pink bumper


Check out this Adult Swim Thanksgiving bump I got to make with the rad people over at BOSS Inc.


[ATTACK] Formula Nova.

Japanese: フォーミュラーノバ
Romaji: Foomyuraa Noba

Users: Red Racer, Blue Racer, Green Racer, Yellow Racer, Pink Racer
Weapon required: Formula Nova

From: Gekisou Sentai Carranger - Episode 2


  • The combination weapon and the finishing move share the same name.


me, driving around the sp studios in a hot pink convertible with a bumper sticker that says “honk if you love craig tucker”, wearing heart shaped sunglasses, and blasting lana del rey: kyle is a trans boy

matt and trey: please leave it’s been two weeks

today i walked past a car with a large bright pink bumper sticker that said ‘honk if you’re scene’ on it

so i looked it up to see if you could still buy these in the year 2015 and well i think they’ve sold it to me: