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Get to know me!

I was tagged by @home-of-the-trash to do these questions, Thank you so much, love!!!

Nickname: Idk. Sandy is the only one I really have so far

Star Sign: Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Sun

Height : 5′5-5′6

Time: 3:53pm

Birthday: November 4th

Favorite Bands: The Kinks, The Zombies, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, ect

Favorite Solo Artist: Marianne Faithfull, Childish Gambino is a second

Song Stuck in My Head: None, really. Astronomy Domine, I suppose.

Last Movie Watched: Spider-Man: Homecoming (it’s great)

Last Show Watched: Futurama

Blog Created: I think two or three years now

What I Do: Play guitar, read, write, clean, watch shows/movies/videos and listen to music/podcasts

Last Thing I Googled: Marianne Faithfull Live (lmao)

Other Blogs: There are none

Do You Get Asks: Not often

Why Did You Choose Your URL: By now, I forgot my original username but I chose Careforcell44 because that’s one of my favorite Zombies song and because it’s in one of my top favorite albums, Odessey and Oracle (go listen to it!)

Following: 547

Followers: 598 (and thank you all!)

Favorite Colors: Blue

Average Hours of Sleep: Seven or eight i think

Lucky Number: 4

Instruments: Acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele, clarinet

What I’m Wearing: Black jeans and some kind of orange and black weaved long sleeve (it’s nicer than my description)

How Many Blankets: One

Dream Job: Musician or psychologist

Dream Trip: England, Germany or Korea

Favorite Food: Anything spicy, really!

Nationality: Mexican-American

Favorite Song: Right now, my top favorites are Do It In The Name Of Love by The Monkees, Octopus by Syd Barrett and We Are The Dead by David Bowie

I tag @lemonshark-mar @flossie-jones @pennylane1968 @david-bowie-garbage @errol-harrison and who ever wants to do this!

Will trying to make a poem for nico
  • Will: roses are red
  • Will: or yellow, white, pink, ect
  • Will: violets are blue...
  • Will: wait - i mean violet.
  • Will: violets are violet
  • Will: u are really cute
  • Will: and... uhh.. I like ur face?
  • Will: wait-
  • Will: nico wait-
  • Will: i can do this
  • Will: trust me
  • Will:
  • Will:
  • Will: wat rhymes with violet??
  • Will:
  • Will:
  • Will: tiolet
  • Nico: *leaves*

anonymous asked:

HC: Mabel makes her own "super-sayian demon mode." The costume consists of super-rainbow-glitter infused clothing (skirt, leggings, sweater, ect.), hot-pink light-up steel-toed boots, and a full-face 100% bedazzled gas mask. In addition to her trusty bat, she also carries a weaponized firework gun (courtesy of Candy) which she loves to fire while screaming "I AM THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION!"

Mod S needs art of this stat