pink bunny hat

why my parents should be concerned for my health

-I only listen to musicals, the splatoon (1 and 2) soundtrack, the popee the performer theme song and the camp camp soundtrack
-I scream “KEDAMONO NO KAO WA” a lot
-I also just growl “kedamONO GA”
-I just ate a spoonful of mayonnaise because I lost a bet over splatfest to my friend
-I scream the entire Hamilton soundtrack at three in the morning
-All I want is merch, a Nintendo switch and splatoon 2
-I’ve memorised every line in camp camp
-I actually hate school with all my heart and soul
-I yell “micHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE” whenever I enter a room
-“okay so for halloween I’ll need a pink bunny hat, and a red and white striped onesie”
-I don’t have a life whatsoever

Tom Vs The Forces Of Evil (Au), Chapter 3

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One of the most unusual things about earth for Tom, was school.

Mewni didn’t have schools, or classes, or tests.

So being introduced to Math, science, and earth history was a huge struggle combined with the fact that he didn’t know how schools worked or how to even succeed in class. Tom honestly didn’t know why he should care, why did all of this matter when he’d be going back home someday?

Well according to Marco, him not going to school and being educated would look bad or something.

When Monday came back round, Tom wasn’t eager to start his second week of school, if it wasn’t for Marco he was sure he’d have either blown up the school already, or been lost forever.

Despite him being mildly popular for being foreign and for catching the attention by quite a few girls in the school, Tom also didn’t feel too comfortable around a lot of the students. Between his pink-bunny backpack, his hat, and his clothing style he seemed to be an easy target for some students to pick on.

Marco usually stepped in before Tom did something he’d regret with his magic wand.

Thank god for Marco Ubaldo Diaz.

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wolfepack  asked:

More Alice au please! I'm very excited to meet Tom! 💕 (But take your time, you respond so fast I don't know how you do it! Don't rush on my account! Heh... That was punny. I'm giddy, your story makes me giddy with joy.)

Of course I can! I hope you like the story! I worked really hard on it! And we see wonderland Tom in this chapter! As well as Star and Janna! I hope you like it! I really enjoyed writing it!

Read the last one here!

Marco made his way down the path into the woods. He looked around and searched the thick woods. Each path took off into smaller ones with different signs pointing to which way you should go. But none of them said anything helpful. Every one said “This way” or “That way” or “Turn over here”. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Ugh! This is impossible! Which way should I go!?” He cried.

“Well that depends on where you’re trying to get.” A voice spoke up. Marco whipped around and saw a big grin shining in the dark tree branches. Marco jumped back and gasped. Above the big grin, three glowing red eyes opened. As soon as this happened, the rest of the figure came into view. It was a boy with spiky pink hair and sharp teeth, as well as purple skin. He had fluffy purple cat ears and a long tail that whipped and flicked about.

“Tom…?” Marco asked quietly. His face lit up. “Tom! You have no idea how happy I am to see you!” Marco exclaimed, running to the tree. The cat-demon-boy looked down at him and nodded, smiling big.

“That’s right, the tom-cat, at your service.” The cat gave a little bow.

“Tom… cat?” Marco asked confused. The cat laughed and he slithered around the tree, reappearing in another one, this time behind Marco.

“Yes, or a cheshire cat, however you wish to refer to me is fine.” He grinned again and slinked down the trunk of the tree, he seemed to vanish for a moment before reappearing with his arm around Marco’s shoulder. Marco blushed deeply and looked up at his crush, whose little kitten ears made him look way cuter than he was before. “Now, where is it you want to get?” He asked, slinking back up the tree.

“Oh?… Oh!” Marco just snapped out of his little daze and shook his head. “I… I can’t seem to find where to go.” Marco responded.

“Where are you trying to get?” The cat asked again.

“Well I don’t… It doesn’t matter I suppose.” Marco admitted, rubbing the back of his head. He debated telling this Tom-like cat that he got lost following a strange girl with a rabbit hat. Marco had always tried his best to look cool in front of Tom, thinking the demon would like him for it.

“Well then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” Tom responded.

“Well you see… I actually am trying to find a girl with a pink bunny hat.” Marco responded. The cat thought for a moment, wrapped around the tree trunk. His ears flicked as he thought before getting a bright idea, his eyes lit up yellow like a lightbulb and he whisked over to Marco.

“You should see the Mad Hatter!” He suggested. Marco blushed deep when the cat that resembled Tom came close to him, almost touching his nose to Marco’s. Maybe Star was right about Marco having a crush… Marco shook this off.

“I don’t want to see a MAD person! I’m trying to get help.” Marco crossed his arms and the cat thought some more.

“Well what about the March Hare?” He asked.

“I guess that sounds better than a mad hatter…” Marco sighed. He began to walk in the direction the cat was pointing, but then he was stopped again.

“But of course, she’s mad too.” He grinned that same wicked smile Tom had… he WAS Tom, Marco was sure of it. “Besides, those two are always together, if you find the Hare you find the Hatter, just go see them both. I’m sure they’ll be able to find your rabbit girl or whatever.” He spoke. Marco got curious by the tone of Tom’s voice. He sounded jealous? Like he was upset Marco was taking this time to try and find some girl.

“Well which way is that?” Marco asked. The cat pointed over to a path that led up to a nice little house, from which music was flowing. “Oh!” Marco gasped, wondering why he hadn’t seen that before. “Thank you-” Marco cut off when he turned around and saw the cat that looked like Tom was gone, he had vanished though. Marco looked back up at the house and started off the path, the closer he got the more he heard singing.


“TO ME!”

The voices sang loudly and Marco rounded the corner. He gasped when he saw Star and Janna sitting at a table surrounded by tea pots and tea cups. They were singing and dancing. Star had on a large hat with a card that said ‘10/6’ on it. Marco tilted his head and saw the girls pour each other tea and then just pour and spill it on the table.

“Star…?” he said hesitantly. It seemed nobody here was who they seemed to be. The girls heads shot up and Star began to shake her head and wag her finger at Marco.

“No, no, no, no! Today is the day! And in the day you can’t see stars!” She laughed at him. “I am The Hatter!”

“Ah! The Mad Hatter!” Marco recalled. The girls both dropped their teacups and gasped.

“You rude little boy!” The hatter hissed. “It’s very rude to call somebody MAD! I don’t go into your home and interrupt your private unbirthday party and call you MAD!” The hatter crossed her arms and spun around on her heel. She pouted and the March Hare came up to try and comfort her. Marco rubbed the back of his head.

“Did you say unbirthday party?” Marco asked, confused. The March hair stepped forward, and she counted on her fingers.

“There is one birthday every year, but you have three hundred sixty four UNBIRTHDAYS!” The girl who looked like Janna jumped up. “But those birthdays are NOT for those who call us MAD!” She snapped and spun on her heel, much like Star did. Marco sighed.

“Look I… I’m sorry. I actually need your help.” He smiled timidly. The girls both dropped their anger and grabbed Marco by either arm. They pulled him over and threw him in a chair.

“Please! Have some tea!” The Hatter began pouring some tea in Marco’s cup, more and more, she didn’t even stop when it began to overflow. The Hare held out a jar of sugar cubes.

“Sugar?” She asked. She began plopping in cube after cube. “One, two? Three, four, five, six seven eight, nine?” The hare finally pulled away.

“Oh, th-that’s fine.” Marco assured. “I just was wondering if you’ve seen a girl with a pink bunny hat come by here?” He asked. The girls stopped and thought for a second, exchanging looks and nodding to each other. “So… have you?”

“Have we what?” The March Hare asked.

“Have you seen the girl?”

“What girl?
“The girl with the hat!”

“What hat?”

Marco groaned and slammed his head on the table. “Ahhh! This is impossible to do! I just wanna go home…” Marco mumbled. He didn’t care about the girl anymore. Now he was just hoping he could see his house again… and the real Star and the real Janna… and the real Tom! The March Hare crawled on the table.

“Well what’s home that’s so great?” She asked.

“Well, my mom, my dad, my friends… Tom…” Marco smiled and played with his fingers.

“Tom? I don’t know a Tom? What’s a Tom?” The Mad Hatter asked. Marco laughed lightly and shook his head, he looked off dreamily.

“Tom is… great!” He smiled, and then blushed once he realized what he said. “No, Tom is his name… but here you may know him as the cheshire cat!” Marco realized, jumping up. As soon as he said this there was a scream from the teapot.

“CAT!?!?!” A voice yelped. Marco jumped and saw a tiny girl with big mouse ears jump out of the teapot. “No! Where’s the cat! No, no! Oh not the cats will get me!” The mouse girl cried. She had curly brown hair that matched her ears and tail and orange skin with red markings on her skin. She was calling out in anxiety about the fear of getting caught by the cat.

“He scared Jace!” The Mad Hatter called.

“How dare you scare Jace!”

“Jace has done nothing to you!”

“Jace has done nothing to anyone!”

“Jace is a darling!” The girls shouted at Marco and tried to catch the girl who was the size of a mouse. The March Hare finally caught the mouse girl and the Hatter handed her a pair of headphones. Jace happily took them and began to listen to her music to calm herself down. The girls then looked at Marco angrily.

“That rude to your own daughter!” The Hatter snapped. “Out! Let us continue our party in peace!” She hissed. The March Hare grabbed Marco’s arm and flung him out of the party. “And don’t come back!”