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Sweet Disaster

Summary: Based in modern times, Richie finds himself driving with his boyfriend down a road that leads to nowhere whenever they make a pit-stop on the side of the road.

Ship(s): Reddie (Richie & Eddie)

Warnings: Cussing (oFc), sort-of fluffy??

A/N: Both boys are aged up in this fic, being around 16-17. I’m just trying writing out atm to see if i should start writing an actual fic on here w/ chapters and stuff. alrighTy. The song mentioned is Sweet Disaster by DREAMERS.

This is dedicated to @edsrich who is an actual angel aaah, I worship love their writing!

The hum of the engine filled the silent car, only the quiet sound of the radio in the background keeping the air from being completely static. Both boys held their breath as they watched the sign draw closer, Richie’s foot pressing the gas with more pressure to ensure they made it. And just like that, it passed. ‘Welcome to Derry’ the sign had said that was now behind them, a scenic picture painted on the background of the welcoming.

Eddie let out the air he had been holding in, letting his eyes fall shut. “You alright Eds?” Richie asked, his gaze shifting from the moon-lit road and over towards his boyfriend who had a perplexed look written across his face.

“Don’t call me Eds.” The hypochondriac reopened his eyes. “I’m fine, just realized that this is real. We are actually fucking leaving Derry.” His voice shook, keeping his eyes downward and to the hands that rested in his lap. Everything was being left behind. Friends. Family. All the childhood memories they had all made together.

Richie shrugged, his thumbs tapping against the worn steering wheel. “You’re surprised?” A grin played at his lips. “I always told you we would leave the damn place.” The glasses wearing teen let out a long sigh, a smirk creeping its way onto his face. “I’m sure your mom will miss my dick inside-” A hand was quickly placed in front of his mouth before he could finish his sentence. “Beep beep, Richie..”

The hand was moved away and placed back in his lap. His thumbs moved in circles over and around the other. Eddie wasn’t like Richie. His hands were always still and placed properly in his lap, unlike his boyfriend’s that never stopped moving, but that night was different. The other boy noticed this, removing a hand from the steering wheel and taking one of Eddie’s hands into his. “Calm down. We can turn back if you want to.” His head shook from side-to-side. “No. I want to get as far away from that fucking town as I can..”

Drifting like it’s 1974

Dressing like the Rolling Stones

Both eyes went to the radio upon hearing the opening of the song before meeting each others gaze. “I can’t take the other hand off the wheel. Turn it up Eds.” Eddie obeyed and turned the small nob to bring the volume up.

Hey! Ho! Let’s go, get some more

Like young Ramones

Some nights feel like every night

This one feels brand new

Before Eddie realized what had happened, the car was pulling off to the side up the road. “Richie, what the hell are you doing?” The other boy didn’t reply, simply removing his hand from the embrace they once shared and turning the song up. The car made a click sound, and Richie opened his door. Eddie watched as he walked around the front of the car and opened the passenger door.

He gave a bow, outstretching his hand towards the boy who was still sitting inside the comfort of the vehicle. “Would you give me the pleasure of having this dance?”

Only got bad things on my mind

When I’m with you

With that, he was pulled from the car. Richie placed his hands strategically at his hips while Eddie wrapped his arms around the other boy’s neck.

And so it goes, we found our sweet disaster

In a river of champagne

Smiles were exchanged as they moved from side to side along with the hard beat of the song. Richie found himself singing along with the song. It wasn’t on key, and yet it still made Eddie’s heart stop. A soft color of pink dusted across the smaller boy’s cheeks, his eyes falling shut as he laid his head against Richie’s chest.

Swimming through the morning after

We float away

And the song faded into the night as the two swayed in sync on the side of the abandoned road that lead to nowhere.

he’d give her every ounce of blood left in him until she didn’t need it anymore.

summary: and he’d be kidding if he said he didn’t love her.
pairing: katsuki/ochako
word count: 2492
theme: day 5; au // vampire au 

✧ obvious triggers for biting, blood mention, anything vampire-related, honestly. also, my gorgeous bestie, @guravityprincess, drew an art piece to this, which you can find here

a/n: this is a part of @bnhararepairweek!

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[Two-shot] Eighteen Hours (Saeran x Reader): Epilogue — Distraction

Your nose was practically pressed up against the cool glass of the window pane as you watched the sky grow bigger and bigger while the earth below became smaller and smaller, till it eventually vanished completely behind the boundary line of white clouds above.

One little thing marred the pure splendor of blue and white outside, however.

Just above the centre, there was a blurred image of a mop of red hair suspended in the middle of the clouds outside. You couldn’t help the grin that stretched your lips apart, as you turned to your right, eyeing the man whose red hair was always distracting you from your cloud-viewing mid-flight.

He raised an eyebrow, looking up from the book he was reading when he noticed you turn his way.

“Done already? Can we switch seats now?”

You sent him a teasing glance, shaking your head. “Saeran, it’s only been fifteen minutes.”

He narrowed his eyes, flatly staring at you in return. He didn’t seem to believe you, which was why he glanced at his watch to check the time. True to your word, it had only been fifteen minutes since the plane started moving, and that only made him release a frustrated sigh. He was impatient. Terribly so.

You thought it was cute whenever he had his lips pressed down like this, the lines on his forehead creasing ever so slightly when his eyebrows drew down in a frown. His fingers were drumming on the front of the book cover, and he kept changing his seating position every few minutes. He was restless, and you knew he was more than eager to change seats with you, even though he had been the one to voluntarily give you the window seat ticket on this flight.

“So, why did you stop looking out? It’s not like you to get distracted,” he commented, trying to make some small talk to make the time go by quicker.

True. It really wasn’t like you to stop looking out the window to look at something else.

“Your hair is distracting,” you answered plainly. It was true. His red hair was so infuriatingly distracting. You could see its reflection in the window, to the tiniest baby strands at the top of his head that swayed with the cool air in the cabin. Like a moving ball of fire in the sky. A meteorite, maybe.

He paused a bit, as if thinking of a suitable comeback in response, but he either couldn’t manage it, or simply thought it too tiresome to try. So he quietly pulled up the hoodie of his jacket to cover his red hair, all while still narrowing his eyes at you.

You chuckled at the gesture, reaching over to insert your hand under the hood of his jacket, threading your fingers through his soft, red hair. It felt nice, like you were petting the head of a little puppy.

“Didn’t you say it was a distraction?” he asked, taking hold of your wrist gently to pry your hand away from his head, before he removed his hood and shook his head in an apparently efficient method to undo the mess you had made of his hair.

“Yes, but I never said I didn’t like it,” you replied, watching with delight as his lips parted and his eyes widened, his gaze now incredulous before he looked away, his ears reddening. That seemed about enough to get him to zip his mouth and to stop pestering you to switch seats with him.

You laughed a little to yourself. It was fun to tease Saeran like this. He was always calm, cool, collected, and in moments like these, you felt proud to be one of the few people to see this side to him: shy, speechless, mildly irritated.

Deciding you were better off using your limited time in the window seat wisely, you turned back to the sky outside, trying to empty your thoughts as you looked at the sea of clouds below, like small, quiet waves along the shore of a beach. You could imagine them rising, receding, without the sound of water crashing on land.

And there it was again. The red hair. The moving target. You could see his face too, the tip of his nose scrunched up slightly, absorbed in his book, his golden eyes hungrily devouring the words on its pages.

You groaned inwardly. It was as Saeran pointed out. It wasn’t like you to get so distracted on a flight. You loved the window seat. It was a must-have on any flight. The clouds outside were your companion, and you could never tear your eyes away from the window.

Except now, things had changed.

Now you had another companion, instead of the clouds, on your flights. Now you had a distraction, one who stole your breath and attention far more effortlessly than the clouds could. Now, you could never decide what you wanted to watch: the clouds, or the subtle changes in his face that he only allowed to show for the merest of seconds.

After a while, the clouds got boring. They were always the same. Just white, against an endless blue. But he, on the other hand, was that red spot, that enigma, in your line of sight, and made it so that you couldn’t tear your eyes away from his reflection on the window. He was always changing, unpredictable; there were so many more things you had yet to discover about him. The clouds had bared themselves to you over the years, but not him. You wanted to unravel all the layers that covered him. It was exciting, an adventure all on its own.

And now, you couldn’t tell if you wanted the window seat purely to look at the clouds, or so you could secretly observe him through the reflection on the glass.

You were jolted out of your thoughts when you suddenly felt his breath on your ears.

“Wow,” he breathed, and you could smell the scent of peppermint on him. His scent. He was leaning over, his cheek nearly touching yours as he looked out, wide-eyed at the beautiful view outside the window.

“Yeah,” you agreed, though you weren’t really focusing on the sky anymore. You were acutely aware how close he was to you, how his hand was pressed against your thigh, the ring on his finger nudging your right pinky finger.

You felt a sudden rush of emotions, your chest swelling with adoration for him. He was beautiful, far more beautiful than the clouds outside, far more beautiful than what he thought of himself. You adored the excited gleam that lit up his golden eyes; you often saw something similar flicker in his eyes each time he laid his eyes on you. At the start you thought it was just your imagination, but now, now that you were on your way to your honeymoon destination, you knew that those little moments had all been real.

You loved him so much your heart could burst right this instant.

At that moment his eyes darted down to meet yours, the smile on his face faltering when he realized that you had been staring at him all this while. You watched in amusement as a light pink color dusted his cheeks, sputtering, “W-What? Is there something on my face?”

“No,” you whispered, your eyes never leaving his. Then, moving purely on instinct, you tilted your head upwards, pressing your lips softly against his cheek. A smile lifted your lips as you pulled away and noticed his Adam’s apple move up and down as he swallowed thickly, his eyes darkening as he trained his gaze on you.

Or more accurately, your lips.

“We can switch seats now, if you want,” you spoke, nudging him back so you could stand and give him the prized seat by the window.

He folded his arms across his chest, emitting a small sigh as he watched the clouds go by. Just a few seconds ago he had been amazed by this view, the sight of enormously fluffy clouds crowding in the sky, as if fighting for his attention.

But now, something else had his attention. Or more specifically, someone. He could see her head clearly, reflected right smack in the center of the window pane. She had his attention all to herself. And she knew it. He could tell, from the way she was smiling to herself while pretending to flip through the in-flight-entertainment magazine in her hands.

He resisted the urge to bring his hand up to his cheek, at the spot where the feel of her soft lips lingered. He wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction of seeing it. She liked to ruffle his feathers, to make him stumble over his words, to make him look like a fool.

Well, in some ways he supposed he was a fool. And he always would be, when it came to her.

Absently, he traced the cool metal of the ring that adorned his fourth finger with his thumb, and looked once more out the window, at the clouds that once fascinated him to no end, and then to the reflection of the girl who had stolen his attention from them.

She was a distraction. And she seemed rather proud of the fact, too. Every now and then he would catch her sneaking sideways glances at him through the window, a cheeky smile lifting her lips as she tried to catch any more slip-ups from him.

She was beautiful, wise, a maddening tease. The strangest girl he had met yet, but also the one he had come to love more than life itself.

He felt a tap on his hand then, and he turned to look at her now. Her hair, her curious eyes, her cute nose, her lifted cheeks, her soft, pink, luscious lips. Immediately, his mind went back to when she just kissed him on the cheek, and he felt heat begin to crawl up his neck to his ears once more.

“So?” she asked, and he had to ask her to repeat herself. She just couldn’t choose between two movies to watch, so he just told her to watch both. Not helpful, apparently, even though this was an eighteen-hour flight, where she would have plenty of time to watch both.

As she settled back in her seat, selecting the movie with her remote, he couldn’t help but continue to stare at her. Not from the window’s reflection, but her, right there, right next to him. Sometimes he just couldn’t believe that she would be willing to stay by his side, that she could love someone as weird and strange and flawed like him, but then each time he saw her with him, each time their eyes met and she flashed him the warmest, brightest smile that could rival the sun itself, he would be convinced once more, grounded in the truth of her existence and their relationship.

And just then, he felt a sudden urge to kiss her, to feel her lips on his, to take her by surprise just as she had done with him earlier. It would only be fair, after all.

Saeran wasn’t one to act on impulse, but for that moment, he decided he would.

So without any warning, he placed his hand behind the nape of her neck, pulling her in towards him. He heard her gasp at his sudden movement, and his lips curled up into a brief smile before he captured her lips in his, silencing any protests she might have had on the tip of her tongue.

Sweet. He tasted cherries, no doubt because of the candy that she liked to bring on board with her. She was soft, her lips melting against his as she responded in kind, although he could tell she was holding back because they were on the plane and they were in plain sight.

He brushed his tongue lightly against her lips, and smiled to himself when he felt vibration of her quiet moan against his lips. They parted obediently for him, her tongue darting out to meet his.

Instead of going further however, he pulled back, satisfied immensely with the dazed look in her eyes as she stared at him questioningly, her now pinker lips glazed with moisture. Revenge success.


He only gave her a smirk in reply, before swiftly turning away so he could hide the blush blooming in his cheeks, the lingering taste of cherries in his mouth.

At least, now he wouldn’t be the only one distracted on the flight.

…But on hindsight, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to do this so early. After all, they had eighteen hours more on the flight, which meant eighteen hours of having to restrain himself and maintain his cool composure in front of her.

So he looked out at the window, trying to empty his mind by staring at the clouds that were passing by.

And there her reflection was again, her eyes now trained on the screen, while her thumb traced the outline of her lips. Her soft, sweet, pink lips.

With a defeated sigh, he screwed his eyes shut, allowing himself to sink into the darkness instead.

…This flight was certain to be eighteen hours more of agony.

A/N: Yay, done with this one! Hope you enjoyed ;) 

Shut Up | Castiel x Trans!Male Reader (Top Surgery Only)

Warnings: Fluffy Smut

Words: 1643


(Y/N) POV:

It was late, near midnight, when Back in Black by AC/DC came on the tiny radio placed on a bedside table. Dean and I both hopped up, dancing together like goof-balls. Singing off key and playing air guitars dramatically. Sam was on the couch, bursting with laughter at the sight of us, Cas, who was sat on the opposite side of the couch was just sitting stiffly, eyes on me as I let out a laugh of my own.

When the song ended I collapsed on the couch with a huff, “We should go out. There’s no way I’m falling asleep tonight.” I said excitedly, my eyes shining like a child. Dean immediately agreed and before I knew it I was dragging Cas by his coat to the backseat of the Impala. After we arrived and slid into a comfortable, worn, red booth I rested my head on Cas’ shoulder. I glanced up to see a soft pink color dust his neck and cheeks.

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Podcast (Ryan Haywood x Reader)

Originally posted by lmmortalnova

Characters: Ryan Haywood, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Geoff Ramsey, and Female!Reader

Pairing: Ryan Haywood x Reader (Romantic)

Prompt: There aren’t any chairs left for the podcast but the show must go on.

Word Count: 1166

Warnings: Reader sitting on Ryan’s lap, Fluff, RT Podcast



You had just taken a step into the Achievement Hunter office when Geoff informed you that you, him, Ryan, Michael, Jack, and Gavin were going to do the RT Podcast for Gus and Burnie while they’re in Australia for RTX. You were surprised that they let you on the podcast even though you only transferred to this section of Rooster Teeth four months ago. And the last time you checked, there was only room for five people in the place they record the podcast. Was there going to be room for six people? And Ryan was going to be there? Ryan Haywood, your fellow Achievement Hunter that you found insanely attractive? Oh, you pray to God that you don’t embarrass yourself.

You went on with your day, recording a Let’s Play Minecraft episode, helping Lindsay edit the Things To Do video, and going out with Barbara and Ashley for lunch. You went over some ideas for a GTA V Let’s Play with Geoff before sitting back down at your desk and took part in a few rounds of Would You Rather with Gavin and Michael.

“Okay, (Y/N),” Michael turned to you, who was sitting to the left of him. “Would you rather marry Geoff or see Ryan naked for the rest of your life?”

Your face turned red almost immediately. Before you could answer, Geoff walked in.

“It’s time to get ready for the podcast, guys.” The older male announced.

You, Gavin, and Michael exited the office and went to the makeup area, where you got camera-friendly makeup applied on your face and went through what was going to be talked about. Geoff was going to sit in Burnie’s chair, Ryan was going to sit in Gus’ chair, and you, Gavin, Michael, and Jack were going to sit on the couch. You were a skinny girl so you were pretty sure you’d be able to squeeze in between Michael and Gavin.

When you walked to the podcast set, you immediately saw there was no way you were going to sit on the couch. All the guys were already sitting and ready for the podcast. Everyone was setting up everything and ready to go.

“(Y/N),” Mariel called, making you turn around. “Time to start. Take a seat.”

“I can’t.” You stated. “There’s nowhere for me to sit. Maybe I shouldn’t be on the-”

“You can my seat, (Y/N).” You heard Ryan say without hesitation from behind you.

You blushed scarlet before turning to Ryan. “T-That’s okay, Ryan. I’ll just do next week’s podcast.”

“Nonsense. You’ve been wanting to be on the podcast so I’ll just-”

“Oh, for the love of Christ!” Mariel groaned loudly. “(Y/N), you’re gonna sit on Ryan’s lap and shut up. We need to get this podcast recorded or Gus’ gonna have all our heads mounted on the wall!” And with that, she shoved you into Ryan’s lap and walked over to her place behind the camera.

You landed sideways, your legs hanging over one of Ryan’s arm while your shoulders laid against the other arm. Your backside landed in the space in between his legs. It looked like he was sitting down while holding you bridal style. You almost collided with the microphone but missed it by a few centimeters. The soft pink color that dusted his cheeks were nothing compared to the dark maroon your face had turned. You could hear Geoff, Jack, Gavin, and Michael snickering and try really hard to keep calm and not go guffawing.

You shifted so you were sitting up as straight as you could in the position you were in. Ryan slipped his arms around your torso so he was holding you in place by your waist. You felt him pull you closer and tucked your head under his so you were leaning against his shoulder and his chin was resting on the top of your scalp.

After Mariel gave the cue for Geoff, he

“Welcome, everybody, to the RT Podcast!” Geoff greeting the cameras and the people working behind them. “I’m Geoff.”

“I’m Jack,” Jack said.

“I’m Michael, a.k.a Mogar.” Michael said as he flexed his arms.

“I’m Gavin,” Gavin said as flatly and monotone as he could while being millimeters away from the microphone.

“And, I’m Ryan,” Ryan said with a smile. “And the lovely young woman I’m holding in my arms is (Y/N), who is our special guest because she’s never been here before!”

The boys cheered as you hid your red face into Ryan’s neck, his stubble tickling your forehead. His blush grew brighter as Michael and Geoff smirked at him teasingly.

This was going to be a long podcast.


“Well, I’d love to pick this conversation up, but we need to end the show,” Geoff announced as you recovered from your laughing fit. “Thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll see you next week! Say bye, guys.”

You all said your goodbyes before the cameras stopped rolling and you stood up from Ryan’s lap. This past hour was actually pretty fun. You slowly came over your embarrassment (which was tough since Ryan would blow hot air on your neck and whisper suggestive jokes in your ear) and became one of the main contributors to keep a constant conversation going, always changing the subject at the best times and helping Geoff make comedic Segways for sponsor mentionings. You’ve might have worked with this guys for months now, but it felt like you were talking to new people and you saw more than just the yelling and cursing that happened with every Let’s Play.

You were walking towards the makeup area to get your makeup cleaned off when you felt someone grab your wrist. You turned around and before you could speak, Ryan collided his lips with yours, his other hand holding your arm so you were standing in place. You were taken so off guard that you were sure if he wasn’t holding onto you, you would’ve fallen to the ground. You heard gasps of surprise and then catcalls and whistles fill the air. When Ryan pulled away, you saw his face was bright red and he looked to be conflicted but had a face of relief and contentment.

Ryan let out an awkward cough. “S-So,” He stammered. “About kissing you out of nowhere… Do… Do you want to… Maybe…? Getting dinner sometime?”

Your eyes widened and you felt a smile crept onto your flustered face. “S-Sure!” You answered happily. “I-I’d love to!”

Elation and relief came over Ryan’s face as he smiled and pulled out his phone. “Is it okay if I ask for your number?”

You furrowed your brows. “You already have it. Geoff gave it to you, remember?”

Ryan blushed. “R-Right! Sorry. W-Well… I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”

You stood on your tiptoes and kissed Ryan’s cheek with a smile. “See you tomorrow, Rye.”

And with that, you walked away, leaving a lovestruck and goofily smiling Ryan Haywood in your wake.

Tough Love

Originally posted by markjin

Characters: Jinyoung x Reader 

Requested  💕

Genre: Angst, Some Fluff

Word Count: 1,719

When you turned around you almost ran into Jinyoung. He stood so close. His face only inches away from yours. You both were trapped, mesmerized by the others eyes.

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Summary: Phil enjoys giving Dan silly petnames. (Dan secretly loves them).

Genre: fluff

Word count: 1,278


It was the first time they had seen each other in person. There were tears of happiness (mostly on Dan’s part), lots of hugs, and more than enough smiles to last a lifetime.

Yes, it was Dan that shed the most tears- much to his embarrassment, which Phil had to keep shushing and insisting it was alright to be emotional- but Phil felt the weight of the visit himself. He loved Dan so much and cared so much that his heart hurt. He was very grateful to finally be able to hold Dan in his arms, especially after all those skype calls that Phil wished he could be there for the brunet.

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precious to me

its 2 am have this taekook drabble 

credit to the loml aka @theamazingsehun for my inspiration and prompt

 jungkook groaned and damn near slammed his head on the table. why the fuck were finals so hard? studying was stupid. finals were stupid. why did he have to be a photography major? jungkook sighed as he read the same page over for the third time in a row. he was so tired, but he had to study. he had to. his eyes drifted away from the page and to the clock on his desk. it was 2:04 am? already? he was about to fall asleep on his desk.

then he heard a knock at his door.

“who the fuck is here so damn late?” he grumbled to himself, getting up (and almost falling over in the process) to answer the door. he looked through the peephole and saw his boyfriend, holding a box of pizza. jungkook frowned, and as soon as he opened the door, he was met with a bright boxy smile and a “jungkookie!”. “tae? what the hell are you doing? it’s 2 in the morning. you should be sleeping.” jungkook reprimanded.

taehyung frowned. “you should be too!” taehyung let himself in, setting the pizza box down on jungkooks coffee table and opening the box. “now are you gonna join me or what?” jungkook sighed and closed the door, joining taehyung on the couch. “baby, you really need to sleep, and there’s no way you’re going back to your dorm alone this late. you’re sleeping here after we finish.”

“well duh! i was gonna do that anyway.” taehyung said with his mouth full. he swallowed and continued to talk. “you need to sleep too! how long have you been studying for?”

“uh…” jungkook honestly didn’t know. he’s been at it for hours, he lost track of time. “jungkookie…you need rest too.”

“but my exams-”

“you’ll do fine. you’re so smart jungkookie. i know you can do it.” taehyung praised, finishing his second slice of pizza.

“how did you even know i was up?”

“im your boyfriend, you dummy. i know your workaholic habits. you don’t have to be so perfect all the time, jungkookie.” jungkook pouted, staring at his half eaten slice. taehyung always talked like he was so wise, yet he’s the one who tripped over a crumbled up piece of paper. he’s the one who got himself stuck in a tree. and jungkook was there to save him every time.

“come on, kookie.” taehyung said. “take a break. you deserve it.” jungkook sighed again. maybe taehyung was right. maybe he should take a break.

finishing his pizza jungkook beckoned taehyung over. “come here, baby.” taehyung crawled into jungkooks lap. wrapping his arms around his neck. they stared at each other for a while. “you really came here to give me pizza at 2 am?”

“yes. and because…”


“i missed you.” taehyung pouted, a light pink color dusting across his cheeks. jungkook stared for a moment, then chuckled, making taehyung hit his chest. “it’s not funny, you asshole!”

“im not laughing at that! it’s just…you’re so cute. what would i do without you?”

“stay up studying and not get any sleep or pizza….” jungkook kissed taehyungs nose, making him blush. “w-what was that for?”

“you’re precious to me.”

taehyung blushed a cherry red sputtering and spazzing while trying to get words out. jungkook chuckled once more and kissed his lips sweetly, effectively hushing him. this left both of them breathless, overwhelmed by the emotions they felt for each other.

“pizza’re precious…to me too…” another kiss.

“i know. i love you, angel.” another kiss. jungkook layed back, taehyung resting on top of him.

“love you too, kookie…” taehyung said sleepily. jungkook then realized how tired the boy must have been. he’d taken all his exams already. he was exhausted. yet he came all the way to jungkooks dorm because he missed him. jungkook didn’t think he could ever love anyone more than he loved the boy on top of him in that moment.

it was the little things that made him fall a little more in love.

the sound light snoring shook jungkook out of his thoughts. taehyung had fallen asleep. jungkook wrapped his arms around his boyfriend even tighter. pressing a kiss to taehyungs hair, jungkook closed his eyes and started to drift to sleep as well.

as long as i’m with you, i know i’ll be okay.

Believe Again (A Saeran x Reader fic) Chapter 2: First Words

Chapter summary: The first words you shared were few, but infinitely precious.

A/N: I made a couple of changes from chapter 1. For those who read it before I updated it, basically Saeran’s eyes are mint green, not yellow, and he has bandages covering his tattoos (which I did not mention when the reader saw him without his sweater).

 You had always thought a baby’s first words to be the most special, in a way that few people could understand. The privilege of being addressed by them as they took their first steps out of intelligible blubbering to crawl closer to you, bit by bit, could make anyone’s head giddy with rapture.

He was most definitely not a baby, but his first word to you had a greater impact on you that you could have anticipated.

It had just been another Friday, and you were heading back as usual. Friday evenings had become special to you, since it marked the weekly ice cream date the both of you would have together. Up till now you had never exchanged words with each other, not even a simple greeting. It was just the way things were, and you were both fine with that. It was perfectly pleasant, just being able to enjoy each other’s company as you savored your ice cream in silence. The occasional crunch of the wafer of the cone was the only sound that either of you permitted yourselves to make when you were seated together.

It was a strange relationship you two shared. You didn’t even know if there was a relationship at all, considering you didn’t even know his name. Then again, even though you didn’t know his name, you felt a unique, pronounced connection to him, one that may have to do with the peculiar feelings in your chest that sprouted whenever he crossed your mind.

It wasn’t exactly a romantic attraction, nor was it mere curiosity. You had spent hours pondering over this question while laying awake in your bed in the deep hours of night, and in middle of day when you could spare some time to space out a for a little while.

All you could conclude was that he was an enigma and that your relationship with him was of an alien nature, one that, perhaps, had been birthed only between the both of you.

The sun was already setting as you neared the park. A swirl of pink and marigold colors dusted the cloudless sky. It was exceptionally beautiful today, and you couldn’t help but wonder what he thought of the scenery today, being the avid sky-watcher he was.

Your feet found the clean brick path that you took each evening, and you kept your eyes peeled for a mop of messy red hair being tousled by the wind. Confusion struck you, however, when you found no sign of him, even though you were certain that you were looking at the right bench.

You quickened your pace towards the bench, and stopped in front of it. He wasn’t there. You scanned the vicinity, and spotted the usual children and elderly folk around, greeted with the same scenery as always, except for him.

Was he gone?

The thought unsettled you. It unnerved you to the core.

It dawned on you then that you had become more attached to him than you thought you had been and would be, evident in the invisible weight on your shoulders dragging your spirits to rock bottom, and the gaping hole in your tightened chest.

It wasn’t as if this was an arrangement that the both of you had agreed on. It probably wasn’t even meant to last, or at least, not as long as you would have liked it to be. You knew, but despite that you were disappointed, more than you should have been.

Perhaps the best thing to do was to not over-think things. There was no point to it. Maybe he was just busy today, or for some reason couldn’t come. It wouldn’t be right to jump to conclusions just because he wasn’t here all of a sudden. Besides, surely he had better things to do than sit here in the evenings to watch the still sky. You resolved to continue on your way back home, brushing thoughts of him aside.

That is, until you heard footsteps approaching you from behind. You sensed a familiar presence behind you, and without a moment’s hesitation you were spinning around to find out who it was.

Relief flooded you, and you couldn’t help the smile that your lips pulled into, when you found yourself standing face to face with that man. It was your first time standing this close to him, and you weren’t expecting him to be this tall. He was almost half a head taller than you. You had to tilt your chin up slightly so you could meet his soft mint eyes.

From here, even though you were standing just a little further than an arm’s length away from him, you could catch the faint scent of his shampoo, the one he used every day.

He had two ice cream cones in his hands, and now he was holding one out towards you.

“Here,” he spoke, in a quiet but deep, strong voice that took your breath away. You needed a couple moments to register that he had just spoken to you, and that he was offering you a chocolate ice cream cone. You blinked a few times at it, as if it was an illusion that would vanish in the blink of an eye.

It didn’t.

You looked up again. Your gazes met, but only for two seconds, because then he lowered his eyes, appearing slightly embarrassed. You noticed the light pink creeping up at the corners of his ears that were partially hidden by his messy red locks.

This was the first time he had lost a staring match against you.

Dumbly, you looked at the ice cream cone again, and then you slowly raised your hand to accept it from him. As he handed it to you, your fingers brushed against each other. The light, feathery contact made your heart skip a beat and your face flush. It seemed to have an effect on the man too, for he let go a little too quickly, nearly causing the cone to drop entirely if it weren’t for your fast reflexes.

He mumbled something that sounded like an apology under his breath before he sat down again on the bench, licking his ice cream. You were still admittedly puzzled by the change of events, and so you continued to focus your attention on him, waiting for him to explain himself. He didn’t say anything, however, having apparently returned to his silent self.

Well, you supposed his intentions weren’t that hard to figure out, from the way he had approached you earlier. He probably just wanted to make it up to you, for having treated him to ice cream for the past two Fridays. A smile played on your lips as you sat down, having a taste of the ice cream. Maybe it was just you, but it tasted sweeter than it normally did.

“Thanks,” you said aloud. Your voice caught his attention, and he looked over at you, with his eyes widened ever so slightly. He looked like a deer caught in headlights, and you wondered what on earth was so strange about you thanking him for his kindness. He looked rather cute as he visibly attempted to formulate some sort of response. The sound of your chuckling seemed to put him at a greater loss for words, and you watched in amusement as his ears began turning red.

At times like these, with his guard down, he was like an open book, his thoughts showing quite plainly for you to see.

At last, he managed to restore the perfect poker face he always had on, and settled for a dismissive “Mm,” before returning his gaze to the open sky.

With some interest, you noted that his ears remained red for the rest of that evening.

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it was the first day of October, and the true beginning to autumn: cold weather, big sweaters, Halloween, pumpkin spice everything, color-changing leaves… everything about the season made you feel cozy.

as a little gift to yourself, you thought it would be appropriate to go to your favorite little café and get a pumpkin-spiced latte. it was basic, sure, but you really wanted to get into the autumn spirit. plus, you had nothing better to do.

you ordered the drink and set your eyes on the small table in the back. before you could reach it, though, you felt another person bump straight into you. your drink fell to the floor.

“oh my gosh,” was the first thing to come out of both of your mouths, and hurried apologies in nearly perfect sync followed. you cut yourself off and looked at him. bright, blonde hair and rosy cheeks. you were almost caught off guard by how attractive he was, and lost your train of thought.

he rushed to grab a handful of napkins and began cleaning the mess up. “i’m so sorry, haha, you just… you’re really…” he trails off, blushing.

you pick up your now empty cup and throw it away, trying to help. “oh, it’s fine! it was my fault,” you smile at him. the boy stares at you for a few seconds, his cheeks still red, then stutters out a response. “here, let me buy you another one.”

he doesn’t let you protest, and orders it quickly. he turns back to you and hands you your new drink.

it’s warm in your hands and in your cheeks, and there’s a quick and nervous feeling that’s floating around in your chest, as well- you wonder what it could be.

his smile is like a field of pretty flowers, and you can’t help but smile with him.

“so.. I think we got off to a messy start. what’s your name?”



“rain, rain, go away, don’t come back another day~”

the silver-haired man’s smile grows wide as you sing the short rhyme, and you have no idea why he looks so happy. his eyes seem to sparkle, and wow, you realize, you could really get used to this kind of attention.

you two had met on a social media site- it started with compliments and escalated to in-depth conversations, until soon, you felt like you were going to die if you never got to meet this person. he was talented, charming, sweet, funny… and a HUGE dork. he was your type to a T, and you hoped he felt the same.

you two were seated underneath his umbrella on a park bench. neither of you had planned to be caught in the rain- but neither of you minded as long as you were together.

“mc,” he sighed and smiled at you, making your heart race. “yes?”

it was very sudden, and you realize that this man can sweep a girl off of her feet easily. one minute you two were singing childhood songs, and the next…

zen leaned in close to you- you could feel his breath on your skin, and he made a questioning humming noise, as if to ask permission to kiss you. hesitantly, you nodded.

your lips touched and he could feel fireworks all throughout his body, and finally understood what people mean when they say they feel “sparks flying” in a kiss.

it was longer than youd expected, and when you made a small effort to pull away, he only held you closer; not wanting to let go, ever. wanting to always keep you in perfect moments like these.

when you two finally pulled away, you were blushing, and you noticed that a soft pink color was dusted on his cheeks, as well.

he cleared his threat and then looked at you, then hugged you tightly. “you’re so cute, mc. i just want you all to myself~”

a rainbow had spread itself across the grey sky. an arrangement of every color was blended together artistically and shining down on newly-found lovers and first kisses.

the rain stopped.



“a pleasure to meet you, miss,”

you two had spoken before on the phone. it started as a new friendship online, but slowly blossomed into something much more- the line between ‘best friend’ and ‘lover’ was blurred, but neither of you cared much for labels, anyways.

“you too,” your reply was a little awkward and a lot less formal, but you tried your best. “should we start now?” you nodded at his question, and laced your fingers in between his.

you two had decided to go on a “date”- something jumin had done before, but only with boring women for business reasons. for some reason, this felt a lot different… maybe it was the feeling of your soft, cold hands, or the cherry red color that dusted your cheeks when you grinned at him. whatever it was, it was nice.

his idea of a “date” was taking a woman out to a fancy dinner, paying her in cheap compliments and an expensive meal. while it sounded… nice… it wasn’t really your cup of tea. oh, that reminded you!

it was a really cute sight- you with an excited face, holding the tall man’s hand and leading him around. “what is this place?” he murmured to you, a small bell chiming as you opened the door. you didn’t answer.

“can I get two small cups of green tea, please?”

jumin felt a little out of place- the ceilings were a bit too low for his liking, and he wasn’t very used to such a traditional setting. but… seeing your bright smile was worth it.

he listened to you while you chatted him up about the shop, little facts about your favorite kinds of drinks, and the conversation went from tea to life and pretty soon you two were talking about everything you could think of.

“when did it get so dark out?” you blinked, glancing out the window. it was already 10 PM- you two were talking for four hours. jumin was aware of the time that passed, but he was enjoying every second that went by. he really could listen to that voice for hours..

“i should take you home now, I suppose,” he says gently, with a small smile on his lips. you nodded with a yawn.

now you were at the front door of your house, you nervously shifting your weight and him taking in your beauty, your delicate features almost glowing underneath the porch light.

“i guess this is goodnight,”

he took you by surprise- or, more accurately, your waist- and his lips met your own. he was all wandering hands and secretive smiles, his strong arms holding you in place as if he was afraid you might just disappear.

letting yourself melt for just a moment, you took a step back from him.

'a bit too forward, there, mr. han,’ your bought to yourself jokingly.

“i’ll call you,” a giggle was hidden behind your glittering eyes, and you turned away from him gracefully.

the door shut, and his heart was wide open- for green tea, for little shops downtown, for holding hands, for awkward conversations, for quiet smiles…

for you; and only you.

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I was wondering if you could do an imagine about how Near and his S/O's first kiss would be. Love your blog!

I haven’t posted in so long, so sorry that this took like 3 years!

Soft footsteps could be heard as they softly touched the cold white tile floor. Today was the day that Near and the SPK members were going to try to catch Kira and you were freaking out. You sat down on the staircase of the base and watched the clock count down. It was already late and you were getting worried if he was going to make it out alive or not. You sighed and rested your head against the stair railing. You were slowly drifting off to sleep when you heard the base’s door open up. Your head jerked up and ran over to the door. The door opened up to reveal Near and the other SPK members. You ran up to Near and cupped his face.

“You did it!” You exclaimed while smiling ear to ear. You pulled him close, closing the space between your lips and tangling your fingers in his pale hair. You pulled away and a soft pink color dusted his cheeks. “Yes we did.” He responded with a smile.