pink cabinet

xhowl-at-the-moonx  asked:

In this post: /post/161146308964/living-room ; Where did you get those living room chairs and that pink cabinet in the back?

Hi there! The chair is from this conversion set by @loree-sims4, and the cabinet is actually a recolor that I made specifically for this room. It requires Get Together, and I only did a few swatches, but I’d be happy to share it if you’d like!

You Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?


I’m carrying a ballpoint with me at all times now. Had to jot down some quick notes while making a small repair, so I grabbed what I assumed was a charmed self-inking quill out of the far back of an old (and surprisingly pink) cabinet in storage.

Now I have “2 5e Ethernet extensions, Huff dorm” scared into the back of my hand.

Temporary Trigger

Genre: What it’s supposed to be: Angst with happy ending

Words: Word 2003

A/N: So technically this is my first proper attempt at angst. But I reread this and, welp, messed that up. But that’s what constructive criticism is for right?


“No. Just go. Out now,” Phil shot with expressionless features and hazy eyes. Dan had obeyed and fled out, turning around just once to meet Phil’s eyes, more gray than blue, like faded chalk that was somehow able to stay written on the concrete when the water washed over. Like the ocean looking over the impending storm receding, of which left the city in ruins.

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