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Just like Otabek said, they went to buy Yuri his own guitar. A right handed one this time and suddenly, Yuri understands why it felt so weird holding the other boy’s instrument in his hands earlier. 

They even found him a nice strap for it, with a pretty pink and purple cheetah print and a handful of pick as well. The guitar feels cold under his fingers, the strings hard and strong under his delicate hands. 

He is surprised he can even hold the thing properly with Otabek siting so close to him. He is surprised his fingers are not shaking as Otabek’s rough ones are helping him to position his own properly on the neck of the guitar. He is surprised that such strong hands can feel so soft and tender. 

But of course they are, it’s Otabek. With his dark eyes and square jawline. With a face that is quite intimidating to anyone else but not when he looks at Yuri.

There is always a softness on his face when he looks at him, warmth in his eyes and in his voice. So, it’s obvious that the way he touches Yuri would be just the same. He makes him feel important when he looks at him, makes him feel talented when he sits in a corner of the studio and watches him dance like there is nowhere else he’d rather be.

He makes Yuri feels like he is on fire, under his rough fingertips.

And it’s only one innocent guitar learning session. Yuri is going to die at some point, he just knows it.

Otabeks tells him there are three chords to know at first, that most popular songs were written with those. He is almost whispering, looking up at Yuri from behind the fringe of his dark silky hair to check if he understands what he is telling him.

Yuri gives him a faint little nod, knowning by how hot he feels that his face is probably bright red at the moment. He lets Otabek place his hand correctly on the neck of the guitar and he is silently praying his hand are not too sweaty.

“Now, play.”

And Yuri does, strumming the strings with his thumb. It sounds a little shaky but not too bad and when he looks up at Otabek with a proud smile lighting up his whole face, he finds the older boy already smiling, his coffee brown eyes shining with pride again. 

“That was good, Yura.”

Yuri looks back down at the guitar to hide the blush blooming all over his cheeks again at Otabek’s praises and sweet nickname. But he feels the dark haired man pushing a few strands of his long blond hair away from his face, tucking it behind his ear. His thumb brushes against the warm skin for just a fraction of a second before dropping his hand back on his knee, “Now do it again.”

Game On, Charles

These doll pieces are all outfits that the liars have worn before, and it wasn’t on That Night. Only Alison wore that outfit That Night. (Spencer wore a red plaid shirt, Emily wore purple, Hanna wore blue, and Aria wore black) This means that A.D. has been there from the beginning. 

In a separate post @behzynn pointed out that Alison’s bottom piece is the only square one out of them all, so is this meant to be some kind of hint toward Alison? Is she a twin?

These outfits also look very similar to some of the doll house outfits, don’t they? Not all of them are exact - but they are similar. And the doll house had a set of two “Alison” dolls wearing that yellow top, too. A possible metaphor for twins?

Spencer : 5x24 vs. 6x01 (blue plaid)

Emily :  5x04 vs. 6x01 (Rosewood High Sharks outfit)

Alison : 1x01 / 4x24 vs. 6x01  (yellow top)

Aria :  1x11 vs. 6x01 (pink hair and/or cheetah print)

Hanna : 1x02 vs. 6x01 (pink or yellow floral colors and prints)

What does this discovery mean? It means that whomever A.D. is they have been watching Alison and the Liars since the very start. They have been here all along, hiding behind shadows and masks. 

My top suspects? EzrA, MelissA, or MonA.

Ezra - because he filmed, watched, and stalked the Liars using Aria as a means to do so. He also apologized once to Emily for the murder of her girlfriend and his apology was WEIRD. He flat out just said “I’m sorry, Emily” like he was apologizing for the act of murder, or for witnessing it. Ezra is also always missing or disappearing someplace, even his manager Sabrina tells the audience this after the time jump in 6B.

Melissa - because she is always conveniently out of the country (the same country that Mary Drake had traveled to, btw) and comes back just when -A has stirred the pot. She has connections to EVERYONE and “knows how to keep a secret.” Let’s also not forget her motives for Alison, Garrett, Cece, and Jessica DiLaurentis’ murders or attempted murders. She definitely ranks high on their suspect lists, Detective Holbrook even thought so considering how he questioned her after Mrs. DiLaurentis was killed, too. 

Mona - because she loves to play games and that is been mentioned several times in our show. She played them at Radley with Eddie Lamb, she played card games with Aria while she visited, and she played them with Charles. And before Sara Harvey was murdered she said to Mona about the Liars, “you played with them for too long.” (I don’t 100% think Mona is A.D., she’s on the list just because Mona is always in the middle and her motives are never clear.)

Nevertheless, I still believe that this A.D. is Charles. Whether Cece is alive and well and is actually Charles or if Charles is another character, it IS them behind the final mask. They never wanted to stop playing the game and it is them playing with the Liars now. 

Game on, Charles.

Unusual Weapons

Dean Winchester x Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary: During a weird hunt, Dean and the reader come across a unique ghost who was using the weirdest weapons to kill people. 

This is for  @jalove-wecallhimdean  and her We Kicked It’s Ass Superbusters Challenge!! My line was “That thing is having the time of it’s life.” And I’m not sure how I came up with the story, lol.

You never expected to find a ghost hunt funny. Gross, sure. Annoying, even more so. But never funny. Usually they were whiny, pathetic shells of their former selves, hell bent on staying and causing disruption. Sometimes even turning evil.

This hunt had been weird from the get go. Sam had ended up staying back in the hotel room, a horrible sprained ankle that kept him from hobbling on those long legs of his. Usually he was tough enough to ignore the pain and continue on, but when your ankle is bruised and swollen, he had been forced to stay back.

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@bathsoaps - 4 times Guang-Hong brought the gasoline. umm, hope you like?? haha, this got a little long, too. 


The whole world probably had a simultaneous aneurysm when Ji Guang-Hong announced his theme for the 2015 Grand Prix finals as Bonds and Violence. Shy, sweet Guang-Hong, who blushed for the media and sent Snapchats with flowers threaded through his hair…

And sure, Leo was a little bit surprised. But at the same time, he wasn’t, because even though skating was supposed to be about reaching outside your comfort level, he knew Guang-Hong better than that. Anyone who thought he was all flowers and blushing was an idiot.

(Or they just didn’t know him well enough. Not the way Leo did, at least.)

Because Guang-Hong was ten thousand tons of explosive energy corked into the world’s cutest bomb, his pretty smile the curved sheath to a knife. He was dirty jokes slid under your ribs at 3 AM and slivers of pale skin right beneath the edges of his sweater…

He could probably kill Leo and not even get any blood on his pink cheetah-print curtains.

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