pink controler

mysticspectrolite  asked:

What if instead of Fire Power for Red Diamond, you give her the power to manipulate Lava? Since White or Pink can control fire, Lava is something near to that element besides a way to make it more original ;9

Nah  fire works for red diamond. if that were the case then rubies and pyropes shouldn’t have fire powers either


i’ve been very displeased with events recently. Just because a certain type of heathcare isn’t directly related to everyone doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be included. You wouldn’t say that insulin shouldn’t be covered because not everyone has diabetes right? well the same goes for birth control(and its numerous reasons for use) and women’s healthcare in general. 

What if a werewolf’s fur color depended on hair color.
A blonde would have light fur, and a brunette darker. Seems normal, right?
Now imagine Sirius and James playing a prank on Remus, giving him pink hair for a week.
The week, however, was split by the full moon.
Sirius, James, and Peter trying to control a pink werewolf on the night of the full moon.
You’re welcome.