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Katsuki Yuuri is 22 and in college and disgustingly in love with Viktor Nikiforov, his boyfriend of two years.

They have a one-year-old puppy named Makkachin, whom they got from the breeder as soon as he was fully weaned. 

They live together in a gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment - with huge bay windows and what is technically a guest room, but which they’ve been calling “Phichit’s room” for as long as they’ve been living there, for how often the Thai boy stays over. Sometimes, Chris stays there too, when he’s in the country, and Phichit will complain for weeks afterwards that nothing is where he left it and someone has been rummaging in his personal belongings. (Yuuri and Viktor have long since given up questioning why he even keeps his personal belongings in their guestroom).

Viktor is a successful, best-selling author who insists on travelling to the places his books are set in the interest of accuracy even when the setting has next to nothing to do with the plot, because he’s just extra like that.

Yuuri and Makkachin travel with him whenever they can, but being a college student doesn’t give you that much free time, so most often Yuuri has to stay at home, or come home early. He doesn’t mind too much. He’s never actually alone for more than a few days at a time anyways (again, Phichit crashes at their place a lot).

They’re happy and disgustingly adorable and #couplegoals for literally everyone.

And then…they break up. And neither of them will say why. All anyone knows is that it started with a tiny little argument, and spiralled quickly into something monstrous and devastating.

And within the month, Yuuri moves out of his gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment with the huge bay windows and the guest room that they used to call Phichit’s room.

He leaves behind the boyfriend he was disgustingly in love with, and the puppy that whines pitifully after him, scratching at the door and begging to be let out.

He’s done uni by then, and so is Phichit. They have nothing left to tie them to that city, and because Phichit is beautiful and perfect and a way better best friend than Yuuri deserves, he convinces Yuuri to move with him across the country, to sunny beaches and towering palms, to a place as far away from home as they can possibly get, while staying in the same country.

And Viktor? He’s left behind in a too big apartment, with a heartbroken puppy that lies listlessly on Yuuri’s side of the bed and can only fall asleep when listening to Yuuri’s breathless laughter through old vacation videos on Viktor’s laptop.

Once their lease is up, Viktor decides to move back home to Russia, to parents who hug him tightly when they see him standing miserable and tired on their doorstep, and a little brother who barely recognizes him without his ex boyfriend attached to his hip.

He keeps writing his books (tragedies now, instead of the romance his fans have grown to expect from him), even sells his movie rights to some of them, and Makkachin starts running and playing again, tongue lolling happily out of his mouth and bouncing with excitement whenever Yura mentions the beloved “w” word. These days, Viktor always takes him travelling with him, ever since Makkachin got sick with anxiety the first time Viktor left him behind at his parents’ home for a week.

And meanwhile, Yuuri learns to live with a gaping hole in his chest where his heart used to be, so painful some days he can barely breathe.

Phichit is with him every step of the way, his partner-in-crime, his brother in all but blood, his platonic soulmate. (It’s a warm and sticky summer night when they lie on a sandy beach and listen to the waves lapping quietly at their bare toes, and they promise each other that if neither of them are married by forty, they’ll just marry each other. It’s not exactly what Yuuri had wanted from his future, but it still makes him clutch at his stomach in breathless laughter when Phichit suggests it.)

Viktor had always been the author out of the two of them, the one that knew how to string words in just the right order to paint a vivid picture in the minds of his readers.

But Yuuri isn’t too bad at it himself, he thinks. He decides to give it a try.

He paints a story of a clumsy couple, charmingly naive, so in love, so perfectly imperfect. He paints a story of a couple that bickers and banters, fights and then makes up with whispered apologies and warm cuddles. He writes about a couple that fights and makes up, fights and makes up, fights and makes up until…quite suddenly…they don’t.

He writes about the couple that goes their separate ways. A couple that is too young, too inexperienced for this thing they have between them, this thing that’s so huge, so important, so beautiful, they’re both afraid to lose it, so they throw it away themselves.

And then, just because he wants to give them the one thing he’d long given up hope for, he ends their story with a question.

(Can we give this a second chance?)

Katsuki Yuuri is 26, and disgustingly in love with Viktor Nikiforov, the boy he broke up with three and a half years ago.

He has a cute little 2-year-old toy poodle named Vicchan, whom his roommate, his platonic soulmate (his potential fiancé?) had given to him as a present to get over his broken heart.

They live together in a cozy little 1-bedroom apartment just ten minutes away from the beach, with a sofa-bed that their friends, Guang-Hong and Leo, like to crash on sometimes when they’re in the middle of another lovers’ quarrel.

Yuuri is a best-selling author, with his one-hit wonder, On My Love, garnering international attention and countless desperate requests for a sequel.

Yuuri likes to take Vicchan for walks along the beach early in the morning, just as the sun is beginning to peek above the horizon and paint the sky in soft pinks and dazzling oranges.

They’re taking a break one day, with Vicchan splashing in the shallows a few feet away, when Yuuri is suddenly bowled over by a whining, panting, standard sized poodle, all soft brown fur and sloppy kisses.

He can barely breathe around the desperate affection, and not even Vicchan’s excited, curious yapping is enough to distract the ecstatic giant furball from his reunion with his long-lost and sorely missed human.

As soon as Yuuri can breathe again, fingers curled into his beautiful older puppy’s fur, he looks up, and his heart clenches at the sight of the Russian man standing a few feet away, a familiar paperback clutched to his chest with white-knuckled hands.

He still wears his heart on his sleeve.

A question tumbles out of his mouth.

And in that moment, Yuuri knows to start his next book with an answer.

(“Of course.”)

signs + types of sunsets / sunrises

aries: a brilliant sunrise, the sun bounding off the endless waters off the ocean, bright yellow and golds reflecting off the blue water. the sun’s rays are playful, sparkling off the ocean water and shimmering gold in the bright morning sky

taurus: a dim, secluded sun will hide behind the large, billowing blue-white clouds, turning the sun a dim, dark blue. but if you stick around and wait for the clouds to move away, a confident, but still a tad shy, pale yellow sunset. the sun will shine in millions of shades of orange and red, before dying out slowly into the edge of the horizon

gemini: a brisk, cold sunrise, the sun wasting no time to begin its ascension through the bright, cloudless blue sky. though this sun will travel fast, and burning brilliantly, it will tell countless stories of adventure and exhilaration before dipping below the waters.

cancer: a soft, but penetrating, dazzling pink sunrise, at some moments hidden behind gruesome, gray clouds, becoming an almost red, furious sun. but at others, a kind, rosy orb in the sky, shining with kindness and radiating empathy

leo: the richest sunset of all the signs, an immense, unfathomable sunset, smoldering a deep orange-red. the heat of this fierce, hot star will prickle your skin, even after it sets, burning with pride and power until it’s no longer visible

virgo: the most delicate of all the signs, this sunrise will be a pale, yellow sun, always covered by the clouds. hardly noticeable, it will provide life to the Earth and light to all, but will allow other beauties of nature to shine, never stealing the attention for themselves, but only there to provide it’s pale, soft light.

libra: a smaller, peacful sunrise, but still beautiful, but giving off the appearance as if something is missing. never alone in the sky. white, swirling clouds, towering green trees and birds of every species will accompany this sun from morning to night. never alone, this alluring sunrise will shine in every crevice and space, giving light to all and leaving darkness to none.

scorpio: a radiant, bright red sunset, the kind that hurts to look directly at it, for it is too harsh a burning. passionate and never-ceasing, its relentless, scalding heat hurting the eyes of those who dare to venture up to the horizon and never allowing anything to dull its shine- no cloud or bird could ever compare.

sagittarius: a mellow, illuminating golden sunrise, so charming that just to take a moment and gaze upon its glistening rays, giving light to absolutely everything,making each and every plant, animal, or human more beautiful and aesthetic than they were before and inspiring others to do what they want in life and giving hope to those who have none.

capricorn: a dim, low sunrise, taking what seems like an eternity to fully ascend from above the horizon and begin the day. appearing to be flawless in color, shape, size, and intensity, it will give off a bright light, but more of a revealing light then a burning heat. this sun will drive clouds and birds away with it’s shining rays that are too brilliant that others wouldn’t want to touch it in fear of it breaking.

aquarius: the most diverse and eclectic of the signs, this sunset will change pace and temperament constantly. sometimes, it’ll be the kindest of pinks, glimmering silently and compassionately; but other times, it’ll be a brutal, neon yellow-orange ball of heat, leaving no mercy to others.

pisces: the most graceful and exquisite of all the sunrises and sunsets, this sunrise will appear slowly and patiently. it will radiate innocence and happiness, peace and tranquility, shyness and compassion. it will sparkle off the ocean water and paint the Earth in such spectacular greens, blues, reds and yellows that it will be as if it popped right out of a fantasy book.

Some arms Genos has used in the series up to this point (Jan -17) :O

I don’t know what (if anything) their official names are, but I personally refer to them as (starting with the top left) the mosquito girl arms, stock arms, combat arms (aka anti-Saitama tactical arms), household arms, sakura arms, red/white arms, rocket arms, Sonic fight arms, G4 arms and our most recent *dazzling* arms
(I’ve never seen official coloured versions of the bottom row except the red/white arms, so the colours used here might be wrong)

Which is your favourite set of Genos arms? :D

(As a couple of people have said, it would be very useful to have a large reference post showing the arms, I totally intend to do one with more detailed shots of the hands etc… Will probably take some time to get done, though!)


@reptile-ruler​ said: i just got the creepiest picture in my head of him getting a really long torso to attach all his arms at once D:

RR why.

~Okay @tskazane, I tried my hand at it. I hope it is what you are looking for!~ 

His body was rebelling against him. This was the most likely answer. It did whatever it wanted to do, regardless of what was decent. But Jumin was stronger than this, he would rise above it and control himself this time. It all was because of the RFA party. His emotions took control during that time too, and he couldn’t reel himself back in since. MC had been so supportive of him, so kind while he dealt with his father and those women. She gently defended him against the other RFA members’ jabs and insults, she lavished attention on Elizabeth the 3rd, she even laughed at his jokes. He wanted to make her laugh more often. When he saw her standing in the party hall, wearing the dazzling gown he had sent her in appreciation, he just…. he wanted to hug her. And once again reading his thoughts, she pulled him in. Her soft hair against his chin, the smell of her shampoo, the warmth of her body against his… he held onto her longer than necessary. He got greedy. He found himself constantly desiring to touch her. Each brush of her hand, each time their shoulders connected, it was a devouring rush that overwhelmed him. And each touch was growing bolder.

But not tonight. Tonight he would control himself. He would prove to himself he could sit next to her and keep to himself. If for no one other than himself, even if she never mentioned it, never asked him to stop. Even if just the tiniest movement would bring him to her, to that energizing shock that lit his nerve endings on fire. No one seemed to have noticed yet; he would have to ensure it stayed that way. A knock on his office door summoned him back to his work, and he found his hand reaching out for someone who wasn’t there. “Come in.” He answered, straightening himself and adjusting his tie. Tonight he would regain control of his body. It was a small outing that Luciel and Yoosung had insisted on. He hadn’t planned on attending, but the chance to be so close to her was too tempting to give up. He never missed a party meeting, never a night out, at least, never when she was there too. Oh, his new assistant was talking to him.“Yes, thank you.” He dismissed the man. What did he agree to? Oh yes, he wasn’t going to touch her this time. Not even if there was the smallest of opening.

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OKAY BUT NEW HORROR IDEA (because im sleeping on every Au lately oops) 

When Taehyung’s husband Yoongi is suddenly killed in a car accident he, like anyone else, thinks that’s the end of their story together. 

Of course, that isn’t the case at all. 

The weeks following Yoongi death are hard for Taehyung. In a fit of grief and anger at his dead husband for just leaving him the way he did, Taehyung decides to move to Seoul and leave behind the house he shared with Yoongi back in Daegu. Rather than pack anything in the home either, still angry and lost in his slight depression, Taehyung only packs up his clothing and leaves the rest of his memories with Yoongi in their home to be forgotten. 

He gets his fresh start with a new apartment and job in Seoul thanks to his friend Jimin. 

It’s only when he begins dating again that everything goes to shit. 

His first boyfriend following Yoongi’s death comes almost a year after Taehyung’s moved to Seoul. Kim Jongin is all tan skin and tall slightly toned body with watermelon pink hair and a dazzling smile. Even better, he’s nothing like Yoongi. They meet out in a club and decide to keep meeting up after a very fast hook up in the dirty bathroom of a club. Jongin treats Taehyung like the prince he is and completely spoils him, it’s all perfect until Jongin moves in. 

“Hey baby?”  Jongin’s eyebrows are scrunched together as he stares at something in the mirror. 


It’s late in the night, nearly three in the morning and normally Taehyung would be fast asleep by now but the thought of cuddling with his big teddy bear of a boyfriend has him giggling.  

“Can you check my back for me? I feel like something is burning me.” 

The giggles abruptly end when Taehyung lets out a gasp as he stands at the bathroom door and eyes the five deep bright red scratches doing down across Jongin’s back. Taehyung tries to to play it off as maybe the elder accidentally scratched himself in his sleep or something but Jongin, Jongin takes it as a warning and leaves.

Taehyung’s next boyfriend, Junhong, is taller than Jongin but just as playful. The boy is younger than Taehyung but not by much and oddly enough carries the same love of hip hop and rap music that Yoongi had. Though, Taehyung tries not to think about that. They meet in a tattoo shop when Taehyung had decided to get a hip piercing on a spur of the moment and Junhong had been getting ink poked into him. 

This relationship is different though. Taehyung finally gets the to be the only babying his lover.  Sadly, like the relationship with Jongin, it all goes down the drain the moment Junhong moves in. 

The first week living together everything is great. Taehyung smiles as he gets to sleep through the night happily holding and being held by someone he thinks he can fall in love with, he completely misses the way Junhong’s eyes widen with fear at the shadows that seem to move against their bedroom walls. 

Still Junhong last three weeks. 

The day the younger leaves for good honestly feels like Deja Vu to Taehyung. The elder is in bed watching Junhong get ready for sleep in the bathroom as he smiles gently and it’s only when he hears a shocked “Hey babe?” that dread sets in. 


“What’s this?” 

Taehyung feels his heart break all over again when he spots the picture Junhong is holding. The picture shows a very happy young Taehyung with his head tossed back in laughter as he sits in the lap of Yoongi during a party. Taehyung can actually remember it once being Yoongi’s favorite picture to look at too. The elder would always say he loved the way Taehyung looked so blissed out and care free. 

The moment he touches the picture though, something clicks in Taehyung’s head. 

“H-How did you get this?” Taehyung is shaking as he stares wide eyed at Junhong and the younger just shrugs, completely unaware of Taehyung’s fear. 

“I found it in the bathroom next to those scented candles you keep.” 

It should sound fine. It should be okay, but Taehyung knows there’s no way the picture could have been in his home. He’d left the picture, along with every other piece of Yoongi, miles and miles away in Daegu. 

Before he can say anything, Taehyung is forced to watch the way a glass cup is lifted and thrown across the room, straight into Junhing’s face. 

“Wait you think your house is haunted?” 

“I….. I think it’s Yoongi.” 

Taehyung watches the way Jimin’s face shifts into something like a frown filled with worry and he knows that his best friend is about to give him a talk he’s not ready to have. He knows Jimin is going to say the words he doesn’t want to hear so he leaves before he can hear them. He leaves before he can have his heartbroken again. 

“Yoongi’s gone Taehyung…. he’s gone forever.” 

“Did you know, when a person suddenly dies with anger in their heart they can turn into demons and roam the earth until they complete whatever has them stuck?” 

This boyfriend goes by the name of Hansol, Kim Hansol, and he’s exactly like Yoongi. Taehyung often finds himself grasping for breath as he turns and it hits him just how much Hansol’s pale skin and sharp eyes remind him of Yoongi’s. The boy carries the same short stature that Yoongi did and his sassy comments could rivals the elder’s. 

They lay in bed together now watching the way the tv keeps flipping on and off despite the remote being sat on the coffee table in front of them. 

“So what…. you think i have a demon in my home?” 

The answer that Taehyung gets is Hansol’s scream of pain as the pale skin of his wrist burns deep purple. 

It’s honestly nothing new and Taehyung is used to it now but it still hurts a little bit as he watches his now ex boyfriend leaving the apartment in the middle of the night.  The boy’s last sentence said before he leaves rings in Taehyung’s head that night as he pretends not to feel the sudden coldness that has filled the spot behind him under the covers. 

“I think… i think your husband has made it clear you’re his. Even in death.”

U H O H PLEASE FORGIVE ME– I may have gotten carried away- :’^)

It’s my mesmer gorl (Alakuraza AKA Raza) and my revenant boi (Will Meow For Food AKA Volta). Basically Raza is the strong soldier-type and Volta is a hopeless romantic. xD
Warm and fuzzy shitpost ahead:

    Raza shifted uncomfortably; dresses were much different than armor. This quiet sect of the Citadel was dimly lit by the lanterns and moonlight- you could only faintly here the hum of machinery.
Volta had insisted they meet somewhere less intense than the battlefield though, and to “dress up- not in armor”. Ridiculous. She would indulge him though, just this once- he seemed pretty excited when he asked this.
    Volta had thought this night through intensely. He finally got Raza to agree to a night out without the rest of the band. He planned everything- he even found her favorite flower- a terebinth. He went to their meeting spot; she was already there-
Even with his bad eyesight, he could see she looked regal.
    Raza turned towards the sound of footsteps; it was Volta. About to introduce herself as she would any comrade- she stopped herself, clearing her throat. It was then she noticed he wasn’t wearing his blindfold.
Volta was known for being plagued by demons- they wreaked havoc on his senses- mainly his eyesight. She had never seen him without it, and was honestly never sure if he actually had eyes. They were squinted nearly closed. It was almost awkward- but it made her feel a little less conscious about herself in a dress. 
Raza spotted him holding something out to her; a dazzling little pink flower.
“Uh, I um, heard these were your favorite…” Volta smiled.
Thank the Imperator it was dark out- or she might’ve been caught blushing.

I’M SORRY FOR BEING SUCH A PIECE OF TRASH- But these two are my feel-good Cute Couple™ :^)

I’ll have to get more into Volta’s backstory at some point- honestly everyone’s backstory needs “going into” pfffftttttt- /shot

callous - jungkook scenario

Jungkook - BTS

words - 533

genre - angst, highschool!au, badboy!au

prompt - …there was the sea between us again.“ - Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Originally posted by jjks

The hallways are abuzz with foreign life as people dash past you, white papers flying in the summer air. After three whole tiresome dreadful semesters school was finally over. You hunched over your locker, steadily emptying your stuff out in preparation for the New Year. Dumping unimportant papers into a plastic bag you shifted through the random stray papers. Your hands fell upon a photograph from July. Flipping it around you were startled to find your grinning face beside your best friend Tae Rin. You were both laughing like idiots and involuntary smile formed itself onto your lips.

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pricy ponies and their appeal

munchy: a fast food-themed pony with hamburgers all over her body! $60 minimum

mimic: a lime green pony with gems for eyes and a tropical theme! $60-80 minimum

rapunzel: a princess pony with beautiful long hair and an adorable cutie mark of rapunzel’s tower! ~$900 if you’re lucky

hollywood: a dazzling bright pink diva with glittery silver stars for a symbol! also one of the few flutters that don’t have a flower theme. speaking of flutters, whether she has her wings affects her price… maybe around $500

ladybird: a greek exclusive makes this lady valuable! not only that, also a sitting pose! (and who doesn’t love ladybugs?) $1000+ if you can find one

piggies: delicate pudgy ponies are hard to say no to! the blinking eyes make them a little more unique. $80+ for these cuties

takaras: hello kitty ponies? uhm?? yes? $500+ absolute minimum maybe, good luck with anything else :p

south african: woah! talk about cash money! these lovely ladies are as exotic as they are rare, and it shouldn’t surprise you that i’ve seen ‘em go for $3000!

baby katie: unimpressive colourscheme, symbol is cute but it’s just a lineart, making it pretty unimpressive itself. $100 minimum for a baby with no redeeming qualities other than she has a cat on her butt

character descriptions

CALL: A crookedly tricky smile, mysterious. Eyes of shining silver, seemingly empty but full of emotion and regret all at the same time, flecked with onyx. Hair so black one would think it was dyed, unruly spirals of ink. The driest voice that often cracks but not annoyingly, not necessarily deep, but still low, full of sarcasm with no bounds. One would think he’d be pale, but instead his skin is a slight tan, rose blush of embarrassment stands out in an almost childish way. The chaos will come to his hands but he prefers instead the invisible swirling force of air, unseen but forceful. He favors one leg over the other but it doesn’t stop him, he’s full of quiet determination. He’s special, one can easily tell, but they can’t be quite sure how.  

AARON: The warmest smile to meet the eyes of anyone, bright but not blinding teeth, perfectly in place. Eyes like emerald that glimmer in the sunlight, smooth and without imperfections. Hair of weaved gold plopped upon his head in a mass of gorgeous fluff. A charismatically polite tone, his voice seeming to be unaffected by the disastrous effects of puberty, just slightly deep. His skin littered with not ugly pimples but adorable freckles across his ever so slightly sunburned nose. The darkness that emerges from his hand is not at all fitting him; black velvet that doesn’t glow but instead seems to consume the light around it, as smooth as his voice. He’s beautiful, that much is obvious.

TAMARA: A perfectly even smile, surrounded by scarlet lips. Eyes of dark chocolate, hardened, bitter and intimidating, yet capable of being lovely and sweet. Glossy hair almost the same color, sometimes in long braids leaning on her shoulder, sometimes in waves and curls falling down her back like a waterfall. A measured alto voice, far from high pitched, full of curiosity and prone to suddenly be filled of anger. Her dark skin is often tinged with pink, but it simply makes it look better. The fire that sparks in her palms, ruby and gold, flickering and dancing, is intoxicatingly captivating, dangerous but enchanting. She’s fearsome, nothing will stop her conquest.

JASPER: A genuine smile is a true gift, instead a playful smirk showing pearl white but slightly crooked teeth is often displayed. Eyes dark, usually displaying confidence, but at rare treasured times be empathetic. Pitch hair that falls into his eyes in sharp spikes that look glossy under light. A regular depth voice, but can become deeper when whispering and higher when shrieking, usually snarky and has the tendency to say things he doesn’t always mean. Pale, seemingly flawless skin, gets pimples but pops them. He is a frequent user of most elements, whether it is floating globes of aegean water or crumbling spheres of sand.

CELIA: Smiles with cheer, cherry-blossom pink lips around dazzling teeth with colorful braces. Warm, light brown eyes flecked with gold that bring happiness and comfortability. Blonde hair with caramel, rainbow butterfly clips and multicolored flower headbands keeping the bushy curls from coming into her face. A slightly higher than normal pitched voice that isn’t unpleasant, speaks quickly and usually in an excited and passionate manner, kind and gives out compliments gracefully. Tanned with almost more freckles than skin, nose often pink and raw in the caves as she gets cold easily. Uses most elements with enviable skill, summoning sparks of candle light, splashes of turquoise water, pebbles of earth, and gusts of air with incredible ease. Her sympathetic nature hides many secrets that have yet to be uncovered.

and that’s my last magsiterium day post! hope you guys enjoyed my shit, have a great day/afternoon/night!