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Nami’s List of Pop Culture Spells

A long organized list of all of my pop culture spells organized.


🌟 “Almost There” Career Success Spell (Disney Inspired) A spell to bring success and advancement in your job
🌟 “Honor to Us All” Honor Spell (Disney Inspired) a spell to have your peers show you respect 
🌟 “Kiss the Girl” Glamour Spell (Disney Inspired) to encourage a consenting person to kiss you
🌟 Voice Theft Curse (Disney Inspired) a spell to stop hateful words and send the negativity back to the person

Ni No Kuni:

🌟 Give Heart (Ni No Kuni Inspired) to bring a friend joy and uplift them


🌟 Blood Money (Pathfinder Inspired) spell to bring financial gain
🌟 Blur (Pathfinder Inspired) to go unnoticed by others
🌟 Enshroud Thoughts (Pathfinder Inspired) protects oneself from divination and scrying easedropping of others
🌟 Invisibility (Pathfinder Inspired) spell to go unnoticed and travel unseen
🌟 Itching Curse (Pathfinder Inspired) cause a person to feel the discomfort they have caused you
🌟 Nightmare Curse (Pathfinder Inspired) cause a person to suffer nightmares
🌟 Shield of Wings (Pathfinder Inspired) to guard against negative words and comments
🌟 Tears to Wine (Pathfinder Inspired) turn one’s sadness into happiness


🌟 Aroma Veil (Pokemon Inspired) A spell to protect user from negative people and attract the attention of positive people
🌟 Aqua Ring (Pokemon Inspried) A bath spell to bring emotional healing and emotional serenity
🌟 Bubble (Pokemon Inspired) A spell to send your wishes out into the universe to seek for them to be answered and granted
🌟 Charm (Pokemon Inspired) A spell to improve your charms and flirting
🌟 Cosmic Power (Pokemon Inspired) Cosmic spell to prepare you for divination and/or astral projection
🌟 Fairy Aura (Pokemon Inspired) to bring your inner beauty out to the surface
🌟 Future Sight (Pokemon Inspired) improve psychic clarity while doing divination work   
🌟 Heart Stamp (Pokemon Inspired) a spell to strengthen passion between you and a consenting lover
🌟 Heatproof (Pokemon Inspired) to help you remain strong under pressure and stress
🌟 Gravity (Pokemon Inspired) a curse to weigh someone down emotionally  
🌟 Honey Gatherer (Pokemon Inspired) to encourage others to compliment you
🌟 Lunar Dance (Pokemon Inspired) banish negativity from yourself after a bad day
🌟 Metal Claws (Pokemon Inspired) to protect against baneful magic
🌟 Milk Drink (Pokemon Inspired) promote beauty
🌟 Morning Sun (Pokemon Inspired) a spell to lift your spirits
🌟 Moxie (Pokemon Inspired) to bring the caster self-confidence
🌟 Rest (Pokemon Inspired) bring deep, restful sleep
🌟 Sunny Day (Pokemon Inspired) a spell to bring a sunny day
🌟 Sweet Scent (Pokemon Inspired) To attract a new friend

Sailor Moon:

🌟 Deep Submerge (Sailor Neptune Inspired) to submerge another in thier own negativity
🌟 Passion of the Rose Spell (Tuxedo Mask Inspired) a spell to increase passion between consenting lovers
🌟 Pink Sugar Heart Spell (Mini Moon Inspired) a spell to promote cuteness and radiance
🌟 World Shaking Curse (Sailor Uranus Inspired) cosmic curse to emotionally shake and shatter someone


🌟 Parabatai Spell (Shadowhunters Inspired) a spell to forge a bond with another consenting person to always be connected

Star Wars:

🌟 “The Force” Energy Work Preparation Spell (Star Wars Inspired) a spell to help prepare for intense energy work

Steven Universe:

🌟 Like a Comet (Steven Universe) to motivate self in achieving and reaching for goals
🌟 Open Your Mind Peridot Spell (Steven Universe Inspired) a spell to open your mind and relieve stubbornness 
🌟 “Strong in the Real Way” (Steven Universe Inspired) spell to bring you emotional strength and courage

Totally Spies:

🌟 Anti-Gravity Propulsion Ring (Totally Spies Inspired) enchant a ring to aid you overcome obstacles and challenges
🌟 Chameleon Eye Shadow (Totally Spies Inspired) a spell to evade unwanted attention from others
🌟 Cherry Lip Bomb (Totally Spies Inspired) to bring confidence in your voice and to overcome vocal obstacles
🌟 Ice Queen Breath Spray a spell to halt someone’s romantic feelings for you
🌟 Red Hot Lozenge (Totally Spies Inspired) makes your words more feiry and intimidating
🌟 Retractable Razor Nail Spell (Totally Spies Inspired) a spell to unbind yourself
🌟 Spiderclaw (Totally Spies Inspired) grab the desire and attention of others


🌟 Golden Pollen (Winx Inspired) binding to prevent another from doing things to emotionally harm you
🌟 Illuminate (Winx Inspired) A spell to bring light to a situation (done before divination)
🌟 Shield (Winx Inspired) a spell to guard against offensive magic
🌟 Sound Cage Binding Spell (Winx Inspired) A spell to keep someone from being heard 
🌟 Web of Confusion (Winx Inspired) cause confusion to anyone trying to pry into your life after you asked them to stop


🌟 Hay Lin’s Carefree Flyer Dream Spell (W.I.T.C.H. Inspired) a spell to bring on dreams of flying and weightlessness
🌟 Irma’s Fog Calling Spell (W.I.T.C.H. Inspired) a spell to conjure up some fog
🌟 Power of the Heart Self Love Spell (W.I.T.C.H Inspired) a spell to open your heart up for self love
🌟 Taranee’s Fire Divination Spell (W.I.T.C.H. Inspired) A spell to improve and empower fire divination/pyromancy


🌟 Graceful Charity Spell (Yugi-Oh) to bring good fortune in desperate/hard times

*All are from my digital and physical grimoires, all spells written by me

Daughter’s sports festival (OTBS - Akiyoshi Zaizen)

Today was the day that your daughter, Ai, have been looking forward to for the past month. Never has she stopped talking about the upcoming sport festival that she has been preparing for with her entire class of other wide-eyed and excited 5 year olds.

Ai was the, you reckon, the best thing that has happened to you. Not once had the negative thought of being a single mother crossed your mind. Your poor excuse of an ex boyfriend had left you very alone and very pregnant with Ai once he found out he had to settle down with a responsibility he wasn’t ready to take care of.

Nonetheless, you pulled through albeit with some difficulties and gave birth to your beautiful beautiful daughter Ai. A sweet giggle pulled you our of your reverie and you looked up to see your daughter running towards you, hair tie in hand. Crushing into your embrace, she held the pink hair tie up towards you.

“Mummy! Can I have pretty plaits today please?” Ai asked with a sweet smile hung on your face.

“Anything for you love.” You replied, turning her over to help her with her hair.

Stepping into school grounds, laughter filled the air as children gathered together with their parents in tow. Holding hands, you and Ai strolled into her campus as she merrily greeted the schoolmates with jest.

Suddenly, she pulled her hands out of your grasp, ran and hugged a girl with jet black long hair. The girl, with Ai in tow, pulled the hands of a man and made their way towards you.

“Mummy look! It’s Mai and her daddy!” your daughter introduced.

“So you are Mai! What a pretty girl you are!” you smiled crouching down to their eye level giving her a little pat on her head.

Mai was Ai’s best friend that she always spoke about. They bonded over the course of the year and started talking because they had very similar names.

Standing up and straightening your shirt, you looked towards Mai’s father and gave him a smile.

“Hi. I’m Ai’s mother, (Y/N). It’s nice to finally put a face to you and your daughter’s name. Ai never stops gushing about what a great friend Mai is.” you started, putting your hand out for a handshake.

His big hands wrapped around your small ones and give it a gentle yet firm shake as he said, “Likewise, Miss (Y/N). I’m Akiyoshi. Akiyoshi Zaizen. I must thank you for always preparing an extra snack for Mai when they go out for school trips.” He said, a light blush painted on his cheeks.

As you were still trying to look away from the, very attractive, man’s face, a tug on your shirt caught your attention.

“Mummy can you help Mai tie her hair like mine? Mai’s daddy isn’t good with tying hair.” Your daughter stated bluntly as you let out a light hearted laughter seeing Akihyoshi scratch his neck with embarrassment.

After helping Mai tie her hair into matching plaits with Ai, the four of you made your way to the field as the sports festival commenced. Akiyoshi and you made small talk as your daughter involved themselves with activities.

“Excuse me, are you Mai’s father?” a young teacher approached you and Akiyoshi’s seat a blush hung obviously on her face.

“I am. Is Mai ok?!” he asked eyebrows furrowed.

“Ah yes, Mai is fine. I was just wondering if you can join the parents race one pair from the race have opted out last minute.” The female teacher asked with hopeful eyes.

“Uh, I can but I’m here alone. As the school should know, I am a single father.” Akiyoshi said, seemingly slightly troubled.

“I can joi-“ the teacher started before being interrupted by Akiyoshi.

“(Y/N) would you mind joining me?” Akiyoshi turned to you to ask looking a little shy.

You gave your consent with pink tinting your cheeks as you looked away from him.

“3,2,1… START!” the horn blared as the two of you moved step by step with your feet bounded together.

Launching your bodies forward, you crossed the finishing line first to your utmost surprise.

“The winners of our annual parents race are Mr and Mrs Zaizen!” the announcement blared out. Hearing yourself addressed as such, you blushed a deep red as you sneaked a peak at your partner. Akiyoshi’s face was the same bright red as yours was and even the tip of his ears were of a red hue.

However, his hands never let yours go. Not even when you two picked the girls up and walked out of school to grab dinner together.

Smoky Quartz and Earthlings. *Minor Spoilers*

I love this fusion because, it is based off of two gems who know what being an Underdog is like. I am super happy that Steven and Amethyst fused this way because this is how it is done ladies and gentlemen. Also the voice actress, Natasha Lyonne from one of my fave Netflix series Orange is the New Black voicing her is the best bonus.

Now for a brief analysis and discussion. THIS EPISODE AIRS TONIGHT IN THE U.S. THIS IS SPOILERS FOR MOST OF YOU. You have been warned.

Jasper has been a thorn in our asses for the last few episodes, here you see that she does in fact have feelings and there is something off about her.

No gem is consenting to be with her in fusion, not even corrupted gems. That must hurt.

Amethyst and Steven fuse together in a very tearjerking fusion that brings thickness and spunkyness to two gems we love very much and the most appropriate voice actress.

Peridot explains why she loves Earth and it is because she is FREE. That is the most beautiful closing to a redeemed Homeworld Gem I have ever seen.

Jasper is bubbles by Amethyst, and is called sis. Amethyst wanted to face Jasper to prove something but also knew that she and her shared something. They were meant to be the same. Compassion to the enemy, the Crystal Gems are something else.

Now our Love for Rose Quartz, I love her to pieces, but there is something that happened because the Military Gem, Yellow Diamond was not the original owner of Jasper, Pink Diamond was. What a thing that must have been to change your Diamond Insignia. Jasper reveals her inner feelings about Rose and what she did, Rose is the cause of this whole ordeal, which will cause a heavy burden on Steven. Which means her secrets are deeper than Bismuth, not even something Garnet, or even separate Sapphire could see. Which worries the shit out of me and I bet the lot of you.

This is my longest post about something that piqued my interest. What do you all think, I am not going too deep because I like to speculate on my own.

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