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Sweet Dreams

@thefreckledone @vesperlionheart for the Fluff Friday prompts, sleep and paycheque, enjoy this Sakura/Gaara piece!  

Gaara stared warily at the neon sign as he stood outside the restaurant. The Laughing Pig flashed at him next to a red hanging lantern right by the entrance. It was long past midnight, but there were still a few tables with customers working their way through steaming bowls of ramen. Gaara startled as Naruto enthusiastically threw an arm around his shoulder.

“Chōji makes the best pork ramen in town, you have to try it!”

With the amount of customers inside chattering away, Gaara had no doubt that their chefs were talented. But to solve his sleep problem? Gaara was ready to turn on his heels and go home if it wasn’t for how serious his friend looked when Gaara admitted the reason behind his lack of sleep.  

If you’re still having nightmares, it’s definitely the place to go. Naruto watched Gaara with an alarming amount of intensity. Come on, I’ll even take you there.

Steeling himself, he followed Naruto as he pushed past the noren and seated themselves at a table in the corner.

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