Mellow Frames: Guilty Trip

I’ve been making jokes about Rose Quartz having a very loose code of morality since the very first Mellow Frames, but when it comes to this whole Pink Diamond thing, I’m on her side.  Maybe Steven will learn that what his Mom did was mostly justified. 

Pink Diamond Master Theory Part 2

You will want to read part 1 to be able to understand the basis for this theory so if you haven’t checked it out here it is! Part 1

Rose, with Pink Diamond’s shards, tried to heal her with only tears, however Rose’s powers were not capable of healing on that level (Otherwise why wouldn’t she have healed all of the shattered and corrupted Crystal Gems?) Shed began doing experiments with organic material. I think Rose believed, if she could not give her life back, she could try to give her a new one. Rose was already able to create life with her plant power, and I think this is where her experiments began. Remember the magic moss?

Neither the watermelon people or pumpkin have an actual gem, so I think it’s safe to say her plant people are not gems.  If you look at the “cuts” of the gems they don’t look like a cut at all, they look like shattered remains of a gem. However I think this was likely a Crystal Gem, and not Pink Diamond herself.

Rose may have done many more experiments that we are not aware of, and eventually she began experiments on animal life.

Back in Buddy’s Book, we see that Rose Quartz was out in the desert with 7 lions. We all knew this must have some connection to our Lion, however it was hard to come to any conclusions back then.

Why was she out in the desert? Far away from the Crystal Gems? The very same desert that Lion was originally found in.

Here’s what I think happened. 

Rose had the shards of pink diamond, and implanted them into the 7 lions, then fused them into our Lion. 

now hang on don’t go away! I know the Lion is Pink Diamond theory is way over done but I have A LOT of evidence to back this up. Buckle up your seatbelts, kids.

Firstly, if Lion is not those lions all together, then where are the other lions? Why is our Lion Pink? and a very serious question, how is this lion more powerful than even Rose Quartz herself?

First, let’s go over what we know about Lion.

He helped Steven find Rose’s scabbard in the strawberry battlefield

He knew where it was, and what it was. He had to have been present when it was lost. How else would he know where it was? If Rose had told him, why wouldn’t she have just retrieved it herself? 

Then he taught Steven about the elemental powers of the diamonds in Lion 2: The Movie.

He showed Steven his own history in Buddy’s Book by bringing him to the library

We know now thanks to Lion 4: Alternate Ending, that Rose didn’t want Steven to be involved in all of this, she just wanted him to be alive.So why is Lion showing Steven all of this? Because Lion is Pink Diamond. He knows better than anyone that the Diamonds will never stop, and that there would eventually come a time when Steven would have to fight them.

In it Could’ve Been Great, when he warps, you can see a pink diamond behind him, and the vibrating sound of the diamonds playing in the background. Lion can warp to the moon, and also knew where Pink Diamond’s base was.

He has sonic powers, not unlike the diamonds corruption song.

You can see what looks like large, shattered chunks of a pink gem inside his mane at the base of the tree.

He brought Steven to Rose’s junkyard, which is located over Pink Diamonds ship!

Lion is trying to tell Steven who he is. He is trying to make Steven understand what his purpose will be. And I can tell you exactly what that is, and what I think the actual ending of Steven Universe will be.

In Part 3!

//So, I had a dream last night and I couldn’t remember everything, but i’m pretty sure I saw a Pink Pearl in it. I can’t remember exactly how she looked in my dream, but I know she was pink and white so I tried my best to make a pink pearl. 

I used a base of regular Pearl to help get it to look more like the shows style. But yeah, here’s my Pink Pearl. // 

How Rose shattered Pink Diamond, and how Peridot could do the same to Yellow Diamond

I believe Rose used her Ecokinesis to subdue Pink Diamond, and then (as @awestruck-vox said in his theory), reflected her own attack to shatter her. That would explain the flowers and plant-life surrounding the Palanquin she was shattered in, why Blue Diamond was in the Sky Arena in ‘The Answer’ rather than the surface, and maybe the Diamonds resentment toward organic life.

Given Peridot’s Ferrokinesis, and that Yellow Diamond seems to have some kind of Electrokinesis, I think it’s highly possible that Peridot could use these factors to subdue and shatter YD the same way. Let’s say she finds YD inside some kind of factory, a place with a lot of metal, maybe even where Peridot used to work, she could use the metal to subdue her, and with metal being a conductor of electricity, it could also be used to reflect any attack Yellow made with her powers, and Yellow Diamond doesn’t seem to be the kind of gem to think before striking.

@the-a-j-universe theorised that Homeworld lied to Era 2 Gems about their powers to prevent a second Gem rebellion, but I think they lied to Peridots specifically, and possibly other Gems who might have Ferrokinesis. I mean, Plant-life, Water, these are things that are probably very rare on Homeworld, being able to control them wouldn’t be too useful in a fight. But metal, Homeworld is a technologically advanced society, of course they’re going to have a lot of metal, which makes the idea of Ferrokinesis terrifying to the Diamonds, especially after Pink Diamonds death via a Kinetic ability, which incidentally, is around the time they started making these supposed 'Powerless Peridots’.


Potential Rocknaldo Foreshadowing?

“I think it’d be like deep in my heart, or like a million tiny crushed up gems, like one crushed up gem coursing through my blood.”

“I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I watched the leader of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz, shatter Pink Diamond!”

“This is the Crystal Heart! It’s connected to the most dangerous areas of the temple.”

Does this mean that Pink Diamond’s shards power the Crystal Heart?