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do you mind if I reblog that ask with the anon asking about some 'links to major organizations'?

Against Porn non religious, non partisan, anti-porn organization, but one that is against censorship and the banning of porn.

Enough is Enough engaged in making the Internet Safer for Children and Families.

JohnStompers ending men’s demand for Pornstitution

NoPornPledge thousands of people living porn-free, voluntarily.

Object UK – Women Not Sex Objects  political lobbying and grassroots campaigning to challenge the sexual objectification of women. Campaigns include “Lose the Lads Mags”, “Demand Change!”, and “Everyday Media Sexism”.

One angry girl anti-porn resource center featuring the porn myths and a “cheat sheet” with answers to typical pro-porn questions.

PornHarms a faith-based, conservative anti-porn and morality group.

Your Brain on Porn a science based, secular site that educates about the negative effects of porn.

Against Male Violence – And: Males Against Violence

Dads and Daughters progressive fathers’ group.

Diana Russell dedicated to to stopping violence against women.

Equality Now working to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.

Men Can Stop Rape mobilizing men to be strong without being violent.

The White Ribbon Campaign is active in numerous countries. This link takes you to the UK campaign, where men organize and campaign against male violence. They also collaborate with feminist organizations on many issues.

For Survivors

Breaking Free a survivor led group offering services and education and committed to empowering women and girls whose lives have been devastated by prostitution and sex trafficking.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women working internationally towards ending human trafficking.

Our Voices Matter a collection of testimony by individuals who have been harmed by prostitution, pornography, and trafficking.

Shelley faith-based, and The Pink Cross Foundation also faith-based, are run by Shelley Lubben, a former porn star who is helping prostituted women exit the porn industry.

Women’s Support Project is a feminist organization that works to raise awareness of the harmful impact from commercial sexual exploitation and male violence against women.  It also provides services for those affected by violence.

For Porn Users Trying to Quit 

Compulsion Solutions former users helping sex and porn addicts and their families

Healthy Sex dedicated to promoting healthy sexuality

Through the Flame international online network working for those affected by pornography addiction.

Women’s Health and Healthy Self-Esteem

About-Face a San Francisco-based group that combats negative and distorted images of women.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women empowering girls and women by offering resources, skills training & education and a variety of services.

Mind on the Media promoting healthy body image

Spark Summit made up of engaged, passionate girls and young women who are building their own solutions


Andrea Dworkin materials radfem archive offering all of Andrea Dworkin’s books plus much more

Biting Beaver Archive preserving the work of influential blogger BB

Gender Ads promoting awareness of cultural intersections of gender and advertising.

Media Education Foundation a rich database of educational documentaries about gender, health, race, etc. (e.g. The Price of PleasureBeyond Beats and Rhymes, and Dreamworlds 3)

Media Watch want to know who to boycott? Check it out!

Parent Further: Technology and Media educational resources for parents, for informed and effective parenting in the ever-changing media environment. (online safety, high-risk behaviors, social media)

Powered by Girl  an online media activism campaign for girls by girls.

Spinifex Press Independent, feminist press in Australia