pink dragon millipede

Most millipedes are not particularly adorable. They’re a little disgusting, but they’re not terribly threatening. They’re just kinda … there, waiting to gross out schoolgirls or be eaten by birds. Except, of course, for the shocking pink dragon millipede. Woe be to the bird that comes near one of these bastards. Woe be to any animal, honestly. The thing isn’t hot pink because it likes doing K in a dark warehouse while wearing fur boots – the bright color is a warning that this son of a bitch secretes cyanide.

It was first discovered in 2007, and scientists quickly learned that the shocking pink dragon millipede, while looking like a half-chewed piece of Laffy Taffy, was anything but sweet and tasty. It does have a pleasant, almond-like smell to it, but that’s just because it has a series of defensive glands that ironically spew almond-scented cyanide. You might remember cyanide as one of the deadliest poisons on Earth, and one of the last things you should ever let near your skin.

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