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If you ask me, anti-heroes are the most interesting characters in any form of writing.

SU Theory: Steven to Connie is Pink to Blue

It wasn’t until seeing this front cover of the upcoming Steven Universe: Art and Origins book that I really noticed the parallels. 

Connie’s back and hair remind me very much of the Blue Diamond mural. And yes, the parallels have been made by others many times, but when it comes to the relationship of Steven and Connie, I think this is how Pink and Blue Diamond were.

Pink brought something magical into Blue’s life and showed her the world around her. Much in the way Steven’s magic and kindness to Connie opened her up to many possibilities and her potential. Yet, Steven and Pink were “out of this world” or at the very least, estranged from their societal cultures.

Connie introduces books to Steven and shows him life void of crystal gems and magic. Being human. Likewise, Blue probably showed Pink the whole rundown of homeworld culture. When Steven doesn’t understand or is slow to learn about books, Connie is exasperated, but she continues to try. 

I think Pink was Blue’s first close relationship. Where Yellow and perhaps White come off as sisterly or more parental and controlling, Pink was loose and free. She saw the world from an entirely different perspective. 

Steven says in the “We are the Crystal Gems” extended song, “I will fight to be everything that everybody wants me to be when I’m grown,” can apply to Pink Diamond as well. While Steven will soon start to break out of this mold, Pink Diamond didn’t get to be who she wanted to be.  She tried, but she knew she needed to be the Diamond they wanted her to be. This is where Pink fails and Steven will break out and succeed her. 

So the relationship of Steven to Connie being the same as Pink to Blue Diamond is interesting and really shows just how close the two Diamonds were. Perhaps close enough for fusion. 

Now headcanoning Priyanka as Yellow and Doug as White Diamond. Poor Trying-to-be-cool-with-the-kids White Diamond. Still upholding the rules and trying to make them look cool. Blue and Pink were crazy backseat drivers.

A block of text about how Pepper becomes Rescue in the MCU because I CAN DREAM CAN’T I???

Pepper gets curious about the suits that tony is building to prepare for thanos and one day is just like “can I try one?” And tony is all like “uh, yeah, let me just see if I have one that fits- oh, look at that. A beautiful pink one that is perfectly your size weird how did that get there.” And Pepper rolls her eyes but this has something she has been contemplating for a while when she finally made her peace that tony was never going to give it up so she’s super anxious but once she’s in the sky? This feeling?? Flying?? It’s the most amazing thing. Tony is hovering nervously around her as Pepper adjusts and then freaks the fuck out when she just throws caution away and zooms over the ocean skyline. 

Pepper takes to the suit like a duck to water and one day something happens. The suit gets a signal that someone is in danger nearby and Pepper goes to help because of course she does. In the end it’s just some bank robbers but the rush she felt! Getting shot at and having the bullets harmlessly fall away!! Having a weapon literally in the palm of her hand that can stun or worse. Being able to lift weights that no normal human should be able to! It’s exhilarating! And she realized, as the bank employees thank her for her help, that she wants this. She wants the suit and she wants to help people. Tony had been informed through the suit what had happened and had hovered around Pepper like a mother hen, knowing full well that that much action could traumatize a civilian, especially since pepper had been through so much already. But Pepper isn’t traumatized. Her blood is pumping and she wants more.  

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