pink doritos

it’s a Somva Christmas fic

This fic was written for and inspired by my friend’s super cute drawings 

wait a sec she took a line from this for her comic omg

♪ …neomuneomu meotjeo nuni nuni busheo

sumeul mot shwigesseo tteollineungeol

Gee Gee— ♪


Interrupting the overly peppy K-pop was D.Va’s widely grinning face complete with the usual pink Doritos suddenly filling the entirety of her webcam.

“Aaand jilgohun Christmas bonoseyo ! Welcome to my super special Christmas stream!” As if to prove her festive spirit, the streamer moved her head back far enough to reveal a red headband adorned with reindeer antlers. The thousands of viewers who had been exchanging festive greetings took notice and began commenting on the headgear.

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Jasper Headcanons

What if the reason Jasper hates fusions is because she was hurt by someone she was close to whom she used to fuse with?

While that could very well be possible, my next theory is both a little more detailed as well as a bit more far fetched, so bare with me here.

What if Jasper and Rose used to fuse together? What if they’d do so when in battle against corrupted/rogue gems? They probably wouldn’t be a constant fusion, like Garnet, however they would still be in sync just as much as Ruby and Sapphire.

I’m not saying Jasper and Rose were romantically involved, even though I reckon it could be possible since pretty much anything on SU is possible, although that doesn’t mean they couldn’t of had a strong platonic relationship, and one just as strong as Ruby’s and Sapphire’s at that.

What if they were both sent on a mission to destroy earth single handedly, yet Rose was the one to protest and break the fusion, that being the last time they ever fused?

What if Rose was actually called Rose Diamond (considering a vast majority of the fanbase considers her gem to be a pink diamond rather than a quartz gem for various reasons) although when she and Jasper fused together they made up the gem, ‘Rose Quartz’, and Rose decided to keep the name in order to remember her friend who became her nemesis the moment they unfused forever?

What if the reason Jasper hates the Crystal Gems so much is because she blames them for Rose going through with betraying Home World and Yellow Diamond? What if Jasper believes Rose would’ve ‘come to her senses’ and forgotten about earth if she didn’t have supporters?

In fact… what if Yellow Diamond convinced Jasper, who intended to simply never speak to Rose nor the Crystal Gems again and leave it at that, to get revenge on them? What if Yellow Diamond cunningly made Jasper’s pain of losing both her best friend and a comrade turn into rage?

And if we want to look into the future rather than past, what if Jasper is redeemable, despite what a quite a bit of the fanbase figures? What if Jasper ends up escaping from Lapis, finding Steven, and before she can attempt to kill him asks him why Rose looks like him and why she’s so weak. Imagine how her rage could momentarily turn into pain when realizing Rose is gone as Steven explains before said pain shifts back into rage.

Imagine Jasper deciding she just wants to get this over with, however pauses when Steven begins to give one of those signature heartfelt speeches that have managed to get through to other villains, such as Centipeetle and Lapis.

Imagine Jasper finally showing sorrow or grief or regret, basically anything other than hatred and fury, because Steven’s words have managed to undo Yellow Diamond’s words.

Imagine Jasper joining the Crystal Gems and being that awkward redeemed villain who doesn’t know how to act properly around the heroes. Imagine Steven’s moms gradually warming up to Jasper despite not knowing whether or not allowing her to join them was a good idea in the beginning.

Imagine Jasper and Lapis making up and becoming surprisingly good friends with time, or imagine Peridot also being redeemed and becoming friends rather than simply colleagues with Jasper over time. Heck, imagine them all becoming good friends; and then, imagine what their synced fuse would be when they finally get close enough.

And imagine Steven realizing another one of his power’s is the ability to show people the good in the world by simply talking with them. Imagine Steven realizing this is the one power that came from him rather than his mother.

Imagine Steven using his power to help corrupt and evil gems become good.

Maybe Jasper, Lapis, Peridot, and all the other gems Steven would redeem creating their own little team of redeemed heroes helping the Crystal Gems.

I’d just like to make a quick note and say I’m not trying to butter up Jasper’s actions– she’s done some pretty brutal things, however in all honesty all of the characters in Steven Universe have done some rather questionable actions other than Connie, Steven, and Garnet.

Also, I know this is, as I stated above, far fetched, but it still seems pretty cool! For all I know one idea could end up becoming canon, or none of them could, just as all of them could. In any case, this was fun to speculate on!