazer onto a chair, followed by his tie.
“I just wanted to welcome you home, daddy!” She griped as she got back into position, giving him a pout.
“Pout all you like, you were a bad girl & bad girls need to be punished!” He walked over to where she lay & knelt behind her his crotch mere centimetres away from her drenched sex. He could feel the heat through her panties & his trousers making his cock twitch. He wanted to just rip her panties & slam into her tight pussy but she needed to be punished for disobeying him.

“This is a new outfit, did you wear it to try to make daddy forgive you?” Soryu pushed the skirt up over her ass.
“Peaches, you know Daddy hates it when you lie. Do you need more punishment on top of the punishment I’m already going to give you?” Soryu sent a stinging slap down onto ____’s ass.
“Ahhh…No Daddy, I wore it to make you happy, to say sorry! Do You not like it?” Her little hands gripped onto the sheets. A red hand print starting to form on her pale behind. 

“Of course I like it, but you’re not getting out of your punishment that easily” He sent two rough slaps onto her bruising ass cheek. “Now what do you have to say to Daddy?”
“I’m sorry”
“You’re sorry for what, peaches?” Another slap on the other cheek this time.
“I’m sorry for cumming without your permisson, Daddy. I won’t do it again” Soryu stroked her sore cheek, _____ wriggled into his touch.
“You better not baby, I’m the only one allowed to let you cum.” His hand travelled to her wet panties running a finger up & down.
“Oh…Yes…Daddy” Her eyes fluttered shut as her breath caught in her throat. Soryu watched her face, the lust, the love, the passion, the frustration of having to leave her earlier had built into a tower doomed to fall. He couldn’t wait any longer.
“Good girl, you can have a reward now.” Soryu made quick work of his belt & pant button releasing his hard cock. He slipped two fingers underneath the white lacy cloth covering her soaking entrance & pulled it to the side. _____ gasped at the sensation & turned to look at Soryu.
“What do you need baby?” Soryu said tugging slightly at her panties that rubbed against her swollen bud.
“Mmm…Daddy I need you to fuck meeee..” She whined, she wanted more. But Soryu wanted her to beg. He wanted to know how much she needed him to make her feel good.
“What’s the magic word, peaches?” He grinned at her, she pushed her hips back as she rested her face against the mattress.
“Daddy! Please fuck me!” She almost shouted.
“Good girl” Soryu slapped her ass as he pushed himself inside her. She moaned out & bit down onto the sheets. Every inch of him rubbing against her hot, wet walls.
Soryu wanted to come as soon as he was fully inside of her, she clenched around him & he could feel his composure waver. But he needed to control himself, the need to make ____ feel good was stronger than his own release. He started to rock his hips in & out of her, a slow & infuriating pace as she was still in trouble for her previous antics. She wriggled under him, arching her back & pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts.
“I didn’t say you could move, peaches!” Soryu sent another slap down onto her bruised cheek.
“Mmmm…but Daddy! You’re being mean…ohhhh”
“Daddy’s just getting started.” Soryu pulled almost fully out of her & slammed back into her hard, hitting her sensitive spot, just like she wanted.
“Ohh…Daddy…MMmm” He repeated this action a few more times making her mewl & spasm under him. Until, her soft moans grew into louder ones as stronger waves of pleasure flowed through her body. He started to oscilate his hips in a faster pace gripping onto her hip tightly with one hand while he rubbed her panties on her clit.
“Oh…Daddy, don’t stop…mmmm….Dadddy” Her walls tightened around Soryu’s cock, making him growl out a deep moan. He was close & he knew she was too. He could feel her walls constrict around his cock with each thrust.
“Daddy…Dadddy…I’m gonna…”
“Not without my permisson” He continued to thrust his hips harder into her
“Daddy…please mmmm…oh…”
“….please what Peaches?”
“Daddy…ahhhh….ahhhh…please can i…can i cum?” _____’s moans went up an octive as she tried to stop her orgasm before she was allowed to have it. Soryu was close to catching his release too, he wanted to cum with her. He wanted them to cum together.
“Not yet, baby” His grunts grew louder as his ending came nearer. Her hands gripped onto the sheets tighter, her knuckles turning porcelain.
“Daddy…I can’t….” Her back arching further as she fidgeted to try & take her mind off the impending end.
“Look at me…Look at Daddy, Peaches” A guttural groan left Soryu as _____’s eyes met his. “Cum, Cum with Daddy” A delicious scream left _____’s mouth as she let go of the built up coil that had wrapped itself so tightly in her core. Soryu followed releasing himself in her depths. Continuing his thrusts in a slow pace, prolonging her orgasm while doing the same with his own.
After their breathing found a steady rhythm again, Soryu pulled out of _____ & bent down to kiss her sore ass cheeks.
“Looks like you’re going to have a bruised peach.” Soryu chuckled kissing her cheeks again.
“Daddy!” ____ rolled over & pouted.
“Shall we go & take a bath, my precious peaches?” He placed his hand on her face & stroked her cheek with his fingers & bent down to kiss her on the forehead, then on the nose & then finally on her lips.
“hehehe, Okaaaaaaaay” _____ got up off the bed & skipped into the bathroom & turned the taps on. Soryu chuckled as he watched her go. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. A strange kink, neither of them knew they were into until they met each other but it brought them so much closer together, made them stronger as a couple, made their love blossom into something Soryu never imagined could exist.
“Daaaadddddyyyyyyy the bath is ready for us” Soryu chuckled again
“I’m coming, peaches” That’s right, just them. Daddy & his Peaches.


Hi guys ^_^ Because I’m busy now with other jobs, I need to put KiKiMora Lingerie for a short hiatus. Because of that I’m putting on sale all bras that I have left now.

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Carl’s Hair

Just a thing I wanted too write its not great but whatever.

One morning Michonne walked down the stairs to see quite an amusing scene unfolding in the living room.

Maggie, Tara and Rosita were all sitting on the sofa with huge grins on there faces all watching as Carl who was sitting on the floor with his back against the sofa and Enid sitting cross legged above him squirm as Enid attempted to drag a brush through his hair.

“stop that, you brought this on yourself now live with the consequences” she said in a mock serious tone as she began parting Carl’s hair down the middle with her finger.

“brought this on myself” he said indignantly “I was bullied into this, I thought we were friends” he said looking over at the three girls giggling on the other side of the sofa.

“What’s going on here?” Michonne asked entering the living room.

“Carl is finally letting me braid his hair” said Enid giggling “Oh stop moving your head” she said annoyed turning her attention back to her half finished French braid she had begun on the Left side of Carl’s head.

“I can assure you Michonne consent has no part in this” Carl said wincing as Enid pulled the braid tight.

“I wouldn’t have to pull it if you stopped moving so much” Enid said continuing to braid.

“You wouldn’t have to pull my hair at all if you just left it alone” Carl retorted.

“Oh come on Carl It’ll look so cute when she’s finished” said Maggie.

“Yeah even more adorable than your sister” added Rosita giggling.

“And you’ll be able to see were your going with your hair out of your face” said Tara grinning widely at Carl’s misfortune.

“I can see just fine thank”s My hair isn’t that long”

“I beg to differ” Enid said removing a bright pink hair elastic from her wrist.

Carl rolled his eyes at her and turned his attention back to Michonne.

“Michonne tell them to stop making fun of me” Carl whined as Enid tied off the first braid and moved to the other side of his head picking up the brush again.

At this Michonne just laughed “I think Ill stick around to see this” she said to Enid smiling.

“traitor” Carl replied glaring at Michonne.

“Almost finished” Enid said tying off the second braid with another bright pink hair elastic, “just one more thing” Enid said standing up and running out the front door.

“Awwwww those braids are just too cute!” exclaimed Maggie recieving nods from all the other women.

The door opened again revealing Enid with some daisies in her hand.

“Oh god” Carl groaned as Enid ran back to sit behind him and started sticking the stems into the braids.

“Awwwwwww” exclaimed all the women loudly.

“My work here is done, its too bad I couldn’t make them neater but someone kept moving” Enid said emphasizing the last part.

“Cant wait to see what my dad has to say” Carl said sarcastically as he stood up and went to go make himself some breakfast leaving the women in the living room giggling uncontrollably.


So, a few weeks ago I got some really cute chokers and I finally got to opening themmm!!! I love them soo much I got them really cheap off of (just in case any one was wondering) the pink ones have elastic in them so they’re really stretchy (one of the hooks broke off my white one but it was a duplicate choker so that’s fine! And it was only one choker that broke!) some of the black ones are kind of big on me cause I’m such a small person but they can easily be made to fit but just adding more hooks (or whatever you call ‘em) to it. I love all the white and pink ones and my favorite black ones are the one on the bottom with the circle in the middle, the cross one, and the triangle one!

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can you suggest plus size nymphet tops? i looked through the tag, but a lot of them are discontinued or out of stock now

I do need to update my plus size section but here are some tops for now…

Dolly Halter Top in Red

Hankie Hem Tee by Taillissime


Inspire Red Elasticated Bandeau Top

Inspire Black Floral Print Gypsy Top

Pink Fine Knit Top With Silver Sequin Butterfly Design

Black And Cream Polka Dot Print Jersey Longline Top






Sweet Heart Crop Top


Good Girl

Naughty List 

Sequin Trapeze Tank Top

Bow Peplum Top

Ruffle Crop Top

Surplice Front Crop Top

Sequined Cold Shoulder Sweater

Dear Santa Cold Shoulder Top

Sequined Marilyn Sweater

Plaid Peplum Top

Striped Tee

Adorable top





Rose Ready Ruffle top or in white

Pink Trendy Top

Embroidered Smocked Babydoll Cami

Plus Size Eye Magnet Black Crop Top

Ruffled Top

Knit Barbie Tee

MLP Tee Heather Grey

Office to the Races Top in Plus Size

Seemingly Sew Top in Red

glam top

Mandarin Collar Ruffle Top

Dolls Graphic Tee

Kiss Print Sweater

Hello Kitty Raglan Tee

Hello Kitty V-Neck Tee

Hello Kitty White Red Graphic T-Shirt 

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Disney Minnie Mouse Collection Halter Peplum 

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Disney Winnie the Pooh Sweeter Than Honey

T-shirt, print Perfect, with long sleeves, Henley neck

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:) <3

Bucky x Reader: Boners and Ponytails

Bucky x Reader Boners and ponytails

Readers POV

Bucky and I lay down cuddled on the couch. Its raining all day and the afternoon had just started. Amary is napping in her room.
Cuddled up together under a blanket. I feel his body heat on my back (spooning). I move a little as I feel cramps in my arms.

“Shit (Name) stop moving.” Bucky says. I nod and lay still. Bucky tightens his grip on my waist. Again I feel a cramp coming up and I move again. Bucky tightens his grip even more and he pushes down on my lower tummy, sending a tingle down my body. I now realize what I am doing to him. I decide to tease him a bit. Since it will be fun to make him a bit..lusty. I rotate me hips and grind into his pelvis. A soft moan escapes his mouth. Bucky turns me around and lays on top of me.
“I said; stop moving.” He leans down and kisses me on the mouth. I kiss him back and want more, but Bucky moves to my neck.

“Mommy?” I shoot up and push Bucky on the ground. A soft thud sounds and I chuckle.

“Yes dear?” I say as I walk to Amary.

“I had a nightmare.” She says. I look to Bucky, who wipes his hair out of his face.

“Aw come here.” I pull Amary in a warm hug. She lays her head in my neck.

“What was daddy doing?” Amary asks. I look to Bucky, who is rubbing his neck.

“We were…uhm, playing a game.”

“Can I join?” Amary asks in excitement.

“No!” Bucky says. Amary looks to me.

“We just finished it, and now I am going to make you some food.” I say. Amary nods and walks with me to the kitchen.

“I know what I want to be when I grow up.” The seven year old says.

“Hmm? What is it?” I ask as I put the bread in the toaster.

“Hairdresser!” Amary cheers. I smile.

“Really!” I ask.

“Yes! But..” Amary looks to Bucky, who looks like he is in a sort of..pain?

“But what sweetheart.” Amary runs to her room. I fill a glass with milk and put it on the table next to the couch.

“You are hurting me.” Bucky mumbles.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I say with a grin.

“Don’t fucking t-”

“Dad you can’t cuss. Thats mean.” Amary says as she walks towards Bucky and places the box of hair elastics next to her.
“I am going to do your hair now.” Amary says as she grabs a small brush and sits on Bucky’s shoulders.

“Wha- ouch!” Bucky says as Amary combs trough his hair. Amary grabs a piece of hair and ties an pink elastic.
I walk to the kitchen as the toaster is ready and grab the butter. I hear a few Ouches. I chuckle. I smear the butter on the toast and put Nutella on the toast. I grab a plastic plate and put the bread on it. I turn around and burst in laughter.

“What do you think mom?” Amary asks. I smile and walk towards the couch. In Bucky’s hair were small ponytails. Tied by all colors of elastics. I laughed.

“It looks great!” I say and I give a stroke over Amary’s head. Bucky just looks annoyed.
“C'mon Bucks, I know you like it.” I say as I poke his shoulder. A small smile creeps on his face.

“Yeah maybe.” Bucky says and I smile. I knew it.


Immortals (1/8)

[Originally posted on my account back in May, before I had a tumblr, but since the Bubbline fandom’s pretty lively here, thought I’d share. It’s been turned completely AU by Stakes, but still works pretty well as an alternate history. Romance/Angst/Tragedy

[As it turns out, Marceline and Bonnibel have more history than all of Ooo, and back in the beginning, Marceline still had a moral code, and Bonnibel still had a heart. But a thousand years is a long, long time, and nothing lasts forever.

[Adventure Time belongs to Pendleton Ward and the song “Immortals” to Fall Out Boy.]


(they say we are what we are

but we don’t have to be)


“Why isn’t there any…chicken…soup?!”

That plaintive cry echoes throughout the dead city, ricocheting off busted cars and broken buildings, and muffles in the freshly fallen snow that clogs one of its alleys. In the alley’s center, an elderly man, his skin tinting to blue, shakes his fists at the unsympathetic leaden skies.

And nearly gets concussed by the falling can of chicken soup.

“What? I’ll freeze you!” he yells, spinning around with his hands extended, crab-like, but there’s nothing there—no threats, no oozing monster. Just a deep divot in the snow, shadowed blue as his skin. He lowers his hands, the fear fading from his face, and fishes out the miracle can. “Er…”

“Simon? Simon, what’s going on?”

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Stranger Things

Sam tries to get a handle on Bash and Florian. 

There is a clunking sound followed by an almost humorous elastic-twanging sploing. Sam looks up from the camera to see Bash’s butler rubbing his elbow ruefully.

“You alright?”

“Yeah,” the kid calls back. What’s his name now? Florida or something? “Just these ropes are kinda hard to fix.”

Sam would be the first to admit he’s not really the practical type, but needs must. “Want a hand?”

“Yeah, that would be great actually.”

He jumps up into the ring. At least that’s the intention. It’s always so much taller than he expects, and what he intends as a leap turns into more of an arthritic lumber. An unwelcome reminder of mileage on the clock. “What do I do?”

Florian hand him the length of pink elastic. “Just hold these there while I fix the other side.”

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