pink costumes

yay.. another one… this was for the request I got.. sorry I couldnt post a speedpaint…. my screen recorder was acting up and blargggh yep… sooo here it is for those who’s been waiting on it… sorry just posted it nowcuz I was doing other things *nervous awkward laughter*

neways.. promise fullfilled yay


I’ve got a dragon tail to sell! It’s red with black on the spine, with an underbelly of pink bright aluminum scales. Very shiny!

This tail had been made for a commissioner, who then was unable to pay. It’s been sitting in my room for a while, and it’s time to cash it in!

The commissioner had wanted a leather spade tip with a custom shape, which I made, but I didn’t really like it, so instead I’m offering it with both the arrow and heart shapes, but in acrylic plastic rather than the leather that most people get. 

It’s for sale over on my Etsy page! Jump on it quick, before that other guy gets it!

I do hope to open up for commissions in not too long, but I need to finish dealing with a few projects currently owed to people.

everybody’s talking about the hot new doll coming this spring - Cooking Trixie™! easy bake oven and mixes not included. ages 3 and up, not for human consumption, call poison control if any small parts are ingested

(Trixie Mattel is a hilarious pink Barbie nightmare and I love her)